Play It Loud

Barn Burning Country Guitar

I can state definitely that THIS is the country guitar course I’ve always wanted. Like the other genres and topics we’ve gone over, country guitar has been a victim to the same pedagogical trends. Licks, licks, and more licks and absolutely zero discussion on how to apply anything in those licks to a random country […]

Beyond The Barre: Slash Chords & Other Chords You’ve Never Used Before

When I first started playing guitar, I was curious about the songwriting process and specifically why nearly every riff in rock music used the power chord and/or pentatonic scales. I knew there had to be more to making music than this, but for awhile I admit that I thought I was a genius for noticing […]

Jazz Guitar: Play It Loud’s Version

For the longest time I just could not digest or even appreciate Jazz, but after getting bored with my Guns n Roses books after awhile I kept coming back to my Wes Montgomery tab book by Wolf Marshall. I was determined to conquer the challenge of how Wes approached his note choices, which were quite […]

Rock & Metal Lead Guitar Patterns Masterclass

When I made the 12 step soloing method, that’s now part of the PIL method, I felt like something was still missing. As much as I hate the idea of learning licks to learn guitar music, I have to admit there’s some truth to it. So what I did was I took some patterns from […]

Blues Guitar In 30 Minutes Or Less

Anything and everything you need to play the blues in here, and it will only take you 30 minutes with a solid theory and playing background. I will go through the intervals, rhythms, chords, and scales you’ll need to mix together to create this powerful musical sound. We’ll go over examples from Robert Johnson, Son […]

The Play It Loud Guitar Method

You made it! Thanks so much for investing in the Play It Loud Method.  As you’re aware, this method was born out of the 20 years of experience I have going through hundreds of books, courses, articles, YouTube videos, you name it….. And creating something that actually gets you playing and/or advancing to a higher […]

How To Play Like Slash – Rock Lead Guitar

I’m extremely happy to unveil the second version of my lead guitar course on Slash from Guns n’ Roses! Slash was one of the guitarists who inspired me to play the instrument, and one of the very first books I bought about guitar was one of his licks and solos. I later bought a book […]