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Jazz Guitar: Play It Loud’s Version

For the longest time I just could not digest or even appreciate Jazz, but after getting bored with my Guns n Roses books after awhile I kept coming back to my Wes Montgomery tab book by Wolf Marshall.

I was determined to conquer the challenge of how Wes approached his note choices, which were quite frankly baffling to me.

What scale was he playing in? Why did he choose that note that’s not in the scale? How did these chords go together?!?!


Finally I thought I cracked the code, and wrote about it in what you’ll see as “part 1”, but only recently did I realize my mistakes and make a part 2.

To sum it up, yes a lot of it is ii-V changes played in creative ways. But I was not able to see why Wes or Joe Pass or Django made all these outside intervals until very recently.

So there are new sections about superimposing chords, the melodic minor scale, lydian chords, and more that make up the sound of Jazz music.

I truly believe I’ve made one of the most concise, and approachable, jazz guitar courses ever. I’ve worked hard to make it as simple as possible to go through, but chances are that it’ll take a few times.

And like with every genre, learn some songs!

You cannot use the vocabulary of this genre without having some knowledge and affinity for it.

And I’ll help with that too.


Downloads are here ====> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/165_enqqtMjsYgf4UFOKmHFQ0d6JEQGy3?usp=sharing

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