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Barn Burning Country Guitar

I can state definitely that THIS is the country guitar course I’ve always wanted.

Like the other genres and topics we’ve gone over, country guitar has been a victim to the same pedagogical trends.

Licks, licks, and more licks and absolutely zero discussion on how to apply anything in those licks to a random country tinged chord progression.

I’m happy in that I’ll be spotlighting several concepts that you can use lightning fast, as well as many of the elements that you can pick and choose from that make country guitar sound the way it does.

Basically, it’s a combination of: major scale or mixolydian scale harmony, chicken picking, double stops, pedal steel bends, and the good ole pentatonic scale.

But if it were that simple, I wouldn’t have created this course for you.

So go through every lesson at least once, practice using these techniques over any jam track or standard (many of which I’ll give you in the downloads below), and refer to what concept interests you as you continue your learning.

I hope this course brings you lots of joy and satisfaction in your playing!


Downloads are here ====> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1fKj6yTUZShsy6lNOAKH0C6uQuV27d1E_?usp=sharing

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