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Around 90% of players quit in their first month. That's because you don't know what skills are needed to play many beginner riffs or you just get bored strumming chords.

And many of you intermediate guitarists are stuck in the pentatonic box and can't solo with anything else.

I've been there. I know the way out of this pit.

So keep reading as I tell you how I went from being made of fun for my lackluster skills....to becoming a skilled instructor and songwriter who successfully navigated all the problems that you'll encounter...and that will thwart any progress you make....

Unless you learn the 4 core concepts of the Play It Loud Method. 

Skeptical? Awesome! Many Of My Students Were Too...

Nearly 10 years ago I almost quit playing because I was in the exact same place that you’re in right now. 

I had learned loads of scales. 

I got the theory books. 

I watched endless YouTube videos. 

I practiced until my fingers were ragged and bleeding

And I had gone through all the familiar tunes too. 

But once I played on stage this one time for an open mic night at my local bar….

The truth hit me hard as a guy I knew mocked my playing:

“Hey! I’m going to get a lesson from THIS GUY!” 

What happened was that I froze

I couldn’t even solo properly over a 12 bar blues progression. 

My mind went blank and all of my practice and studying had come to nothing

Except for that one asshole above…

Everyone was indifferent to my attempt to rip a solo. 

So the Eddie Van Halen clone took over the stage and played “You Really Got Me.”

Before I got on stage, I felt confident that I was going to show EVERYONE how good I was. 

That I was special and that I belonged. 

That I was good at something. 

And that I had incredible value to give to the world through my musical talent.

But later that night I couldn’t sleep because of one question….

“Was I actually a good guitar player?” 

Then another question….


I guess it was time for me to become a lawyer like my parents wanted me to. 

I started studying for the LSAT and resigned myself to the fate that I wasn’t that good. 

I couldn’t look at the 200 plus tab and theory books I had anymore.

I didn’t want to noodle on the pentatonic scale again.

And other memories of the past several years popped up too. 

I remember how my college roommate secretly complained that all my solos sounded the same. 

“All matt’s solos are just bah-du-duh bah-du-duh bah-du-duh bah-du-duh WREEE bah-du-duh bah-du-duh bah-du-duh WREE!!!” 

And then another memory popped up of when I started playing with my best friend at the time. 

One time I was noodling while he and others were playing video games, when one of his friends said….

“Keep going! You’re distracting us and I’m winning at Halo!” 

Then one thing was said to me that really cut me deep.….

“You should give up! You’re never going to be any good at playing!” 

I had to think now about whether they were right. 

I couldn’t muster the talent to play on stage. 

And I had studied all the greats by then

Slash. SRV. EVH. David Gilmour. Steve Vai. 

You name it. 

I had studied CAGED and the circle of fifths. 

I had bought music theory textbooks at the college level. 

And I was even taking piano lessons too. 

So that night on stage was devastating to me….

It was so terrible for me because I loved music. 

It gave me purpose. 

It gave my life meaning. 

The guitar is still my constant companion whenever I need to feel better. 

Metallica, Megadeth, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Tchaikovsky, so many artists….

They all are the reason I got through some extremely tough times. 

When my brother died years ago. 

Music was there. 

When my relationship with a few family members ended after that… 

The guitar was there. 

Whenever a friend wouldn’t answer a text, or a girl rejected me.…

Music helped to shield me from the pain. 

Music theory and the guitar gave my life structure and discipline. 

And it was much easier to learn how two notes work together than how two people could get along. 

So obviously….

I didn’t quit

But how? 

Well like Charlie Parker did after a cymbal was thrown at his head….

I practiced again. 

I studied. 

And yes, I still struggled. 

But when I decided one day to try and use my knowledge to play some Michael Jackson tunes….

I found something interesting. 

It turns out that the guitar world has got EVERYTHING wrong! 

What I found out was that….

A lot of the knowledge guitarists are taught just doesn’t work when you’re trying to do something that’s not on a guitar tab…

Like the MJ tunes I was playing. 

So here’s the truth I discovered….

You don’t get better at guitar by memorizing chord and scale books.

Also, learning licks is mostly useless. 

And being in a band and learning a bunch of Skynyrd tunes isn’t going to do it either. 

In fact….

It’s much simpler than you can imagine. 

And I’m not just saying that either. 

The whole equation of: 

Licks + Chord Shapes + Scale Patterns + Practice = Good Guitar Player…..


That’s why I bombed onstage. 

I’m determined to keep every other guitarist possible from going down that road. 

The guitar is a wonderful instrument that I want you to master. 

I want you to feel at peace when you play. 

Or feel powerful and alive when you solo! 

I know exactly what you must do in order for that to happen. 

And what I discovered brought the heckler…. 

My best friend…. 

And thousands of others like you….

Over to me to learn what you must do instead.

Let me tell you how I learned to….

Play. It. LOUD!!!

Take It From A Graduate Of Musician's Institute & Working Audio Engineer. This Stuff Works!

Or You Can Hear It From Sam, One Of My Very First Students

Who Am I And Why Should You Trust Me To Teach You About Guitar, Music Theory, And Songwriting?

As I mentioned before, I’m Matt, and I founded my website, Play It Loud, to teach everyone who wants to learn the REAL secrets to becoming a better guitar player.

I’m not a tiktoker or instagrammer with hundreds of thousands of followers. 

And I don’t teach clinics around the world or write for really big name guitar sites.

I am however a fully self taught guitar player. 

Which makes me like you! 

If you’re here, you may have tried other solutions before.

And maybe you’re probably already aware of how bad many instructors there are out there….

And how confusing their books, videos, and courses are

So long ago I was inspired to do something about it….

I’m helping people like you because I started with nothing but a scale book, the ultimate guitar website, and an unplugged epiphone guitar. 

My site has been viewed by tens of thousands of people

And many of my buyers, whose testimonials you’ll see below….

Are very enthusiastic. 

Play It Loud is now over a decade old. 

In that time, I’ve worked and reworked many of my courses countless times…

All based on the feedback these awesome people gave me….

As well as seeing what works out in the real world. 

You can also find some of my articles on websites like



Guitar Based….

And Fretello amongst others. 

So look….

I eat, sleep, and breathe the guitar. 

I see chord shapes in mile marker signs and other random places. 

In my free time, I’m envisioning chord tones on the fretboard….

And attempting to remember licks and solos I just learned for the day. 

I’ve also consumed courses and lessons from some of the biggest names out there like: 

Rick Beato….

Signals Music Studio…

Jens Larssen Jazz Lessons….

Levi Clay….

Music Is Win…

And many, many others. 

I’m straight up obsessed with the guitar. 

And in that obsession is how I’ve discovered many fatal flaws in the ways the guitar is taught nowadays

The most concerning thing to me though is that….

A New Approach To Learning Guitar Is Desperately Needed For These Reasons…..

After that flop at the open mic night, I was quickly determined to figure out what I did wrong. 

Why didn’t the exercises, the years practicing songs, and studying scales prepare me for that situation? 

Maybe I should’ve spent time immediately playing live…

But how was that going to help me improvise better? 

Maybe I should learn more songs?

But I had spent years learning thousands of songs and studying thousands of tabs

Maybe I wasn’t talented enough? Or smart enough? Or my hands weren’t big enough? 

Or maybe I needed to suck it up and get a teacher or mentor that could guide me? 

But this was at the beginning of the Great Recession! 

I didn’t have time or money to make myself smarter or find a teacher who could tell how to play like Slash or Marty Friedman (my two favorite guitarists). 

So I started to rethink the whole thing after I figured out one song….

Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean.”

This is not a guitar song, but I decided I didn’t care and wanted to play it anyway. 

Once I made a tab like you see below….(click it to see it up close)

I discovered what the problem was. 

I was not seeing the whole musical system while improvising! 

When I was soloing, I wasn’t thinking about chords and key signatures. 

And this is because I had been taught all of these “training wheel” concepts….

Like the pentatonic box pattern…

Or the CAGED system….

Or the Circle Of 5ths. 

There’s A LOT more to making music and learning from a tab than this. 

So I’ve made an entirely new approach to playing and learning the guitar that accounts for this. 

I’ll explain this more a little later, but more than likely…..

You’re worried about learning how to become a good guitar player. 

And I want to blow away the myths that are keeping you from going further than 90% of people do….

Everyone Says You Need God-Given Talent, And That’s Just NOT TRUE!

Many of you might quit the guitar within 6 months. 

Some of those people will quit their first month. 

And the reason why is because of a story we’re told ever since we’ve started to love music….

It’s that you must be naturally gifted or “talented” to have any chance of playing….. 

Like a great guitarist, or writing songs, or becoming a professional musician. 

Then, many of us end up reinforcing this story…

When we see someone like John Petrucci play live, we’ll think…

“Man NO ONE will EVER be as good as him, and no one should even try to!”

Or that The Beatles or Jimi Hendrix or whoever were such amazing once-in-a-lifetime talents…

That there is no chance that you could become like them too. 

We believe that it must be genetic or god-given or that they sold their souls to the devil…

But the truth is a lot simpler.

They all know how to practice and what NOT to practice. 

This idea came to me while reading a great book called “Talent Is Overrated” by Geoff Colvin. 

The book talked about Mozart, Jerry Rice, and Tiger Woods amongst others…

And it tried to find out how they became so proficient at golf or music or whatever. 

It was tons of training and drills for sure. 

But again it was practice, deliberate practice. 

So for learning solos, you need to go deeper than knowing a few scales. 

For songwriting, you need to know more than a few basic chord shapes. 

To be a musician, you’ve got to do more than learn the tabs of a song to play it flawlessly. 

To learn the guitar, you need more than the ability to hold a pick right. 


But even if you can believe this, there’s other bad ideas that are holding you back like….

It Doesn’t Matter How Smart Or Dumb You Think You Are. You Can Play The Guitar Too.

Look at the amazing people that created the Blues and Jazz.

They were dirt poor and marginalized here in the US. 

And that meant they were not the most educated… 

And they had little time to “properly” learn their instruments. 

On the other hand….

Think of how many not-so-smart people play the guitar professionally. 

Justin Bieber. 

Nick Jonas. 

DJ Khaled……

Not bashing these guys as artists, but not the greatest guitar players. 

But also think of that annoying guitar player who has brought their acoustic to a party you’re at and played badly. 

Maybe they were a jock or a stoner or a goth kid…. 

You probably know someone who’s done this! 

So why can’t you be that guy or girl! 

It Doesn’t Matter If You Can’t Afford Nice Gear Or Weekly Lessons

Think again about those blues guys….

Many of them couldn’t afford Martin Guitars or even the cheap electrics at the department stores. 

Yet they changed music forever with that cheap guitar, their voice, and their songs. 

Yes. In some ways that’s all it takes. 

And that’s all you need. 

In fact, nicer pedals and guitars will only show the posers mentioned earlier how bad they really sound. 

It’s a well-known cliche that the underground band with crappy gear….

Will blow away the band that’s able to afford $5k guitars and amps. 

It Doesn’t Matter If You’ve Got Small Hands!

This is another common reason many fail to get started. 

You’ll struggle to grip a difficult chord and think, “That’s it! Guitar isn’t for me!” 

But that didn’t stop many of the best players of all time who had small hands

People like Danny Gatton, who they called “The Humbler” and “The World’s Greatest Unknown Guitarist.”

Or Shawn Lane, the legendary shredder that inspired Buckethead, Steve Vai, and many other virtuosos after he came out with the Powers Of Ten album. 

Then there’s Prince, who you’ve probably heard of. 

He was a small guy with baby hands, but his solo at the rock n’ roll hall of fame during “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” is now legendary. 

And Billy Gibbons, ZZ Top’s guitarist, once tried to learn a lick from his Purple Rain album and couldn’t figure it out.

All of these guys are “talented” but you remember what I said earlier…


If You Don’t Have Time To Practice, Don’t Worry!
Becoming A Great Guitar Player Doesn’t Take Years If You Do These 3 Things

You’ve probably heard the legends about great players spending ten hours at a time practicing and learning songs. 

Steve Vai for instance is famous for this approach.

He’s even got a guitar workout called the “10 Hour Guitar Workout” (!)

But look. 

Learning to be a competent player and a virtuoso are two different things. 

The thing I’m going to tell you further down this page will tell you how I lay out those steps….

But you really only need three things to get really damn good at the guitar: 

  1. You need to train your ear so that you can pick out chords, rhythms, scales, and such and match it to the guitar tabs you see. 

  2. You need to know what chords, scales, and guitar techniques to learn right now and what to put off until later.

  3. You need a “deliberate practice” routine that doesn’t just tell you to play “smoke on the water” 100s of times


This practice routine can be as simple as “let’s play 3 Metallica riffs and learn one new one” or “let’s figure out how to use this mode over this Rush progression.” 

That’s all there is to it, when you get down to brass tacks. 

Nope. You Don’t Need A Lick Of Advanced Guitar Theory.

Besides not getting the knowledge I just mentioned from many YouTube videos and guitar books I bought…

I noticed something really weird. 

The Mel Bay books and the Hal Leonard books were all trying to teach me how to read sheet music

Or they were teaching me the C major scale….

As well as major and minor 3rds. 


They weren’t even talking about the stuff you do need to play this music. 

That’s palm muting, downpicking, efficient finger positioning, etc. 

I quickly ditched those books when I first started playing as it didn’t help me learn AC/DC or Led Zeppelin riffs any faster. 

It only made it more difficult. 

There are plenty of uses for guitar theory, and I’ll tell you how that makes you a really great player….

But for now, you only need the 3 things I just mentioned before. 

You are reading this entire thing right? 

It Takes More Than A Simple 2 Note Pattern To Play Like Slash Or Any Other Great Player

Now I’m speaking to the guys who are more advanced and not quite beginners. 

Yeah that’s right. I’ve got plenty in here that you want here too! 

I see plenty of YouTube videos and ads promising a “simple 2 note pattern” or a chord changing miracle trick…. 

Or some sort of self-hypnosis to trick yourself into playing like John Petrucci of Dream Theater.

This stuff, as well as the common scale patterns and chord shapes….

Were all meant to be training wheels

That’s what I tried to use onstage and that’s why I bombed and nearly gave up. 

I was not ready for even the simplest musical situation out there. 

The solution is much simpler than you may realize….

It’s how I was finally able to shred over complicated jazz chord progressions or simple rock n’ roll chord vamps. 

I’ll get to that later when I tell you about my “12 Step Soloing Method” 

But now that you’re convinced that….

You don’t need talent.

You don’t need big Buckethead hands. 

Or the most expensive Gibson Les Paul.

We need to dive deeper into why your chances of quitting the guitar in the next month is so damn high….

Our Mission Is Simple: To Expose How Many Courses Teach You Very Little About Music And Guitar…..

The image below sums up the big overall issue with becoming a great guitar player….

This is what I did and I bombed onstage! 

I didn’t need more practice…

Or to learn more chords….

I just wanted to know how to play like a pro does and make my own songs. 

But not even the methods to learning songs is correct! 

When I taught myself Billie Jean, the chord shapes were wrong. 

Many pieces of sheet music are in the wrong key. 

And finding a tab of many songs, even for guitar…..

Is impossible even today in 2023. 

Joining a band and playing Sweet Home Alabama a zillion times in a dark bar isn’t going to make you a pro. 

There is a whole hidden world of musical knowledge that has been around you all your life….

But it hasn’t been revealed in many of the courses, YouTube Videos, and even college curriculums that I’ve seen. 

This is why we need a new approach! 

If we don’t change the way we learn and play guitar….you’re going to encounter the following 4 problems….

Which will keep you at the level of “advanced beginner” possibly forever. 

The 4 Guitar Problems You Must Defeat....
Or Else You’re Gonna Quit Very Soon!

You don’t need info about accelerated learning, mindset, or self-hypnosis psych tricks….

You just need to know what to start playing and what to start learning.

And you can do that in a lot less time if you listen to me and avoid the following problems….

Many courses and books rehash many of the same playing principles that’ll make you bomb like I did when you step into a jam session. 

And I don’t want that to happen to you! 

These are the 4 things that may prevent you from becoming a good guitar player…

If they haven’t already stopped you yet. 

No. 1: Chord Strummer Disorder

If you’ve played guitar even a little bit by now….

You’ve heard that all you need is 3 chords to play most anything. 

Well. That’s true…but also not true. 

More than likely if you believe this, you’re nowhere near the level you want to be. 

And that’s because you see every song you come across as a series of chord changes. 

Whether it’s going from G to D, C to D, or Em to G….

You may think that all guitar playing is just changing chords. 


And that’s why I call it “chord strumming disorder.”

You haven’t learned to play songs that require anything that’s not strumming. 

And if you’re a songwriter, you may struggle to write anything that doesn’t use these basic chords. 

And besides chords, this has tons of implications too for your playing. 

More than likely you struggle with powerchord riffs, playing scales, using techniques like palm muting…

Amongst many other aspects of guitar playing. 

In my method I’ll tell you about below…

I’ll show you how to overcome this disorder, while quickly improving as a player. 

No. 2: The Guitar InfoTainment Trap

And because you know nothing but a handful of chords….

You probably get way way overwhelmed when you go onto YouTube. 

The creators there know that too….

Which is why a lot of YT vids are “infotainment.” 

They may share a few tips on fingerings or tone…

But they won’t stop and give you proper insight into what they’re doing

Or insights into what’s going on in the music they’re playing. 

Lots of old Hot Licks videos had this problem too….

Especially the George Benson, Brent Mason, and Brian Setzer videos. 

I’m generalizing quite a bit I admit. 

There’s good YouTube creators and lots of bad ones. 


Even when you encounter a good one….

If you’re looking to go beyond the beginner or intermediate stages of guitar playing….

It’s going to take more than some cowboy chords, a few powerchord riffs, and the pentatonic box to get there. 

For you non-beginners reading this, I hope you’re still following as the next problem is probably your biggest one. 

No. 3: The Music Theory Ambush

Now this part is for those of you that have mastered the basics….

More than likely you’ve run into what I called the “music theory ambush.”

This is where you become obsessed with learning scales and arpeggios….

You try to create solos or riffs that sound like your favorite players and artists…

And you run into the same brick wall you did with learning chord shapes. 

You will quickly realize that there’s much more to guitar playing than just these 3 things. 

This is the moment where someone tells you that you must learn the circle of fifths….


Hopefully you know of these concepts a little bit. 

Well, there’s a big problem with this too….

It doesn’t help you understand a lot of music that doesn’t use the CAGED chord system or stick closely to the circle of fifths. 

That’s A LOT of music. 

In fact, nearly every genre of music is known for using lots of dissonance and chromaticism….

Which no other guitar method accounts for and helps you understand. 

You’ve been ambushed because you’re racking your brain….

Trying to learn concepts that….

Don’t actually work in a real world musical situation! 

And that’s how the next big problem comes up….

Which affects beginners and even the most advanced players too. 

No. 4: Too Much Pentatonic Noodling & Reliance On Magic Scales/Patterns

So what do most players do in this case when they can’t make sense of CAGED or the Circle of Fifths or other music theory concepts?

And what are they absolutely sure is the key to sounding like a guitar god???

The minor pentatonic scale

It’s an amazing scale that has tons of uses and is very easy to apply in many situations. 

However, you may make the same mistake that I did…

For a long time I just noodled and practiced many of the cliched repeating licks from famous rock solos. 

And I was stuck there. 

That’s because I was ignoring the other 90% of what goes into making music…

That’s the ability to create melodies

To create interesting chord progressions

And to match the scale you’re playing to what you’ve created….

Or at least to whatever you’re playing along with. 


It’s why so many guitar players sound exactly the same when playing rock music….

Or why many give up on creating solos at all. 

At this point, if you make it this far….

Most people quit. 

They’ll tell themselves they aren’t special or talented. 

And the poor guitar you just spent all that money on….

Gets left in the corner. Neglected. Collecting dust. 

But there’s hope I promise. 

Let's Face It.....The Guitar Is Dying....
And Has Been For A Long Time. A New Approach To Learning And Playing Guitar Is Needed ASAP.

Anyone who loves guitar music and wants to learn how to play needs to understand this….

And it may be the thing I’m most worried about…

It’s that…..


It’s losing big time to EDM and Hip-Hop music. 

Now I like those genres, maybe you don’t….

But the point is that there’s little innovation with the guitar anymore. 

And this is especially true when it comes to guitar education…..Everyone is teaching the same thing! 

All the new exciting musical trends are happening elsewhere….

And guitar music is going out like Jazz music has. 

It’s just losing its relevance to pop culture. 

And that’s bad. 

The guitar changed so many things for the better….

And I want to keep it that way. 

But how does this relate to guitar instruction? 

Well it relates in a big way….

If you’re learning the same old licks, chords, and riffs that everyone else is learning….

You’re going to get bored and you’re going to quit. 

Too many guitarists rely on the same repetitive licks, or licks in general that they didn’t make. 

There’s too much reliance on using only a few chord shapes to write songs. 

And there’s no path to take you away from the chord strumming disorder….

Your status as a pentatonic noodler….

Or to avoid the theory ambush. 

There’s not even exercises to help you practice music theory! 

That’s why I’ve spent over a decade finding the solution to this…..

So that you can learn an exciting way to play guitar…

And so that more people like you will learn it and keep it relevant. 

How To Transform Your Guitar Playing....
In Just 20 Hours

I know you all want the easiest solution possible. 

But like I said….

There’s no magic scale. 

There’s no pick of destiny. 

And any suggestion of a 2 note pattern that’ll turn you into John Petrucci….

Is pure snake oil. 

This is the solution: 20 hours

That’s all it takes. 

In that amount of time, or less if you’re determined like I was….

You can learn how to overcome many of the pitfalls I just told you about. 

For instance…..

You only need to focus on just one part of music to unlock all the chords and scales we talked about….

If you’re a beginner and want to play with your friends or privately at home…. 

You don’t need more chords….

Instead you must learn to read tabs correctly and listen to music correctly….

If you’re an aspiring lead guitarist…..

You’ll need to simplify lead guitar playing by learning the 12 steps to pro-level knowledge. 

And if you want to write your own songs and riffs….

All you need is a firm understanding of about 7 key songwriting concepts. 

Luckily, I’ve got something that’ll help you get through all of this as quickly as possible…..

Introducing: The Play It Loud Guitar Method!

This is the method that I really wish I had when I started playing.

Literally no exaggeration at all. 

If you want to someday play Van Halen’s “Eruption” like I did….

The 12 step soloing method will help you learn it in days. 

If you’re an absolute beginner who can’t match what you’re hearing to what’s in a guitar tab….

The 1 Hour Beginner Guitar method will help. 

If you love learning the ins and outs of how music works…

And want to study how Beatles or Metallica songs works…

My Music Theory Demystified section helps with that. 

And if you want someone to show you how songwriting on guitar works….

In the context of all of this info…

I will tell you how to do that in less than 30 pages. 

Who Is This Method For?

This is for anyone who wants to be a REALLY good player that makes the guitar scream or sing. 

That can be an absolute beginner who wants to do more than strum basic cowboy chords….

That can be the intermediate player who is stuck in the pentatonic box and just noodles away….

The PIL Method can also be for anyone who wants to play with their friends for fun…..

Or anyone who wants to write songs and someday become a professional musician

It’s also for anyone that’s fed up with the same crappy info about the same boring scales and chords to learn…. 

And learning the same boring songs to learn. (smoke on the water anyone???) 

Most guitar methods leave out a ton of information for several reasons….

Either they think this is not the time for you to learn lead guitar….

Or that you can’t teach songwriting….

Or that their methods should only contain material “appropriate” for a beginner. 

That’s bullshit. 

YOU should decide what info you need and don’t need. 

And with that in mind, I’m just giving you all the info you’ll need to become a VERY proficient guitar player. 

So if you want to be more advanced…..this will help out. 

If you want to write songs soon after learning guitar….this will help out.

Or if your goal is to shred some gnarly solos that’ll wow your friends…..

The PIL method does that too. 

And it does this by focusing on four key areas of learning the guitar….

Jill Didn't Know A Lick Of Theory Until I Helped Her Learn My Method, And Now She's Touring The World And Wowing Audiences With Her Playing!

The First Concept: The 1 Hour Beginner Guitar Method and The 1-Minute Song Breakdown Technique.....

Most methods just don’t dig deep enough into what a beginner should learn. 

Lots of methods tell you how to tune your guitar, play a G chord, and hold a pick…

But often stop at these very basic skills. 

These are not the skills that will help you play your favorite songs though. 

I quickly found this out after spending the first few weeks trying to decipher the sheet music they gave me….

At the time, I was a huge Metallica fan, and there was very little even helping me understand the tabs I found online (this was back in 2003). 

So I did it the hard way….and taught myself. 

You don’t have to do that though! 

Instead of trying to learn tons of chords and stumble through AC/DC songs like I did….

You can learn the framework to ANY SONG….

That’s what I teach in the 1 Hour Beginner Guitar Method. 

It’s designed to give you an overview of the guitar. 

It’s meant to help you figure out songs by yourself because….

You won’t always have a youtube video, a teacher, or a friend to explain a tab to you. 

There’s going to be lots of times where it’ll just be you, your guitar, and a tab. 

You need to be able to interpret a tab correctly and match the tab to the song you’re hearing. 

And you need to start noticing when you hear certain guitar techniques. 

And I do it by teaching you: 

  • How To Play 95% Of Riffs In 10 Minutes: I’ll Demonstrate How To Break Down Any Riff You Come Across So You Can Practice It By Yourself….And Play It As Close To The Recording As Possible

  • The Only 10 Chord Shapes You’ll Ever Need: You’ll Never Have To Use A Chord Book If You Can Remember These Chords

  • How To Hear The 3 Most Common Types Of Riffs: Once You See The Many Examples I’ve Given You Of Each Type, You’ll Further Reduce The Amount Of Time Agonizing Over And Memorizing A Guitar Tab

  • The 7 Most Common Mistakes A Beginner Makes When Matching A Tab To A Recording….And How To Avoid Them So It Won’t Slow Down Your Learning

  • A Step By Step Look At Every Guitar Technique You’ll Need To Learn, And Examples Of Songs That Will Use Them 

  • An Introduction To The 5 Different Right Hand Picking Techniques And My Method For Determining Which One Is Best For The Riff Or Chord Progression You’re Learning

The Second Concept: Music Theory Demystified And The Secret Music Making Formula.....

There’s been an endless debate about whether you need theory or not to play guitar. 

Here’s what I tell people like you, who may be skeptical….

Rhythm, harmony, and melody is going to be a part of every piece of music you listen to. 

You cannot separate that and music theory. They’re the same thing! 

So….if you play anything that uses chord shapes, scale patterns, or a rhythm in it….

You’re using music theory.

However, that doesn’t mean you need to understand how to create counterpoints or a complex jazz horn arrangement. 

Theory will however….

Help you learn and remember hundreds of chords instantly just by seeing a chord symbol. 

Help you remember solos you’re learning even faster because you can see what scales they’re using and what chord tones they’re using. 

AND you’ll start to identify rhythms you might miss if you weren’t aware of them. 

I did this with LOTS of Metallica songs, but also simpler stuff like Nirvana and AC/DC too. 

But there’s a big problem with teaching theory on guitar…..

All the best teaching materials come from Piano and classical instruments that use sheet music. 

So here’s what I did that is revolutionary….

I’m going to teach you how to make intervals, chords, scales, harmonies, rhythms, key signatures, and much more…..

By using just one E note. 

This way you’ll learn how music works in a systematic way….

And not just a bunch of random scale hacks you have to hope you’ll remember when you’re soloing. 

If you learn this….you’ll be able to see all the music making secrets of the greatest guitar players….

Laying there on a guitar tab for you to use as your own. 

Here’s just a few of the music theory concepts I’ll be teaching you: 

  • Guitar tabs of each and every interval on the guitar! This way, you’ll be able to see how they make chords, and how to start using them in your solos

  • My Memorization Secret For Remembering Hundreds Of Chords: many of the strangest chord symbols can be made by tweaking one or two notes of a shape you already know

  • How To Match Any Chord To The Scale You’re Playing! I struggled with this for years before I finally saw how easy it was….

  • The Secret To How Chords Work Together And Make Musical Key Signatures: so many songs use the same combinations of chords together….and once you know why you’ll be able to remember and solo over thousands of songs! 

  • The Chromatic Harmony Concept That Showed Me How Useless The Circle Of 5ths Really Is. Lots and lots of songs don’t stay in key and this one idea helped me understand how to use my theory knowledge to compose progressions and solos when this happens. 

  • How I Tweak The Minor & Major Scales To Create Modes, Exotic Scales, Jazz Scales, & More. These formulas are easy to remember because you’re already using scale patterns you may know….and with the info about chords and intervals I’ll show you….your doubts about where and how to use these scales…will DISAPPEAR!

  • Why Starting On Scales Or Chords Will Hurt Your Ability To Use Theory On Guitar. Until I understood how this one CRUCIAL part of music worked with chords and scales….I was never going to solo or make music the way I wanted to. 

  • The Secret To Using Chromatic Chords: I’ll demonstrate how to use the spiciest and scariest chords like diminished and augmented but WITHOUT the confusion.

The Third Concept: Target Tones & The 12 Step Guitar Soloing Method...

I’ll admit this about theory though…..

The only reason I learned it was because I wanted to create the wildest and most exciting solos I possibly could. 

If I knew what notes to play when….and over which chords….

I knew I could hack the code to being a great guitar player! 

But there was a problem. 

Every “lesson” I found was about a scale….

Or a lick. 

Or some trick that had no explanation how to use it in a jam setting. 

This is why I noodled for a long time, or just played other peoples solos. 

I had no idea how to create something of my own without ripping off another player completely! 

But after literally a decade of noodling and studying solos….

I figured out that you just needed to take 12 steps to understand how to solo over almost anything. 

For most of you, you’ll only need the first 5….

Here’s what I’ll reveal in this section of the PIL Method: 

  • The No. 1 Step That 99% Of Guitarists Skip Before They Start Soloing: without taking the time to do THIS….you’re going to stumble and fail to play along with the chords you’re playing over

  • THIS Is Much Better Than Learning Licks….When I started seeing how often this music theory trick was being used in my favorite solos….I used them myself and my solos TOOK OFF LIKE A ROCKET!

  • A Common Mistake When Choosing Which Scale(s) To Use. More than likely, you’ve been doing this since you learned the pentatonic scale and its why you’re stuck in the box. 

  • A Chord Routine I Do Everytime I’m Learning A New Solo That Allows Me To See How My Favorite Guitarists Chose Every Note…..

  • How To Play Over The 3 Most Common Types Of Country Chord Progressions…As Well As How To Use Pedal Steel Bends, Open Notes, & Major Pentatonic Scales To Sound Like Brent Mason, Brad Paisley, and Chet Atkins!

  • Everything You’ll Ever Need To Know To Play Amazing Blues Solos. I’ll tell you about the blues scale and the BB King box….but there’s another idea I’ll share that’ll crack this genre open for good and supercharge your creativity when it comes to Blues. 

  • Why Jazz Is So Complicated & How I’m Able To Play Over Most Anything I Find In The Jazz Fake Book. Jazz is all about one specific type of chord progression…..and while there’s hundreds of ways to play over it….I’m going to show non-jazz players the essentials without all the confusing complex theory you’d normally need. 

The Fourth Concept: Brain Dead Simple Songwriting & The 3 Part Process To Making Memorable Melodies

So even though this method is geared towards “beginners” like many others….

I think it’s a disaster that other methods won’t cover lead guitar, music theory….

Or songwriting…. 

All in one place!

I understand that not everyone is looking to write chord progressions or riffs.

But I wanted to learn this and I think many others do too! 

So that’s why I’m including this as another crucial part of my PIL method course. 

Songwriting overlaps with theory and lead guitar. 

It’ll even help you learn whole songs more quickly too. 

Songwriting can be very simple….or very hard. 

But I’ll tell you how to get started by explaining the following concepts: 

The Play It Loud Method Will Reveal The Four Most Important Guitar Concepts Every Player Must Know

Many guitar methods don’t teach the aspects of guitar playing I’ve just laid out. 

And to further stress their importance I want to sum up the PIL Method right here….

1. You need to learn how to listen to music and read tabs, not learn more chords.

It doesn’t matter how many chords you know if you can’t hear when someone is playing single notes, using alternate picking, or you don’t know what part of the song you’re in. 

These are all a lot more important than almost any other part of playing guitar as a beginner. 

That’s what I teach you how to do in the 1 Hour Beginner Guitar Method, and yes…..

It only takes about 1 hour to learn and start using this info. 

2. You need to learn how music works in a systematic way, and not as a bunch of random scale patterns. 

Anyone trying to learn lead guitar or write riffs really needs to hear this….

Scales are just one part of music. 

There’s also intervals, chords, rhythms, key signatures, chromaticism, and more. 

These factors are all working together at the same time to make a piece of music….

And the more aware of this that you become, the easier it’ll be to learn songs from tab or by ear. 

3. To be a great lead guitarist, you need to have lots of options to play the notes the rest of the band is playing.

This goes beyond scale patterns, arpeggio shapes, and whammy bar tricks….

If you see a G chord, and you don’t know what to play over it, then you’re going to struggle really badly. 

So many lead guitar courses don’t talk about how to do this: 

That is, to decide what you’re going to play over various chords. 

Oftentimes it’s just a matter of choosing the right scale…

But which one? 

That’s a lot of what the 12 Step Guitar Soloing Method shows you….

4. Being Able To Write Songs & Melodies, Or Understand How They Work, Will Make You A Better Player Than You Can Ever Imagine!

Again, I know this isn’t appealing to everyone here….and that you just want to play Metallica or Dream Theater or whatever. 

I get it! 

BUT….you’re playing songs. 

Songs have melodies. 

Solos and music theory are integral parts to songs.

When you jam with friends or play guitar at home….you’re playing songs, or parts of them. 

So knowing the 12 or so concepts I reveal in the Braindead Songwriting section is invaluable! 

Slash, David Gilmour, John Petrucci, Prince, and so many other guitarists are also songwriters. 

And their solos and parts stand out because of that fact. 

Here Is What Ezra Thinks Of The Play It Loud Method...

I’m Also Including These 7 Bonuses:

These 4 modules are efficiently laid out so you can learn what you need to know NOW….and get right back to practicing and learning songs. 

I don’t want you spending months learning all of this stuff….

Instead, I want you to spend a few hours at most, and get right back to playing and learning song. 

But there’s always ways to speed that up. 

And I know that many of you won’t have the spare time like I have. 

So I’m including several bonuses to help you skyrocket your learning speed….

And help you get to the advanced level of playing, soloing, and songwriting….

At an even FASTER pace! 

How To Play The 48 Most Popular Beginner Guitar Riffs

These 48 riffs will all be in Guitar Pro format, and they are often the very first riffs most beginners ever learn. 

These include artists like Metallica, Nirvana, Black Sabbath, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and many more. 

When I started, I had zero idea who I should start learning besides what I already liked. 

I know that’s a big obstacle to learning guitar. 

So I’ve removed it completely. 

I’ve even gone one step further too….

I have brief descriptions of every riff that help you break down the fingerings, tab markings, sounds, etc. just like I’ll teach you in the 1 hour beginner method. 

This way, you can focus even more on playing….

And less time struggling to break down a tab. 

And I went just ONE STEP FURTHER…..

I even made these riffs into simple, absolute beginner versions of the actual riffs. 

So you’ll get the real version, and the very easy version too. 

The Clueless Beginners Crash Course
(over 150 Pages of condensed, easy-to-use beginner tips!)

This is the very first course I ever made about guitar playing. 

Even though the 1 Hour Beginner Method covers absolutely everything you need to know….

I know there will be questions about tuning, chord diagrams, finger positions, etc. that won’t be covered in 1 Hour Beginner. 

This course, along with that, should be more than you’ll ever need. 

And remember too….

I am going to teach you how to use YouTube lessons for your maximum benefit too….

So even if there’s something I don’t cover in these two courses alone….

You’ll at least know how to find it.

The Ultimate Freebird Solo Guitar Lesson

There may be a YouTube video or two that breaks down this epic solo….

But I doubt they do it the way I have in this lesson. 

I pick out and analyze the main motif of this solo…..

And then show how it morphs and transforms throughout the final 4-5 minutes. 

By doing this….

You’ll get an amazing masterclass into not only how to solo on the guitar….

But also how to grab, excite, and thrill your listener. 

Although many of the phrases are cliche now….

They’re only a cliche because this is one of the first epic “shred” solos IMO. 

The language of rock lead guitar is all bottled up right in here. 

And I’ve got guitar pro files, videos, and slides showing you EXACTLY….

How it’s all done. 

The Secret EVH Guitar Soloing Formula

I’ve also done something similar with one of Eddie Van Halen’s most famous solos….

The one he performed on Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.”

I made this pdf and guitar pro file shortly after he passed away because….

I wanted to take the most essential techniques and concepts he used….

And give them to you on a silver platter. 

Not only do I break down this solo….

But I also show he uses similar phrases and techniques in his other solos. 

So instead of spending a few years learning and practicing all of his solos….

You can take an hour to go through this PDF….

And then see how these ideas keep reappearing in his repertoire. 

The PDF is only about 30 pages long. 

But I guarantee you’ll use it for a lifetime. 

Hundreds Of Music Theory Images & Flash Cards For Easy Reference & Practice....This Will Help You FINALLY Apply It To Your Playing!

I’ve made tons of graphics summarizing…

Some of the most important musical interrelationships you’ll need to know. 

How scales relate to chords. 

How key signatures relate to scales. 

How various scales go together.

The notes of every key signature. 

And so on and so forth….

For a very good reason. 

You will constantly need to call up this info in your mind….

And it helps to have the easiest way possible to memorize it.

But I didn’t want to rehash a bunch of scale patterns and chord shapes. 

You’ve probably already seen this and know how to find it. 

What I’ve done instead….

Is made these to build upon the system you’ll learn in Music Theory Demystified. 

So instead of you just knowing this stuff and never using it….

You’ll have visual aids to help you see how various intervals are made…..

Or why certain chords go together so well. 

Again it’s important to know this because…..

The more you can understand music….

The quicker you’ll be able to learn songs, solo over chords, or make your own music! 

50+ Music Theory Exercises

Along with all the graphics just mentioned, I wanted to go one step further…..

You see, there’s exercises for speed and dexterity….

As well as sweep picking, alternate picking, finger picking, etc….

But NOTHING for applying theory! 

And that’s crazy because you’ll decide what notes to play over riffs and chords….


So I wanted to make exercises that help you do this. 

To see chord shapes over scale patterns. 

To practice picking out various intervals. 

To play certain rhythms until they are recognizable by ear. 

And over two dozen other exercises all built to help you understand how to use music theory. 

Theory is one of the most important tools a musician will have. 

And it’s the difference between someone who can learn quickly…..

And someone who will take 20 years to learn the basics. 

Guitar Pro Tabs Of Over 100 Hip-Hop & Pop Songs....Now You Can Learn How To Play Almost Every Type Of Music You Like!

I also understand that not everyone picks up the guitar to play Metallica and shred like Eddie Van Halen. 

A lot of people like pop music and hip-hop, but hardly anyone makes material that caters to this audience. 

And a big reason for that is these two genres don’t use as much guitar as rock, blues, jazz, and country music. 

Well that didn’t stop me…..

Over the years, to practice my music theory chops, I’ve arranged riffs by dozens of pop artists and rappers like: 

Taylor Swift, Eminem, Tears For Fears, Michael Jackson, Adele, Daft Punk, and many others like you see below: 

 Some are kind of difficult I admit….

But many are well within the reach of a beginner!

And for anyone here to learn more about music theory and songwriting…..

These tabs will be a goldmine of musical knowledge. 

I just had to include them! 

And don’t worry mister tough metal-rocker guy….

You can skip this section if you want. 

What Makes The Play It Loud Method So Different...And So Much More Efficient Than The Others Out There???

If you’re skimming through this page….you may be thinking….

“What makes your method so special and different? Plenty of people teach beginners, theory, lead guitar, etc.” 

That’s a good point, but there’s a few things you may be missing.

First I’ll talk to the beginners reading this….

I guarantee that the biggest problem you’re going to have with playing the instrument at first…

Is just developing your ear. 

You don’t know how to pick out the different types of riffs yet. 

You don’t know the differences between various picking techniques. 

You don’t know what’s important to learn right now….

What to learn so that you DON’T QUIT….

And so that you’ll keep playing. 

If you start learning sheet music and what I IV V is at the beginning, or….

You dive into a method that just teaches you “Jingle Bells”….

You’re going to stop playing. 

It almost happened to me until I learned to play a Nirvana riff. 

But like me, you might make lots of mistakes as you progress. 

So I want to give you a firm foundation so that you can break down a tab correctly….

All by yourself. Without YouTube or a teacher. 

And when you get better and know what to look for and what to work on…

I’ll tell you what else to learn afterwards….

Why The PIL Method Is Different For More Advanced Players

I know why many of you struggle to solo, to apply theory, and to make songs….

You’re relying on tricks and scale hacks to do all the work for you! 

You haven’t learned how music actually WORKS yet….

I spent years noodling the pentatonic scale, and learning Marty Friedman solos.

I had ZERO IDEA how he was taking these scales and turning them into the amazing solos I heard on Rust In Peace, one of my favorite albums. 

This happened with every guitar player I studied. 

Clapton, Slash, Gilmour, SRV, EVH, Petrucci, Vai, you name it. 

I bought all the tab books and spent tons of time playing through and analyzing their solos. 

It took a long time before I realized how much time I had wasted trying to hack their style. 

I wasted YEARS literally trying to just identify what scale they were using….

And I had missed the bigger picture. 

I was not trying to understand how the solos matched the rest of the music they were playing over. 

But once I did notice why certain intervals worked together…..

Or how various chord progressions influenced their solos….

I had the key to their styles of playing in my hand. 

I wish I had a two note pattern, or a magic scale to give you to do that…..

But that’s not how you’re going to learn to do this. 

The key is to learn what I put in Theory Demystified, The 12 Step Soloing Method, and the Brain Dead Songwriting Course. 

Even Punk Rock Musicians Like Brandon Have Loved The Play It Loud Method Too!

Here’s What Will Happen If You Ignore These Concepts I’m Trying To Give You

Basically, you’re going to struggle to turn any lick or scale into a piece of original music or a solo. 

It’s bound to happen because it happened to me….. 

And everyone else who’s bought a guitar. 

You’re going to hammer away at the minor pentatonic scale….

Trying to make it fit over a progression that doesn’t involve the blues….

And you’re eventually going to notice that this scale doesn’t work like you wanted it to. 

If you’re a beginner, and just want to watch Guitar Pro files play or keep watching videos on YouTube….

You’re going to endlessly rewind these videos or files.

You’re going to forget how the music is played and keep going back to tabs to remember how to play it….

And you’re not going to be able to make sense of anything beyond basic AC/DC and Black Sabbath riffs. 

If you’re unable to identify and remember the various parts of the songs you’re playing….

Which guitar theory certainly helps you do….

Then you’re going to quit after a few minutes of learning a song. 

Then you’ll go days without attempting it again. 

And you’ll repeat this process until you give up and put the guitar back in the case. 

All the money you spent on strings, an amp, picks, cables, and a decent guitar….

Will be wasted.

And if your goal is to become a working musician and become that badass advanced guitar god….

There are tons of traps you’ll fall into if you don’t learn what I teach in the PIL method. 

Without understanding key signatures, you won’t know how to solo correctly when playing with a band. 

And if you don’t know how chords go together….

You’re going to end up playing boring chord progressions and writing melodies that no one wants to sing along with. 

Without the knowledge I teach in the 12 step method, you’re not going to be able to learn from other great players and be a lead guitarist yourself. 

You need to see how intervals, chord tones, rhythm, and other factors are working in the solos you’re learning from….

And in the songs you’re going to be playing or soloing on. 

Yes, you don’t need this if you’re only going to play covers with your friends….

But do you really want to be a mediocre guitar player? 

Do you just want to strum basic chords? 

Do you not want to develop the musical talent that’s bursting to get out of you? 

Better yet….

Don’t you want to inspire people and make them happy with your music? 

Because another guitar….

Or another book of licks to learn….

Or another hour of watching YouTube videos….

Isn’t going to help you do that.

Imagine...In 7 To 10 Days From Now....

That you’re wanting to learn a Hendrix song or a Rage Against The Machine riff or whatever….

You’ll know what techniques to use….

The best chord shapes to use for the song…

How to remember the riff quickly and easily….

And have a gameplan to practice it in pieces, and play close to the recording in about 10-20 practice runs. 

With the 1 Hour Beginner Method, you’ll have all the knowledge to do that easily and consistently with most of the chord progressions and riffs you’ll come across. 

And if you don’t know what to play, then my bonus with the 48 beginner riffs will help you get started….

If you want to learn theory and start using it to solo in that Hendrix song or whatever you’re learning….

You’ll be able to understand what scales, chord tones, and intervals you should focus on…

Because you’ll understand how the music is working

After you go through Music Theory Demystified just once or twice (it only takes an hour)….

You’ll have a better grasp of music then most are ever going to have. 

And once you dive into the 12 step guitar soloing method…

And use the secrets to scales, intervals, and chord tones as applied to lead guitar….

Then you’re going to progress in a scary fast way that’ll make your friends and family think you’re the next great guitar god! 

How else could you have learned to do all of this so fast!?!?!

And if there’s anything you need to refresh on, or read about again….

Then you can quickly go to the section you need with the page numbers, references, and guitar pro files that’ll all be shared with you. 

Everything is organized so that you get in and out quick. 

No rewinding. No transcribing. No work that’ll take away from playing the guitar and having fun.

So How Much Do I Charge To Give You All These Shortcuts To Guitar Playing God Mode???

I myself bought over 300 books about guitar playing over a 20 year span. 

Here’s a picture of my bookcase for reference: 

When I first started playing, I only had forums and guitar websites. So no YouTube. 

This probably took at least 200-400 hours to sort through alone. 

And then there were the countless hours learning theory, studying tabs, and writing songs myself….

Those hours definitely add up to 10,000 hours of deliberate practice. 

But a lot of those hours were just figuring this stuff out! 

If I had a great teacher that I went to for years….

I’d MAYBE cut that in half. 

I definitely know I could’ve used one or two….

But the damage is done. 

You however would have to hope that….

You buy the right courses. 

Hire the right teacher.

Stumble upon the best YouTube channels.

And have not picked up any bad habits along the way, like I did. 

The PIL Method is designed not only to do many of the things I’ve just told you about….

But also to avoid all of these wasted hours….

And constant struggle and frustration that I had. 

I’ve designed it so that you can take the least amount of time learning and studying….

And go right back to playing and learning songs. 

That’s what you’re going to spend most of your time doing. 

Whether you’re a beginner with modest goals….

Or an ambitious player who wants to shred and write songs and solos of your own. 

So how much would you pay for someone to give you straight answers….

To the most asked questions about guitar playing? 

How do I start playing? (1 Hour Beginner Method) 

How do I learn and apply theory? (Theory Demystified) 

How I do start soloing? (The 12 Step Soloing Method) 

And how do I write my own songs? (Braindead Songwriting Method) 

I could easily charge $997 for all of this…

As many of you want these answers…

And it’s still much cheaper than 12 months of lessons…

Or a brand new low end guitar. 

But I want to help people like myself. 

Someone who loves music, and wants to be happy while playing. 

So that’s why I’m only charging…..

$297 for this course. 

It’s less than the price of 3 months of in-person lessons

And it’s going to give you a lifetime’s worth of knowledge.

And with the bonuses I’ve included….

You’re going to get so much more back from using my materials. 

All that’s left now is to click the buy button below….

Get access to my course….

And start learning these shortcuts today. 

Thanks for learning about the PIL method and I hope to see you inside! 

–Matt, Play It Loud

Your payment will be processed on the next page via a third party payment processor. Your information will be stored safely and securely. I promise you that I've got your back.

Frequently Asked Questions About The PIL Method

Why Don’t You Do Videos? Everyone Else Including [Insert Famous Youtube Channel/Educator] Does! 

I’m very well aware that many people like to watch others play and believe that’s the best way to learn. But it’s actually not. Most of your time will be spent looking at tabs and running through riffs and lines you’re learning over and over again. Sometimes, yes, you’ll watch someone play to get an idea of how they’re fingering or picking something, or if I need to hear the song played in front of me. Besides, I hate rewinding, fast-forwarding, and slowing down a recording. It makes practicing and playing VERY inefficient. Why not learn something in minutes by reading it….instead of in hours watching it over and over again?  

Can You Really Teach Me Guitar In One Hour? 

I cannot help you become Jimi Hendrix or John Petrucci in just one hour. There’s no way to download all the muscle memory, dexterity, and experience needed to play on their level. As far as I know we don’t live in the Matrix. What I can do though….is take a lot of useful information, organize it, and teach you a system that Jimi and John have used all their lives to learn and play music. So the 1 Hour Beginner Guitar Method not only helps beginners avoid the 30 day hump of learning the instrument, but also teaches you how a pro digests and learns a new piece of music. And it’s a lot easier than you think! 

Will This Work With Acoustic or Electric? With Jazz Or Blues? With Ed Sheeran Songs? 

Yes it works with everything. Too many people get hung up on doing everything to avoid making a big mistake instead of learning the most efficient way to play guitar and learn songs. The PIL method is designed to do just that, and it doesn’t matter what you wanta play. All that matters is that you find some music you want to play, and take the time to learn what I put in here. 

Are you a scammer? Why do you want to charge me money for stuff I can learn for free?!?!

I’m in no way going to all this effort to steal from you. I’d rather setup a ponzi scheme or a job recruitment scam if I was that diabolical. I started Play It Loud and wrote this method because I love music and I love playing the guitar. Nothing more. I want to make a living doing what I love. I also made this become I’m concerned about each and every one of you that is close to quitting because they can’t find the information that actually works. The cost of this course is a very small price to avoid quitting, avoid courses that don’t work, and know with 100% certainty how you can go from absolute beginner to rock star badass guitar god. 

12 Steps Sounds Like A Lot Of Work. Is There An Easier Way To Learn Lead Guitar? 

I chose 12 steps because it’s catchy and shows the process of going about lead guitar playing in a stepwise, systemic way. 3 of the steps cover specific genres and how to solo in them. The other 9 steps cover techniques that I and nearly every lead guitarist must take in order to create a solo that’s going to move a listener. Other than that though, it’s a lot more fun when you know you’re hitting the right notes and expressing yourself with your buddies. 

[Insert Great Guitarist or Songwriter] Says They Don’t Know Theory. So Why Do You Insist I Learn It???

Every piece of music has chords, scales, intervals, progressions, melodies, etc. That’s music theory. You can’t make music without putting some notes together. Music theory is just the words we use to describe how notes are put together. So you can either go into music blind and hope that you noodle enough to play the right notes by feel….or you can go the much quicker and more efficient way, which I cover in this method. I can guarantee that you’re 200% more likely to quit without this info. A pentatonic scale is not enough. 

What If I Already Have Some Other Guitar Guru’s Course? Will This Help? Or Is It A Rehash Of Chord Shapes & Scale Patterns? 

I actually buy and have learned from courses sold by other big names out there. I love many of them, but many of them are pure snake oil filled with the same chord shapes and scale patterns you can get for free online. The number one goal of this method has been to strike some new ground in terms of guitar teaching, and go deeper than others are willing to go. Sometimes, you need to hear how someone else explains or shows a musical concept. But if you’re tired of finding the same rehashed material….I think you’re going to be extremely happy with what I’ve got for you. 

How Long Will It Take To Get Good At Guitar? 

The bullshit easy answer is that it depends on how much work you put into it. There’s no way around learning the same beginner riffs and chords that everyone learns. But it’s also possible to go much faster and develop into a better musician in quicker time than I was able to….if you take the time to learn this method. A lot of this course is exercises and tabs, and not 300 page descriptions of what a perfect 5th interval is. I want you to get a complete overview of the guitar…but also get you back to learning songs and playing as quickly as possible too. 

Can I Hire You For Private Lessons? 

Although I’ve considered doing some private lessons, it defeats the purpose of why I made this method. I’m self-taught and I realize that no teacher could’ve given me the same amount of attention that I myself put into the instrument. That would cost tens of thousands of dollars and I’d need a very large amount of free time. I was only able to learn all of this because my life allowed me to and I’m freakishly obsessed with music and guitar. You may not be like me. So I made this course to help you learn much faster than I did, get to the advanced level quickly, and avoid shelling out lots of money and time you can’t afford to lose. In the future though, I may consider some online group lessons via zoom or skype, but only if I gather enough people with the right mindset.