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Rock & Metal Lead Guitar Patterns Masterclass

When I made the 12 step soloing method, that’s now part of the PIL method, I felt like something was still missing.

As much as I hate the idea of learning licks to learn guitar music, I have to admit there’s some truth to it.

So what I did was I took some patterns from some of the most legendary lead guitarists of all time, and broke them down into pieces that we call “patterns.”

Unlike Jazz music, a lot of rock and metal lead guitar is about playing these fast patterns, and composing fast solos that consist of several stacked on top of each other.

That’s a massive generalization but that’s the case for many solos you’ll encounter.

So the goals of this course are two-fold: to give you several ready to use patterns that you can start using as your own, and to help you see how to break down licks and make your own patterns from these licks.

I believe every guitarist doesn’t want to inspire a bunch of copycats. They want to add to the repertoire and help anyone willing to create a voice of their own.

I guess that’s why I named this site Play It Loud. To help you become a unique guitar player who isn’t afraid to become who they are.


Downloads are here ===> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Oenp8ZK_jdWZXvPvi4c26fQoG17uOd3E?usp=sharing

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