Play It Loud

The Play It Loud Guitar Method

You made it! Thanks so much for investing in the Play It Loud Method. 

As you’re aware, this method was born out of the 20 years of experience I have going through hundreds of books, courses, articles, YouTube videos, you name it…..

And creating something that actually gets you playing and/or advancing to a higher level of playing, quick. 

Just remember though…..like when Phil Jackson coached Michael Jordan…..I can’t shoot the shots and play the chords for you. I can’t make you practice and learn these concepts. 

It’s up to you how fast or slow you want to go with this material. 

Some parts of the method may not make sense right now. Some concepts will only click once you learn others. 

That’s okay. Just trust the process….

But I do realize this course won’t be perfect. There are many things I want to add and improve. 

So, if you have any suggestions, I’m all ears. 

Now let’s get started already.

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