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How To Play Like Slash – Rock Lead Guitar

I’m extremely happy to unveil the second version of my lead guitar course on Slash from Guns n’ Roses!

Slash was one of the guitarists who inspired me to play the instrument, and one of the very first books I bought about guitar was one of his licks and solos. I later bought a book that had the complete Guns n’ Roses tabs at the time, as this was before Chinese Democracy came out.


So I know a thing or two about Slash’s playing style, and I’m glad you’ve given me your trust to unlock the secrets to lead guitar via his music.

A big mistake I made before was to just give you a theory analysis of some licks, and then let you figure out the rest.

It’s not your job to figure that stuff out if you’ve gotten here…..


So I went a few steps further. I’ve made exercises that’ll help you visualize the fretboard like he does, and come up with your own creative ways to use his phrases and ideas in your own solos.

I then break down the licks in a way where you can practice and later use them as your own sounds. Another big mistake many courses make is just throwing a lick at you with no idea on how to use it outside of the song it came from.

Then lastly, I’ll break down the chord progressions of a few of his most famous solos so that you can prepare and be ready to improvise over them.

Tab images I made from Guitar Pro will be seen throughout this course, and you can download them below:

Download all the Slash Guitar Pro Files by clicking here


So this is not a quick, lite course. You can go and cherry pick what you want, but I suggest going through everything at least once before you do that.

The guitar pro files will give you a quick reference, but will be incomplete without the writings and breakdowns I’ve given you.

And that’s it. Let’s dive in!

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