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How To Use Modes In Your Guitar Playing – The Complete Lesson

In this short course, I’ll break down each of the 7 major scale modes, and show specific musical examples that use them.

Forget about any long pedantic discussions on this notoriously confusing topic….

I’m going to blow away that confusion for good.

And show you how to actually use these musical tools.



This is probably the most common question I’ve seen in every guitar discussion online….

And no matter how many responses I see to a question about modes….

Hardly anyone gets it right. 

And that’s because of the common beliefs about scales, and the utter lack of talk about chords.

Modes are just a variation of common scales you may already…

As well as a concept that’ll help you reimagine the solos and riffs you’re playing, or making. 

Here’s why most everyone is wrong….and how I’ll unlock the secrets of modes for you in my short eBook: “How To Use Modes In Your Guitar Playing!” 

If You’re Not Aware Of THIS Factor, You’re Going To Keep Using Modes Wrong

Many guitarists are just plain baffled by the modes for a very simple reason. 

If you look at the pattern of a dorian mode, then the pattern of a minor scale…..

You only see one note of difference. 

So you go about playing the mode as just another scale to noodle with. 

You’ll look up YouTube videos of someone shredding with a Lydian mode: 

“Can You HEAR IT???”

And you don’t hear the difference. 

That’s because you aren’t looking at what CHORDS can be played with the mode you’re noodling with. 

Every mode has a set of chords that it goes with, and some common chord progressions that are “modal.”

Many of these I’ll reveal in my eBook….

But how do you start to see chords and scales together? 

The Answer Is NOT CAGED, It’s What I Teach Inside Of My eBook

The key to using the modes in the most musical way possible is to look at real life examples of these concepts. 

So that’s what I do in this product.

I’ll teach you: 

  • The chords that belong in every mode, and what chords you’ll normally see together when playing in Dorian, Lydian, Mixolydian, etc….

  • I’ll also give you an easy breezy intro to musical harmony so that you can see the differences between the major scale and the 6 modes it creates. 

  • Every mode will have it’s own sections where I’ll discuss the most common musical examples that use the notes of these modes

  • There will be an entire chapter discussing how to easily remember every mode, as well as how to stop seeing modes as altogether different scales

  • Each of the previous steps has one goal in mind: to help you become a more musical player who can bend the fretboard to their will. Understanding all of these points will destroy any confusion and frustration you’ve ever had about modes as you’ll have absolute certainty of when and how to use them. 

  • The examples will come from genres like rock, blues, country, metal, and jazz with artists and songs that you’ve definitely heard before. 

  • Finally, I’ll help you figure out what to learn next so that you’ll have more tricks under your belt than just a scale. I’ll show how these modes will help you learn more about musical harmony, chord formation, chord progressions, and songwriting. 

The CAGED system is limited because it will not help you see how all the chords work with a mode. 

It’s a great system for teaching the major scale and the chords in them….

But you need more info than that and the circle of 5ths too. 

I 100% Guarantee That This Will Improve Your Playing Forever

The modes can be an amazing tool to wield, as long as you have the right information on how to use it. 

They’re not nearly as hard as you think to use….

But if you’ve been a part of those discussions I mentioned earlier…you’ll know how easy it is to screw up a mode too. 

So if you’re looking to break out of the minor pentatonic scale….

Or the major or minor scales…..

And have a more complete toolbox that’ll help you adapt to even more musical scenarios….

Scenarios that’ll come up during songwriting, jamming, and learning other’s songs….

Then my eBook, “How To Use The Modes In Your Guitar Playing”, is going to be a Godsend. 

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This way you can easily play it back and apply it to your playing a few moments later. 

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I hope to see you inside and help you progress as a guitar player and a musician.