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How To Play Like Slash


Slash may not play like John Petrucci (hopefully you don’t give a shit).

His guitar style is loved and imitated by hundreds of thousands of players, and his songs are some of the most well-loved in all of music.

He’s gotten a lot of things right, and any guitar player that wants to get better needs to spend some time learning his style.

This is also a great place for any beginner/intermediate player to learn about lead guitar.

Wanta learn more?

Then read more down below……



Slash’s lead guitar playing is the epitome of rock n roll. No wonder you’re here and curious about what I have to offer you……

When I first started playing, my goal too was to figure out what he was doing.

I wanted to know how he created those exciting, frantic lines at the end of Paradise City….

I wanted to know what he was thinking when putting together the solo to Sweet Child O’ Mine…..

On the live DVD of guns in Tokyo, I wanted to understand why every little part of his guitar solo sounded so badass to me!

Like You Though, I Hit Some Serious Roadblocks To Playing Like Slash That I Struggled To Get Through…..

So I went and bought some tab books of Guns n’ Roses songs.

A lot of it I could understand because Slash obviously likes the pentatonic scales a lot.

Many rock guitarists do obviously……

However I did not know how he made those great lines in “Estranged.”

The fills in “November Rain” were baffling to me.

And so many of the chord progressions were puzzles to me into how they made the solos they way they did…..

I couldn’t figure it out.

Not for a long time.

Does this all sound familiar to you maybe?

I couldn’t stand not knowing his secrets and finding my own inner voice.

But then I noticed something else…….

You Can’t Play Like Slash Because No One Has Told You How Yet, And I’ll Do Just That

The thing is that you can’t play like Slash by JUST learning his licks.

All you’re going to do is be a Slash clone…….

That’s what I realized after I had learned many of his solos and licks.

Having the ability to play them does not mean that you can create them.

They are two completely separate skills…..

But both makes you a great guitar player.

So what I did was I started to take a closer look at the chords he played over……

I wanted to know why they chose some chords and note others.

Then, I wanted to know why the notes he played sounded so good over those chords.

Playing by ear, or being “talented,” was not enough for me…..

I wanted the formula to creating licks like those on Use Your Illusion and Appetite For Destruction, and later on the Velvet Revolver Albums too.

So to do this……

You need a completely different set of concepts and techniques other than just a minor pentatonic scale.

Introducing My Product: “How To Play Like Slash!”

In this collection of ebooks, videos, and guitar pro files…..

I’m going to break down many of his signature licks and a few solos……

And reveal so many musical concepts he uses that you can use TODAY!

I’ll do this by taking you through the following steps:

  1. You will get a breakdown of the chord progression he’s playing over, and then the scale tones he uses to create his licks and fills.

  2. I will then point out several concepts behind these sounds that you can replicate immediately in your own way.

  3. There will be about 15 signature licks of Slash’s that I will repeat this process for over and over.

  4. I have created exercises that will help you see the connections between these musical concepts and Slash’s licks. By practicing them, you will learn how to see and use the fretboard the way that only Slash does.

  5. I will give you a special bonus eBook that walks you through most of the riffs and progressions behind the Guns album, Appetite For Destruction. This way you will have an idea of how the riffs were written and some clues to how Slash thought about playing over them.

There Is No Other Product Like This One On The Marketplace, And I Know This Is What You Need

You don’t need more licks.

You don’t even need a Les Paul!

And you definitely don’t need a top hat either…….

What you need is someone with enough music knowledge to help you see musical concepts that you aren’t already aware of yet.

I know how terrible it feels to noodle on a pentatonic scale…..

And not know how to create something that thrills you or me like Slash regularly does.

I know how much it sucks to waste time learning his licks and getting nowhere at all.

Better yet, I know how painful it is to have a Les Paul sitting in the corner of your room……

And feel like you’re misusing it.

With this product, you can avoid all of that.

All you need to do is go through the videos and ebook…….

Start using the concepts I teach you…..

Revisit his songs and licks…..

And start making licks and fills of your own!

Buy this course now, and you can start doing that within days.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you inside!


–Matt, Play It Loud