How To Play Like Slash

At last, all of the legendary soloist’s methods and concepts will be revealed in this comprehensive guitar lesson!

Have you ever wondered what scales, what theory concepts, and what steps to take in order to make your solos as exciting as Slash does? Well that’s exactly what you’ll learn in this lesson!

This one is all about the material he made during his time in Guns n’ Roses, and will cover songs such as “Paradise City,” “Coma,” “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” and “Estranged” amongst several others from their albums.

You’ll get an hour long video where I break down all these examples step-by-step, and over 30 pages of info so you can read along with it.

His style about more than pentatonic scales and matching chord progressions to them. Slash’s style is a combination of shred, blues, rock, and even country techniques that too many imitators overlook when they seek to emulate the master.

None of this is made up, and it all comes directly from the music itself with note-for-note examples.

After you’re done, your knowledge of the fretboard will level up enough to make some breathtaking rock guitar solos of your own!


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