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The 5 Chord Progressions Every Lead Guitarist Must Know Inside & Out

5 chord progressions every lead guitarist should know how to solo over

“I don’t believe that knowing how this works will make me a better player,” Said one Facebook group commenter who was perplexed by the discussion of “secondary dominants” and the breakdown of the key of A major.  Guitar players like this one seem to want two things…… To improve their craft and practice until they’re […]

Why I Started Play It Loud And Created The PIL Method

Way back in 2010, I started researching the very course I made for Play It Loud (PIL), and looking back now 14 years later…. I can’t believe what I discovered after scouring through hundreds of books, magazines, and courses to make the PIL Method as it is now.  What’s the biggest reason I stuck through […]

Guitar Modes Explained: Why Guitarists Struggle So Badly With Modes

How many articles about modes have you read before you got to this one?  I’d say at least a few…..and I know why…. Lots of guitar players seem to think that modes hold some magical secret to making great solos and riffs…. And that once you find the perfect article (like this one), or the […]

The Pentatonic Scale. A Swiss Army Knife For Guitarists?

pentatonic scale guitar playing explained

Here’s the truth about the pentatonic scale guitar playing and soloing….. Breaking out of the box is not a great idea for most of you, and by doing so, you’re neglecting one of the most useful musical tools available.  The pentatonic scale is not just the instant gateway to blues and rock music, but also […]

How To Solo Like David Gilmour From Pink Floyd

How To Play & Solo Like David Gilmour: 3 Clear Cut Strategies You Can Use Today To Improve Your Melodies Instagram and Youtube is filled with shredders that can play most anything, but there are very few, if any, that can create music and play the guitar like David Gilmour. Why is that exactly? Because […]