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Eddie Van Halen’s Secret Lead Guitar Formula



The Secrets To Eddie Van Halen’s Solos Have Always Been Tough To Unlock…….

And that’s for several reasons like:

1) Eddie was never much help himself. I’ve read dozens of interviews and there’s very few hints.

2) Most online articles, courses, and lessons don’t do a very good job explaining his thinking. To make it easy, they just give you a lick, play it, and move on.

3) There are a set of concepts and skills that you need to see exactly what he’s doing, and I’m going to reveal them to you!

Up until now, the magazines and the free videos just give you a lick………

And then you have NO IDEA HOW TO USE IT OR PART OF IT!

It’s up to you to do what you can with the knowledge, but most of you don’t have the framework yet to understand this knowledge.

That’s where this product will come in handy!

Who Am I, And How Would I Know What Eddie’s Doing???

My name is Matthew King and I’ve been playing guitar for close to 18 years, and teaching online for about 10 years. I know what works and what doesn’t!

I started Play it Loud, my website, in order to get the info on how music works on the guitar to more people out there.

I’ve studied tens of thousands of guitar tabs, have a collection of hundreds of books at home, and have played thousands of hours of guitar.

More importantly though, I’m a trained writer who has been through tons of badly written books and watched tons of confusing YouTube videos.

You can rest assured you’re going to get the best information in the best presentation possible…….

Here’s How I Figured Out How To Sound Like Eddie Without Ripping Him Off

One of the first things I wanted to learn when I started playing was Eruption, and I did it basically within the first year of playing.

My next goal was to somehow take the scale fragments and chord knowledge I had to make something similar…….

I failed.

There’s a lot more to it than just having a whammy bar and a pentatonic scale.

So I bought lots of theory books and all the Van Halen tab books Guitar Center had.

I still failed.

It’s just the hard truth that there is hardly anything out there that is going to teach you how to turn a scale or chord into something like Eddie or another great player made.

So I noodled for years, and used tons of trial and error to FINALLY figure out how to sound like him.

This Is What You’ll Get From The Course

What I found was about a dozen concepts and techniques that you can start using like:

  • The one thing you must understand about how natural harmonics work in order to use them like Eddie did throughout his songs
  • 3 key ways to create scale runs like in Jump, Hot For Teacher, & Beat It
  • You’ll learn how Eddie approached playing over his chord progressions for various songs
  • Of course, I’ll show you how to use tapping just like he did whether by using a scale or an arpeggio (he used both).
  • I’ll show you how he used whammy bar dives, flutters, and other sounds naturally within his solos and fills so they wouldn’t stick out awkwardly
  • There’s two key sounds Eddie uses over and over and over that I’ll reveal to you that’s been hiding in plain sight for years………
  • A very easy trick to create more drama and energy in your solos like Eddie does all the time!
  • There will be guitar pro files of every little thing that I cover inside so you can see and hear it in real time
  • Everything is written piece by piece so that you can follow along easily and start using this stuff as you read about it.
  • And this course makes it where you can implement everything within MINUTES! Not hours from now or after you study lots of music theory

Who Is This Course For?

This course is not for seasoned pros who use a lot of theory terms and insider jargon.

This was made for people like us who just want to jam with our buddies, or solo over chord progressions like “I’m The One” or “Girl Gone Bad” for fun.

This stuff will work if you’re a beginner.

This stuff will work if you’re an intermediate player.

Hell if you’re an advanced seasoned player who just wants to fill in the gaps of your knowledge, this course can help you a lot if you’re a huge fan of Eddie’s!

I Guarantee This Will Work For You In 30 Days Or I’ll Give You Your Money Back

Most importantly though, I didn’t want to create a course where I just show a bunch of licks and tell you the theory behind them.

When Eddie passed, I was thinking that someone needs to make a short little course that explains within just a few dozen pages at most…….

How he approached the fretboard, and how you can use this approach too.

And I wanted it to be so simple that you could just read it once, and start using this stuff the next time you’re jamming or improvising a solo.

I did just that…….

Note: this is NOT a video course! I’m a trained writer and I don’t like buying expensive video production equipment and editing software.

If you like to read, this will be a breeze. If you insist on needing videos of me playing these solos for you and spoon-feeding you licks, then this is not the product for you.

And to prove to you the confidence in you and my product, I’m going to offer a no questions asked 30 day money-back guarantee!

Could You Figure This Out On Your Own?

I know there’s tons of free YouTube videos out there, and that many of you are probably smart enough to figure this stuff out.

But that’s not the point.

The point is that you will struggle at least somewhat to see what Eddie’s doing unless you buy a bunch of books or already know a ton about music.

Eddie knew a ton about music because he played piano for a long time before he ever picked up the guitar. He also had his dad to help him out.

However not even he had a shortcut like this!

I remember reading about how his brother Alex would go out partying on a Friday or Saturday night, and Eddie would be practicing from the time he left until the time he came back home late at night.

Do you have that time or determination?

Would you rather have the shortcut?

You and I both know the answer to that.

So what are you waiting for?

Right now, the first hundred or so buyers will have the chance to get this info for FREE!

You could pay nothing, though I hope you pay at least a dollar, for this shortcut today before most others find out how valuable this knowledge is.

And trust me, I plan on promoting the hell out of this so if you see this now you better get in on this……..

Paying just a little bit will help me recover the time and energy I put into making a great, simple, and concise product for you that’ll improve your playing.

Thanks so much for reading about my product, and I hope I can help you out!

–Matt, Play It Loud

P.S. After you purchase here, a link will be included in your receipt telling you how to register for the written course (that means there’s no videos). You will receive an email asking to confirm your registration, and you must do that in order to get in. I’m here to help in case there’s problems getting in, but please be patient. Thanks again!