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Exclusive New Training From Play It Loud

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Thanks so much for taking a look at my site! 


My name’s Matt and I sell courses and individual lessons on a variety of guitar topics here at Play It Loud. 


I got free articles and ebooks too, but you’ll get the best out of my site if you consider reading the rest of this page. 


Many of you will get turned off by a sales pitch, and will retreat to YouTube or Facebook or wherever. 


That’s fine. I can’t stop you.


But many people have told me that visiting my site was one of the best things they ever did for their guitar playing.


More info on the stuff for sale can be seen below……


But I want to tell you more about why I spent money to get you here. 


These clicks are not cheap, and the competition is fierce. 


I mean I’m sure you’ve seen or heard of Fenderplay, Yousician, Truefire, etc…..


As well as seen all of the free info on YouTube, right? 


There’s lessons on almost anything you want out there. 


So why should you keep reading and consider what I have to offer? 


The simple reason is that I know what comes next, and you don’t. 

Here’s what’s coming next. 


If you’re a beginner, you’re going to struggle to learn enough songs to progress quickly enough. 


And that’s because you haven’t developed your ear to identify many of the sounds the free tabs are telling you to play. 


If you can do that, you are probably still not using the correct picking techniques or fret hand fingerings. 


I worked at Guitar Center for awhile. I know what I’m talking about. 


Lots of my students struggled because they hadn’t learned these basic skills. 


Some even left after a month to figure it all out by themselves. 


This is what I did and man do I regret it. 


I regret it because I could’ve been a lot better than I am now, after 20 years of playing. 


You see, I wanted to become a songwriter and a musician. 


Every month I went and bought guitar magazines and tab books. 


Now I have over 300 tab books alone and countless courses I’ve bought. 


But I couldn’t do anything with the theory knowledge I had amassed. 


That’s because they just showed me a blues or jazz lick….


And didn’t tell me how to use any of that lick in a different context. 


As an ad for another big competitor says….


“The holy grail of guitar is being able to effortlessly create lines up and down the neck with ease and musicality.” 


And after a disastrous attempt at playing blues at a local open mic night….


I knew that this didn’t work. 


So what did I do that allowed me to have the confidence to write this for you today? 


I did one thing while studying Michael Jackson…..


I used my knowledge to create a riff off of Billie Jean for guitar. 


(Not the lines played by Steve Lukather) 


I used my knowledge of the musical key, my knowledge of chord shapes, and my knowledge of scales to create a riff that played the chords, bass, and melody at the same time. 


I then repeated this process over and over and over and over again. 


My improvisations suddenly came to life as I started to use my repertoire of phrases from studying and learning licks. 


And I suddenly saw the possibilities for songwriting after studying chromaticism, slash chords, and classical music harmony. 


But look, those things are cool, but I still play lots of Soundgarden and Megadeth too. 

These are what my courses teach: 


The 12 Step Soloing Method tells you exactly how I think when soloing over any chord progression. 


And I got this knowledge from studying how Slash, Eddie, Stevie, Jimi, Wes, Django, and many, many others solo. 


It’s the best way to avoid studying all of those tab books I bought…..



The 1 Hour Beginner Guitar Course is created based on one truth…..


You’ll have to practice figuring out lots of songs on your own, and that sucks. 


But you can learn the absolute essentials in just one hour. 


So I introduce you to the process of learning by ear and breaking down a tab. 


I show you exactly what chords you need to play 90% of songs, which are not G, C, and D. 


I’ll also show you what techniques you’ll need to play songs that don’t involve strumming chords. 


But this is a process I’m teaching, not a bunch of tricks. 


It’s a process I still use, even to play Dream Theater songs. 


And you can learn it in just 1 hour: 



Finally, the other two parts of my “Play It Loud Method” are my course Music Theory Demystified and the Brain Dead Simple Songwriting course. 


I created my method not only for hobbyists, but for anyone who wants to make their own music someday. 


And the most efficient way to do that is to learn how music and songs work. 


But I did both in the simplest way possible. 


For theory, I give you one note, E natural, and I help you build out all the big concepts of music theory. 


After you do this, you’ll be able to look at any song, riff, or solo and see how it works. 


And I really mean any. 


You won’t understand everything right away, as that takes practice….


But you’ll be ahead of 90% of other guitarists out there.  


For the Brain Dead Simple Songwriting method, I help you get started creating chord progressions, creating melodies to go with them, and then creating other parts to create your first songs. 


Too many songwriting courses and books are really just teaching you poetry with music being an afterthought. 


Well that’s a bad idea. 


And I got all of these concepts by studying the most successful songwriters ever, from this book than transcribed every melody and instrumental part of their songs: 


Now. Imagine what you could do with this information. 


What kind of riffs do you want to write?


What solos do you want to play? 


What songs do you want to play with your friends? 


I hope you got some answers because I want to say this…..


You can do it. 


And you can do it quicker than you ever thought possible. 


Without going through hundreds of YouTube videos, spending thousands on courses and books, or sweating in a bar playing “Sweet Home Alabama” 4 times a night. 


I’m not saying it won’t take work. 


You’ll still need to study songs and solos and riffs and such. 


But I am giving you every strategy that I got from doing it alone. 


Which as I said before…..


You don’t want to do alone. 


I might have already written the songs in my head if someone could’ve shown me these things. 


Or I at least would’ve played Marty Friedman’s solos more accurately if I knew what I’m going to tell you about music theory. 

If you want to learn more about the Play It Loud Method, please click the image below: 



Now if you want some free stuff, then here’s a few things you can do……


Visit the link below to go directly to my free training called “How To Get Better At Guitar.”


If you watch the whole thing, I’ll give you a coupon code for two free courses: 


“How To REALLY Use The Modes On Guitar” 


“The 5 Steps To Using Target Notes For Lead Guitar” 


These two courses will dramatically improve your lead guitar playing in no time. 


But, you’ve got to watch the training for the free coupon code. 


Sorry to play games, but I find people value the courses only after going through a little bit of effort. 

I'll Tell You How To Get Both Of These eBooks For Just $1 Inside The Webinar, As A Thanks For Using My Info ($27 Together Normally)

Exclusive New Training From Play It Loud

🔥***Won't Be Around Much Longer***🔥

100% No Cost, Space Is Limited

There’s also some free articles I have, which you can click any of the links below to check out: 

There’s lots of things I reveal about playing guitar in here that even the best YouTube creators gloss over. 


I promise that you’ll get at least a few nuggets of knowledge that you’ll forever use in your improvisations and songwriting. 


But just a quick tip…..


The Play It Loud Method is the only thing that’ll give you the complete picture. 


I too thought that if I just read enough articles or books…..


Or watched enough YouTube video lessons….


That I’d finally know exactly what to do in the situations mentioned earlier. 


But I still failed at improvising in a blues jam, as I told you earlier. 


So please check it out. 


Play It Loud is not for everyone, as I don’t spend tons of time on technique. 


I have lots of exercises and practice routines…..


But they’re meant to help you visualize the fretboard and increase your creative powers. 


I’m not interested in teaching you how to play like Buckethead, Jason Richardson, Tosin Abasi, or Ichika Mo.


These things will help, but I’m primarily interested in helping you become a better songwriter and musician, which great technique doesn’t always bring you. 


Play It Loud is also not solely interested in helping absolute beginners. 


If you’re still struggling with reading tabs, changing chords, or playing beginner songs…..


Then another site may be a better choice for you.


The 1 Hour Beginner Guitar Course helps out a lot. 


I sincerely believe that……


But remember. 


I told you that you’ll need to figure out lots of little things about playing songs and riffs by yourself. 


It would take a 1000 page book to explain each and every little nuance in playing even the 200 simplest guitar riffs/songs. 


And I did all of this for a good reason……


Believe it or not…..


I’m anti-courses. 


No great player I know of has become even adequate through courses alone. 


So I made each and every one of my trainings easy to reference and navigate…..


With tons of guitar pro files…..


With tons of examples….


Telling you EXACTLY what to play and how to apply what you’re playing. 


This way, you can spend most of your time playing and having fun. 


Not learning the intricacies of the melodic minor scale modes (lydian dominant anyone???). 


So that’s my spiel. 


Go back and read some articles, check out my webinar on “How To Get Better At Guitar”, and maybe check out the Play It Loud Method. 


I also have a newsletter (as you saw at the top of this page) 


And facebook group where I share a lot of my newest chord melodies, theory concepts I’m working on learning, licks I’m learning, etc. 


It’s all fascinating to learn, and I strive to make it easy to use. 


You can do that by clicking both the links below…….

You may get annoyed if you don’t want music to be a part of your daily life. 


I send almost daily emails, and I post silly memes in my group. 


So don’t join if you’re not obsessed with music like me. 


Just a fair warning. 


And that’s it! 


Thanks again for visiting Play It Loud. 

I'll Tell You How To Get Both Of These eBooks For Just $1 Inside The Webinar, As A Thanks For Using My Info ($27 Together Normally)

Exclusive New Training From Play It Loud

🔥***Won't Be Around Much Longer***🔥

100% No Cost, Space Is Limited

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