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How To Create Blues Guitar Riffs & Solos In 30 Minutes Or Less

Have you ever wondered where to start with blues guitar?

Tired of just another lesson on pentatonic scales?

That’s why I created this product, which takes you through everything you’ll need to know about the Blues in just 30 minutes.

I’ll show you how the chord progressions work in acoustic delta style blues by Robert Johnson and Son House, as well as electric blues styles made popular by Muddy Waters, BB King, Howlin Wolf, Eric Clapton, and Stevie Ray Vaughan amongst others.

Dozens of tab examples with Guitar Pro files will be included.

My goal is to give you the phrases, the music theory concepts, and the fretboard knowledge to make your own riffs and solos in hours at the very most.

This product is the only one out there geared to take you there, as it’ll take more than just the pentatonic box.

Curious what else you need? Then read the description below!



A recurring theme in many of my products is that they don’t tell you how to go from learning a lick or a scale……

To creating solos and riffs like Robert Johnson, Bukka White, Albert King, or any of the blues greats did.

Do you have to travel to Clarksdale, in the MS delta, and go the crossroads at midnight?

Do you wait till your lover leaves you for the bigger better deal?

Should you pine so hard for the wife of your Beatle best friend that you become inspired to write Layla? (i’m referring to Slowhand/Eric Clapton FYI)

No, you don’t have to do any of that, although you may get some pretty awesome music…..

When you combine it with the info in my course:

How To Create Blues Guitar Sounds In 30 Minutes Or Less!

In this course, I’m not going to just give you a rehash of the 5 minor pentatonic scale patterns….

I’ll put them in a context that shows you how to use them over the same chord progressions that those phenomenal blues artists created.

I’m not going to point out which note is the blue note and how to create a blues scale.

Instead I’ll explain how that peculiar interval, and 3 others…..

Help create an instantly identifiable blues sound.

Why So Many Courses Struggle To Teach The Blues Proper

The Blues is a genre of music with combinations of sounds that no other genre uses in quite the same way. My course will help avoid rehashed topics like I just mentioned, and give you an overview of the fretboard so that you can see……

  • The rhythms that make the blues unique, and how to create them with scales and chords you already know. Without this, you’re making rock, jazz, or country instead of blues.

  • An in-depth breakdown of the 12 bar blues and its chords so you can create catchy earworm blues fills and riffs of your own. It’s not nearly as simple as you think (but it’s still pretty easy when you know how) as many guitarists use the pentatonic scales in the wrong way over these 3 famous chords…..

  • A look at the makings of other scales that blues songs are built off like the Dorian mode, the major pentatonic scale, and the mixolydian scale. I’ll give you song examples that demonstrate exactly how these scales are used without a complicated academic theory discussion.

  • The 3 core musical intervals that are often used in combination with the 12 bar blues. Once you understand this, you can turn almost any chord progression you have into a blues song, and even start improvising your own riffs.

  • Real actual musical examples of how Son House, Robert Johnson, BB King, and others used these ideas to make their solos and music. It’s not theory! It’s a display of these intervals, scales, and chords in music you’ve been listening to.

Here’s Why You Need This Great Blues Guitar Course

I created this course because I’m tired of seeing so many courses not tell you how to create your own solos and riffs EXACTLY.

Studying and learning licks is a great exercise…..

But don’t you at some point want to be free to play whatever strikes you over the progressions in songs like “Come On In My Kitchen”, “Spoonful”, “Sunshine Of Your Love”, or “Lovestruck Baby”?

The key to doing this is to get a top-down overview of how to put chord tones, intervals, blues rhythms, and scale patterns together to make music.

This will free you to choose any combination of sounds you want to use.

And it will help you have fun playing the instrument!

For a limited time, you’ll also get a few bonuses……

In one of my older products called “Hell Raising Lead Guitar”, I did some in-depth analysis of licks from Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

You’ll get both of these eBooks in addition to the course I’ve laid out above.

You’ll also get any updates to this course for free for it’s entire lifespan.

I hope to create some lessons on many other player’s styles, breakdowns of more acoustic delta blues riffs, and exercises to help you visualize and use these concepts until its second nature.

The Price Tag Is Cheap When You Consider The Cost Of Not Buying This Course Or Going Somewhere Else

You may see the price of $67 and think that’s too high.

However, I think it’s quite cheap if you finally get the answers you’re looking for.

Why pay for more courses with tons of videos of blues licks slowed down?

And with no insight into how they’re made?

That’s mostly what’s out there, and I’m hoping to help you avoid that.

I guarantee that if you take the time to learn these concepts…..

Read the text that goes with it…..

And just play the examples and exercises….

That you’ll accomplish more in 30 minutes than you will with 12 hours of watching other’s video courses.

Once you purchase the course, you’ll be sent a link to register inside my site. This will allow you to access my dashboard where there will be a link to this course.

(if you’re already registered, then you’ll gain access automatically)

That’s all there is to accessing this course and getting started right away.

You’ll be able to download the guitar pro files, start playing through the examples, and using these concepts right away.


Thanks so much for reading about my course:

How To Create Blues Guitar Riffs & Solos In 30 Minutes.