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Barn Burning Country Guitar



Have you ever wanted to play country guitar solos off the cuff?

Would you like the ability to wow anyone that’s a fan of tele guitar playing and twangy bends?

Do you want to dazzle the socks off of anyone who spends their Friday and Saturday nights in a honky-tonk or dance hall floor?

I know this desire very well as I’ve been there before.

For a long time, all I had were some tabs, a Brent Mason DVD, and a G&L Telecaster….

It was an utter and complete mystery to me how anyone made a country guitar solo.

Like many people, I come from the world of rock guitar.

Slash, Eddie Van Halen, and Hendrix were the guys I knew the best.

But as I soon found out…..

Country guitar follows a different set of rules.

Why Country Guitar Is Literally Like Learning Another Language

Instead of bends, slides, hammer-ons, whammy bar dives, and minor pentatonic scales…….

You need to learn how to do pedal steel bends, banjo rolls, double stop runs, and play over a different set of chord progressions.

Country guitar is mostly major key based, while rock guitar is minor key based.

Country music uses more 7th chords and major chords in general.

Many of the licks and techniques you may use in rock just won’t work here.

That’s what I discovered when I tried to solo over Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues” by myself.

The minor pentatonic scales wouldn’t cut it!

So I had to discover a new approach…….

Introducing Barn Burning Country Guitar!

I discovered the methods I shared in this product by doing a deep dive into many of the greats of country guitar.

Guys like James Burton, Brad Paisley, Brent Mason, Johnny Hiland, Roy Nichols, Albert Lee, and Chet Atkins.

The first thing I noticed is that they use a lot more chord tones and major scales than the rock guys did.

Then they used their fingers a lot too…..

Finally they also just had better technique than many rock guys I had heard of.

So how on earth could I get to that level of thinking in as quick a time as possible?

Well, I had to study tons of books and learn lots of licks.

You get to have this product that tells you how to do so in minutes!

How On Earth Will I Teach You Country Guitar In Mere Hours?

I guarantee you that I will do that for you, and more.

You just need to follow this step by step method I lay out inside the course……

  1. I will help you understand the composition of some of the most popular types of chord progressions in Country guitar music.

  2. Then, I’ll teach you how to adjust some scales you already know so that they’ll fit over these chord progressions.

  3. Next, I’ll tell you what combinations of notes give country guitar music its flavor.

  4. Finally, I’ll break down many of the most common techniques and ideas so that you can learn exactly how to use them yourself.

Overall, the lesson has about 30 licks and about 8 videos.

Everything is laid out in guitar pro files too.

Why Doesn’t Everyone Know About This If It’s So Easy To Do?

I’m not promising any magical shortcuts to great right and left hand technique.

You’ll still need to practice that.

However, I do think it shouldn’t take a long time to learn the more musical parts of country guitar.

You can learn how to create similar chord progressions.

You can learn how to use scales you know to create country sounding lines today, and not months from now.

And you can start using these techniques just like a master does almost as quickly as you learn them!

It’s not easy to do because no one knows how to tell you how to do it.

I 100% Guarantee That Your Country Guitar Playing Will Improve With My Product

After you know the why, the how, and the what of playing country……..

You are going to be unstoppable.

And if you have great left and right hand technique, it’s going to be so easy for you to implement.

Think of the better gigs you could get, and the better lead parts you could write with this knowledge……..

Just implementing a few of the things I show you will put you further ahead than most everyone who plays covers of country songs.

The only other way you can learn this stuff…….

Is to spend a few years with a mastery country guitar player in in-person lessons.

And he’s only going to show you lots of licks.

He can’t show you the thinking behind the licks and why they work so well.

Trust me. Many say they can but they don’t know how.

Are You Ready To Get To The Next Level?

So how about….instead of purchasing dozens of lessons……and hardly getting ahead……and just getting frustrated remembering licks……

That you take a few hours of your time and purchase my product.

Most guitar lessons are around $25-$30 an hour.

My course is only $67 and you’ll have it forever.

And you’ll have access to it everywhere you go.

Best of all…….you’ll know how to think like a great country guitar player.

You’ll be able to quickly take various chord and scale tones…….

Add some pedal steel bends or fast triplet rhythms…….

And create something that is going to puzzle most everyone else you know that plays country guitar.

So click the buy button, and take the next step already!

Thanks for reading.

–Matt, Play It Loud