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1 Hour Beginner Guitar Course

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Have you ever wished that someone would just tell us beginner guitarists a simple answer to this question:

“How Do You Play Guitar?”

I wished someone did when I first started!

Instead, I was given nursery rhymes, jazz chords, a huge book of scales, and a guns n’ roses tab book.

None of which helped me play “Paradise City” any better…..

There was not much info on the websites I found, and the few videos I learned from, that told me about REALLY playing the guitar. (this was before YouTube, which still has problems)

The 1 Hour Guitar Method is an attempt to help you learn what I learned MUCH FASTER AND EASIER!

With the information in this beginners guitar lesson course, and a disciplined practice routine, you’ll get further than you ever could with Youtube Videos and weekly in-person guitar lessons.

I’m empowering you with the knowledge you’ll need to learn anything and everything you want quicker than ever!

It’s too tedious and expensive to spend money for lessons on every little thing you’ll need to know.

Can you afford thousands of hours of guitar lessons? Do you have the time to search for the right article or video to explain a concept to you?

I didn’t and you probably don’t either.

This course is going to show you the method that every seasoned player uses to learn a new piece of music.

Even though I’m confident enough to play Dream Theater, Eddie Van Halen solos, and Chet Atkins, this is still the process I use.

It’s the process I use to relearn things that I’ve forgotten, and the process I use to practice songs and riffs I already know.

It’s the process you’ll learn, one way or another, to play rock riffs, pop chord progressions, lead guitar solos, and thrash metal.

For just $27, you can learn this method right now, in under an hour!

If you’d like more info, please watch the video up above.

Thanks for looking and I hope I can help you learn to play this amazing instrument and wonderful artform!


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Learn The Absolute Basics Of Guitar Playing In The Least Amount Of Time Possible, Without Confusing Info That Won't Help You At This Stage. Keep Reading To Learn More!

You may think you need lessons or that you can survive on just free videos online. However there is some crucial info lots of beginner books and resources leave out. I know because I wrote this book for people who told me they couldn’t find answers to crucial questions when they were first starting out. 

You don’t need lots of chord diagrams and finger exercises right now. You need instruction on how to pick apart a riff, listen to a song, and understand the guitar tabs in front of you properly.

You also don’t need a primer on lead guitar, intricate rhythm guitar playing techniques, or a discussion of how to read sheet music either. If you’ve never played before, you must adapt your approach to learning the instrument and this product will help you do that. 

Get A Step By Step Process For Learning Songs, Riffs, & New Playing Techniques As You Progress As A Guitar Player

Many beginners struggle to understand the many playing techniques for guitar and how to hear them in the music they’re playing. There’s a whole lot of info you can only get from knowing how to listen to a song, and not from looking at a tab or of another player’s flawless performance of the song you’re learning. 

The Problem Is That You Can't Match What You See To What You Hear

Almost everyone online is going to have a different suggestion on how to start learning. They will suggest chords, they’ll list playing techniques, and they’ll give you songs to learn. The problem is that at some point you’re going to want to play riffs and progressions you can’t find an explanation to. That’s why I created a system taking you from finding a guitar tab, to listening to the song, and figuring out how to practice it so you can learn it quickly!

And How This Course Will Help You Avoid The Mistakes From Not Hearing Properly

Without a system, you will not know what techniques to use and not to use, and you’ll get frustrated. Many of you will develop bad picking habits, will misread a guitar tab, and fail to develop the fundamentals of making music on the guitar. I will go through everything you need to start learning, help you learn how to break down a song, and show you common sounds and riffs you’ll be learning a lot!

Why This Product?

When I started playing, I wanted to learn to play metallica songs. No one told me how to pick like James Hetfield, what songs a beginner could learn from them, and later how to play the faster trickier stuff. That’s what I wanted to learn and I didn’t care how tough it was for a beginner. However I made lots of mistakes and spent countless frustrating hours learning by myself. I can help you avoid that and get better a lot faster than I did! 

Speed Up Your Learning
Skip The First Several Lessons

A 40 Page Ebook with simple explanations

Read it in a day, and use my method forever afterwards! When you know how to pick out certain techniques, recognize certain chord sounds, and gain familiarity with common techniques and riffs you'll learn much faster.

I'll Break Down A Song With You

I won't leave you alone to figure this out. I'll demonstrate with several videos every step of the process I take. We'll listen to the chords, break down the tab, and identify what techniques to use.

More Topics Will Be Covered As WEll

From buying a guitar, approaching solos, getting to harder songs, and much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How Is This Different From Other Guitar Methods?

This course is dedicated to helping you get started QUICK. Too many books try to show you every chord in existence or give you lessons on music theory that you don’t need right now. It does you no good right now to learn a maj7 chord or a 3/4 time signature. You need to learn how to understand guitar tabs and listen to the music you love first. 

Will It Take Me Long To Start Using This Info?

Absolutely not! I designed this as if I were giving you a guitar lesson and you’ve never played any instrument at all before. I’m going to outline the method to matching the music you hear to the guitar tabs you’ll be learning from. At first, the numbers and lines won’t make any sense because you can’t match what you see to what you hear. My approach is dedicated to help you overcome that gap. 

How Long Until I Can Play My Favorite Songs?

There is no great answer to this question because it depends on the song and what you want to learn. Acoustic strumming requires a grasp of a few techniques while distorted metal riffs will require the grasp of using a few more at the same time. This course is dedicated to answering the question “How do you play guitar” while giving you a plan to figuring out how to play whatever you want. Some songs and riffs are obviously more difficult than others. However I’ll help you improve quickly.

Why Not Just Use Free YouTube Videos?

I can’t deny that there’s a lot of free information out there and other great books. However it’s going to get confusing because they’ll each tell you something different, and I wanted to simplify the process of just learning a riff. Once you learn what palm muting sounds like, for instance, you can go and learn all sorts of songs using palm muting. When you get to reggae chords, you’ll be able to properly fret those chords in any context whether it’s pop or jazz or something else. This guide is meant as a supplement and as quick introduction to the instrument.