Get Everything You Need, And Everything That's Left Out Everywhere Else, In My 1 Hour Beginner Method Guitar Course!

You Don’t Need More Chord Diagrams & Song Recommendations….What You Need Is What I Talk About In The Video Below. Check It Out! It Could Make A Huge Difference 6 Months From Now!

Learn How To REALLY Play Guitar

It's not just about scales or chords. It's about learning how to correctly interpret a guitar tab, and then decide how to go about choosing which right hand and left hand techniques to use, according to what you hear.

Learn To Listen Correctly

I will review how to decide where to put your hands, how to build muscle memory, and how to pick out the sounds you've been hearing all along in guitar oriented music.

Get Through The Basics Quickly

I don't want you wasting time reviewing the basics over and over, and I don't want you to spend a lot of money. The method I lay out is what you'll be using to learn any and every song or riff out there. Trust me. I've been doing this for 15 years!

Everyone Else Wants To Go Over The Same Ole Deep Purple Riff, And Give You Yet Another Lesson On C-G-D Chords. I Don't! I Want To Tell You The Truth About Playing Guitar.

Watch the video below to see everything you’ll get. 

Everything in this course is designed to help you get the basics down so you can play a tab like the one above, and know how to start breaking it down. 
You will be able to start recognizing the chords, put your hands in the right places, and pick the notes the appropriate way.
Look, anyone can get the chord diagrams and tabs of a song. 
What sets a lot of beginners back is not having the ear to recognize particular sounds, and not having the experience to make the right decisions about how to play it. 
Simply knowing what a palm mute or C chord is won’t cut it. 
That’s why I will focus on teaching you everything that’s in between, and do it for less than the cost of a single lesson.

This no-nonsense guide is a treasure trove of practical tips for the aspiring guitarist. It's different from the stuff I tried to use when I was learning guitar because it gives you the kind of practical advice you would get from an experienced friend

Sam W from Massachusetts

This is an excellent beginner's resource, using popular and well-known songs to teach you the basics to learning music through tablature and online.

Michael from Mississippi

Once You Know What You're Doing, You Can Start To Progress In Lightning Speed And Impress Your Friends And/Or Achieve All Your Musical Goals

  • Avoid Bad Habits

  • Learn Good Technique

  • Start Playing Quickly

No one can make you do the practice, and having a guitar teacher babysit your practice sessions isn’t going to help either.
I believe that having the best information and the best process to learn a song is what’s going to make or break you.
If you’ve read this far, you know it’s true.
Stop making it hard on yourself, spend the lousy $47, and take an hour to learn what you need to know!

Which Songs Do You Want To Start Playing? In 1 Hour, You Could Be On Your Way......

Frequently Asked Questions

1 Hour? Are You Nuts?

No I’m not! Nowhere have I promised that you’ll become Eddie Van Halen or Hendrix in this 1 hour. What I’m promising is a successful, proven method to playing 1000s of guitar songs and riffs.

Is It Difficult To Understand? I Don’t Have Much Time.

That’s exactly why I made this course. There’s not really much to learn at first besides like tuning your guitar and holding a pick right. What you really need to learn is how to listen to music correctly and pick out certain sounds. You can only get good at this by playing lots of songs, and this info is going to help you get started.

Why Should I Trust You? You Just Want My Money!

Um yeah, but I also want you to succeed so we both end up benefitting from this. I’m not some stupid scammer who once played a chord a long time ago. I’ve been studying music for 17 years, and teaching it for 10 years. You can benefit greatly from my experience by paying just a little bit of money. I really do care, and this is my passion. If I wasn’t passionate about this, I wouldn’t have worked this hard to make this product for you.

Can I Get A Discount? My Big Sister Used My Guitar To Beat The Heck Out Of Her Boyfriend And It Broke/My Dog Ate My Homework/I Spent My Money On Fidget Spinners (Or Whatever Other Tragedy You Just Suffered From)

Look, I know this is not a cheap hobby. You need a guitar, an amp, some picks and a tuner, and other stuff that will come up later. Plus you’ve got bills to pay. And I love giving discounts, which is why I’m not selling this for more than $47. You’ve got to look at this as an investment that’ll pay off many times over. After you learn the concepts I teach, you’ll spend a lot less time struggling to play and more time learning songs you actually want to play.
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