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Why Should You Learn From Me & Not Someone Else?

  • No Boring Theory!

    Learn How To Create The Sounds Of Great Guitar Players Like Hendrix, Van Halen, And SRV

  • New Lessons Every Month

    Clear, professional lessons with clear explanations and guitar pro files of every concept

  • Can't Find This Anywhere Else

    Instead of rehashing the same concepts and making you memorize more licks, we want you to get better information that no one else can provide about playing guitar

  • Membership Per Year Costs Less Than One Month Of Lessons

    You'll get instant access to every lesson right away and can learn at your own pace. No instructor will tell you what you can and cannot do!

Experience Huge Leaps In Your Playing & Songwriting Ability!

— Learn how to adapt to any chord progression easily and solo the hell out of it
— Learn new styles of music like jazz, country, classical, reggae, and funk
— Learn from years worth of in-depth guitar advice, and not a bunch of rehashed licks
— Learn how to put chords together and make progressions in any genre you want
— Learn how to be a musician! And not just a clone of your favorite player
— Learn to hear the right ways to use modes, exotic scales, harmonic minor scales, and so on
— Learn to stop memorizing chords & scale patterns and play by feel!

Play The Video Below To Look Inside Of Guitar School

Here's How "Play It Loud" Will Fill The Gap Between Your Chords & Scales Knowledge & Your Ability To Make Your Own Music

Do you feel like there is something missing in your quest to become a good guitar player?

Do you feel that knowing the right scales and chords……

Watching lots of youtube videos……..

Learning lots of licks……..

And buying books and magazines…… 

Just isn’t enough to close the gap?

The gap that lies between where you are now, and where you want to be?

When you look at a great guitar player like Clapton, Van Halen, Slash, or whoever…..

You’ve got to wonder whether there’s something they know…..

And that you don’t.

You have to wonder why, exactly, do their solos and riffs sound so great…..

But yours do not sound anything like that?

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It's Time You Start To Learn What's Keeping You From Becoming The Player You Dream Of Being

Now what if I told you that the key to filling this gap laid in front of you the entire time……..

That every lick, every exercise, every riff, and every song you’ve learned…….

Had dozens of concepts and replicable musical ideas that you can use however you like.

You see the goal was never to memorize tons of solos and songs note-for-note (though that helps).

It was actually to uncover the golden treasures laid buried underneath every piece of music laid before you up until this point.

And with these concepts and these insights, you will unleash your creativity and thus get the help needed to write your material.

So what do you want to learn? To create your own rock guitar solos? Make a devastating metal riff? Write a catchy vocal melody? Explore a new genre like country or jazz?

After you learn what’s in guitar school, you can take any tab or sheet music and start learning how they did it right then and there. And with a good ear and this information, you won’t need tabs or sheet music either….

Here's Everything You're Going To Get When You're Inside Guitar School

Not only do you get access to my core modules covering music theory and lead guitar…….

But you’re also going to get tons of content breaking down individual riffs, melodies, song structures, guitar licks, and more! New videos are added all the time!

A Multi Part Music Theory Course, Designed For Guitarists, That You Can Go Through In Just A Few Hours

I said no boring theory and I promise you that. Inside, you’ll get the simplest yet most complete explanations of several concepts. I’ve read nearly every book out there and no one explains it like this. You’ll be armed and ready to tackle any musical situation after attaining this info!


Exercises & Workshops Will Help You Apply & Practice This Information

A BIG problem with guitar courses is that they leave you with the work of applying this knowledge and figuring out how to use it. Instead, I’ve come up with a unique approach that’ll get you started making chord progressions, creating licks and riffs, and soloing using the same methods your favorite players use. It’s all a step-by-step process that you can start using right now!

Learn How To Write Riffs, Chord Progressions, & Entire Songs With My Lessons On Songwriting

Many courses don’t clarify what you must understand about rhythm, harmony, and melody to replicate the sounds of the riffs & progressions you love. My school will do just that, and we will be going over a wide variety of song elements from many genres to help you become the songwriter you want to become.

Every Little Thing Is Tabbed Out With Downloadable Guitar Pro Files

There’s no videos of me jamming or performing in front of you, and thus expecting you to spend hours trying to figure out what I did. No way! You’ll get perfectly tabbed out guitar pro files that you can replay and analyze till you’ve got the concepts and sounds down.

A Complete Introduction To The World Of Lead Guitar

Instead of giving you a bunch of shred patterns or jazz licks you’ll never use, I go in-depth on 12 guitarists you’ve heard of before. Hendrix, SRV, Van Halen, Marty Friedman, Joe Satriani, Randy Rhoads, & more are covered inside here. More guitarists will be added, and you’re going to love the way I explain how they approach the fretboard.

Learn How To Make Jazz, Country, Blues, Metal, Rock, Etc…..

Too many of you will play the exact same thing as your heroes and I want to help you avoid that. While I will teach you about the core sound elements of these genres, you’re also going to see how they overlap and how you can shake them up to make something totally original.