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Barn Melting Country Guitar Techniques & Concepts

Watch The Intro First!

Country guitar is very different from blues and rock lead guitar and it's important to understand why. You'll learn exactly why that is in this video!

Country Progressions In-Depth

One of the recurring themes of my products is that I place a huge emphasis on the chords and combinations of chords, and how they influence the choice of scales and various techniques. Banjo rolls, pedal steel bends, and mixolydian scales mean nothing if you don't understand what you're applying them to.

All About The Mixolydian Scale

Finally, we get to what can be called a true country scale. It's one peculiar interval that's used in this scale and many country chords that make it such a versatile tool for creating country lines. I'll explain it all in the video!

How To Use Double Stops In Country

Country is all about the chords and some shapes, known as double stops, will appear in the repertoire. This video will explain how to start seeing double stops as part of the overall system of music theory and in the context of country guitar progressions like we talked about earlier.

Ways To Make Banjo Rolls

Banjo rolls are closely related to country chords and scales and has some subtleties to it that you need to understand before attempting to make your own.

Country Licks Part 1

The next few videos will demonstrate more of these concepts and techniques in action. Use these licks not only as phrases you can pull from your bag of tricks, but also as models to use to create your own solos.

Country Licks Part 2

Country Licks Part 3

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Additional Quick Tips
  • Tweak your knobs as instructed to get a country tone.
  • Learn the notes of your 7th chords!
  • Country guitar will often be a combination of two or three of the techniques I discussed above
  • Use all-guitar-chords dot com to help you find your way across these chords
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