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Welcome To "Beginner Guitar In 1 Hour!"

To get started, please watch the first 5 videos listed below, and be sure to download the slides and guitar pro file down below......

Introduction To Guitar Playing - Getting Started

In this first section, I'll be going over the expectations and common situations you'll encounter in your first hour and beyond.
I'll also go over a few pieces of equipment that nearly every guitar player will need, and I'll also be telling you what you don't need to buy.
If you've been playing guitar for a minute, you may feel the need to skip this section. However I suggest you do just in case there's a few things you need to review.
Changing strings ==> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAGe8dMUPrQ

Tuning your guitar ==> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMhrF-LvfUk

How To Match Guitar Tablature To What You Hear

Guitar tabs are going to be a big part of your guitar playing so it's best to learn how to interpret them correctly from the very beginning.
You'll learn the most common types of riffs, how to start listening for chords and single notes, as well as how to notice the place on the fretboard your riff will be located.
I highly recommend grabbing a copy of guitar pro so that you can start absorbing these ideas in your own time.

Utilizing Proper Left & Right Hand Positioning

As I proclaim in the first minute of this video, this is a too often overlooked part of the guitar that many players ignore at the beginning.
Interpreting tabs correctly correctly will depend on what decisions you make as to these positionings.
So please pay close attention as I help you learn where to put your hands and why since this is going to make the learning process so much easier if you absorb these ideas right away.

An Overview Of Basic Guitar Techniques & Fundamentals

Now we're getting to the nitty gritty! In here, I will demonstrate the sounds of the guitar that you've been hearing in music all along.
Nearly every common left hand and right hand technique will be included in this discussion, and I'll be including extra hints and details that you'll need to listen for throughout the discussion to grasp them.
Many later concepts regarding chords and scales are being used here so don't skip this section if you already know a few things about technique.

Learning & Memorizing Your 1st Chord Shapes & Scale Patterns

You may be intimidated by music theory and all the many types of chords and scales out there.
However there's no need to be afraid if you use these tips and tricks to memorize lots of shapes and scale patterns.
Trust me. The more you know about the fretboard, the easier it will be to remember hundreds or thousands of songs and riffs.

Guitar Exercises That Will Build Your Dexterity & Muscle Memory

Along with learning about your fretboard, you must start to exercise your hands to handle any and all sorts of playing challenges from a technical perspective.
I'll give you a few exercises that are perfect for an absolute beginner, as well as where to find them online.
Plus I'll reveal too legendary sets of exercises that'll challenge you for the entire length of your guitar playing lifespan.

Don't Skip This Stuff! It's Important! Or You'll End Up Like This Guy.....

Your 1st Hour Is Done! Here's Some More Info For You

Below you'll find a link to my 200 page eBook about playing the guitar.
It will overlap with the material I've been showing you, as well as fill in some of the gaps that I skipped in order to give you the absolute essentials.
If you don't mind doing a little bit of reading, you'll get a lot more than you paid for this course by absorbing the knowledge I lay out inside.
Download at this link ==> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B61deObuiQ5jWHE2ei1iSGNfRGs/view?usp=sharing

How To Start Becoming A Lead Guitarist & Learn Solos

This is another bonus video I made for those of you itching to get started learning lead guitar.
Easy solos list ==> Page 154 of book you download up above

Comfortably Numb GP File ==> https://drive.google.com/open?id=14D7VMVgBM1xA5SZMOMx9n2KQwA9VQfnN

My Favorite Online Tools & Resources

You can easily spend a lot of time getting lost around the internet looking for videos about some of the various topics I cover here.
However these tools and resources are going to be what you will use a lot many years down the line.

Going From Beginner To Expert

Another tricky path is where to go once you learn all the basics.
In this video, I'll cover what you should be aware of as you learn more riffs and get comfortable with all of these techniques and ideas so you can get to an advanced level of playing ASAP.

48 Easy Absolute Beginner Riffs

And here's the video I kept alluding to throughout this course. I took the trouble of tabbing out all these riffs for you so that you can easily listen, look, and learn any one of them at your own pace.
Here's the link to download them incase you didn't already ==> https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vKWMVgIn_bodw9xWtmp2BDrZjxS8UinM

The 10 Biggest Learning Mistakes

These are some mistakes and playing habits that I want you to avoid at all costs!
I got lucky and avoided some of these, but a few really set me back and I don't want you to lose years due to horrible mistakes like these.

Finding Good Deals On Guitars

I've probably made the guitar companies really happy in all of my years playing, but thankfully I've got some knowledge to give you to avoid spending too much.
I can't cover every little thing, but using these sites helps me with research when I'm looking for my next guitar, pedal, or amp.

My Review Of Jamplay's Online Lessons

If you've come all this way, and still want to take some lessons with an instructor.....
Then you can't go wrong with Jamplay and the thousands of lessons and videos they have on their site.

Why You Should Buy A Copy Of Guitar Pro 7

This tool helped me out tremendously as I starting learning more difficult material, and it will help you too.
Click here to see my review and overview of this great piece of software ==> https://playitloudblog.com/guitar-pro-7-review/

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