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How To Make Your Own Lead Guitar Patterns

Ready to FINALLY go beyond the basic pentatonic scale, and figure out how to use the rest of the fretboard??? Then this lesson is going to be a gold mine for you! Let’s get to it!

What up! In this lesson, we’ll be diving into an area of lead guitar that no one has quite explained to you yet, probably

Many of the guitarists we’ll be talking about have built a repertoire of licks, rather patterns, that make up a lot of their solos

I’m going to break down a lot of patterns you can start using right away, and show you how to make your own

  • You're going to learn lead guitar concepts from some of the best players, EVER
  • Each lick will provide phrases and ideas you can use in tons of musical settings
  • And, I'm going to show you how to construct your own in the very last lesson

Watch This Video First! You'll Get Lost Without It......

I’ll be going over the slides first to give you an overview of the entire module. PLEASE DON’T IGNORE THIS! There are things I go over in here that will help you understand the other videos better. 

As usual, I’ll be using all-guitar-chords.com to show examples of the chords, scales, arpeggios, progressions, etc. so you can see the theory concepts at work in all of these licks. 

Troy Stetina Patterns: The Basics

Troy Stetina is a renowned guitar instructor who’s written best selling books like “Speed Lead Guitar Patterns,” from which I took a few examples. Please go buy his book if you haven’t already as it’s filled with tons of patterns you can learn!

These are basic patterns, but don’t ignore them as they will help you establish the foundation of your knowledge of this lead guitar concept. 

Zakk Wylde Patterns & How He Does It

Now for the fun stuff! There will be plenty of stuff in here you can instantly swipe. Don’t be fooled by Zakk’s reliance on pentatonic patterns! There’s lots of depth to his style I’ll be revealing. 

Many of these examples came from the “Best Of Black Label Society” tablature book, as well as examples found in old guitar magazines I have. Later I hope to include examples from the No More Tears album he did with Ozzy. 

Yngwie Malmsteen Patterns & How He Does It

Now we’re getting into the beginnings of shred and neo-classical! You’ll be learning all sorts of ways he creates his patterns using harmonic minor scales and arpeggios. 

If you’ve been following along so far, you know I don’t approach scales and chords the way lots of others do. You’ll get a fresh take on scales like harmonic minor in this lesson, and a plethora of phrases to use from here on out. 

Steve Vai Patterns & How He Does It

So I really wanted to do Steve Vai, but it turns out he’s not the biggest pattern guy in the same sense of the rest of the players we’re talking about. But I did scrounged up a few for ya!

This is the first time I’ve attempted to cover Vai and I’m happy to finally do it! Comment below if you have a specific tab you’d like me to break down in the future.

Paul Gilbert Patterns & How He Does It

Paul Gilbert is another first for me! He’s got tons and tons of patterns you can take, but since I’m not as familiar with him as others, I decided to focus on a live solo he did in his Mr. Big days. 

The tab with all the examples I go over should be included in the zip file at the top of the page, with the rest of the guitar pro files. 

Making Your Own Patterns

And now we’ve made it to the end where I’ve show you exactly how I would approach making patterns, using the info we just finished discussing. 

You’re welcome to use or discard the patterns I show you, but please take the time to explore my thought process behind them. I believe it’ll help everything click together!

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