Here's Your Chance To Help Out Of Work Musicians During The Coronavirus Pandemic.......AND Get My Products For The Lowest Price They've Ever Been Dropped To!

The video below will explain how I will give most of my sales to grants setup for these musicians, as well as give you 5 of my best selling products…….and all for the price of an hour long guitar lesson!

Most of the sales (at least 80%) will go towards funds dedicated to helping unemployed musicians get the money they need to survive. You’ll learn the guitar AND help out some musicians you probably know already! 

The Problem With Lots Of Courses & Books Is That........

#1 You don’t yet know what a chord is. So tons of chord shapes aren’t going to help

#2 You don’t how to interpret the guitar tab you just found online. You haven’t been listening closely enough to know which part you want to play!

#3 You don’t have the time to watch lots of videos! Don’t you just want a few for right now? 

#4 The other courses and books won’t sit you down and tell you how to learn any song you find. They’re spoon feeding you riffs you don’t want to play!

#5 Last one, they are not giving you a system that tells you how to start playing whatever you want. I’ll tell you exactly what to learn right now, and what to avoid right now that’ll waste your time. 

Here's Everything In The Bundle.....

The 1 Hour Beginner Guitar Course

If you’re an absolute beginner, you don’t need lots of chord shapes and scale patterns. You need to know what techniques to start learning right away, and how to hear them in the music you’re wanted to learn. This course will tell you exactly how to do that, and give you all sorts of songs to start learning right away!

The 12 Step Soloing Method

After you learn your first batch of riffs and progressions, you’ll probably want to start on lead guitar. I clear up all the confusion and tell you exactly how to start soloing using basic scale shapes. And I’ll show you a step by step method that anyone can use to solo over anything, just like a pro does!

Music Theory Demystified

You can’t avoid learning theory. It’s impossible. But lots of courses make it WAY too complicated. So I teach you every essential music theory concept using just one note, and show you how it all works together. Your soloing will get turbo boosted, and your learning pace will get scary fast! 

      • Get guitar pro tablature files so you can see and hear exactly how to play the riffs I’ll show you! No more searching around the internet for correct tabs or ideas on what to learn. 
      • Learn the 3 most common types of riffs and how to start recognizing them when you hear them played. This is a big part of learning the guitar that most courses never touch on!
      • Learn the most essential chord shapes and the tricks to changing them between them smoothly. Most of your first riffs will involve this process and it’s essential you learn it the right way. Can be learned in less than 5 minutes!
      • A complete list of all the techniques you’ll need to learn. The quicker you can recognize these techniques in the music you want to learn, the better you’ll be able to know what to use and not to use. 
      • Learn the secrets to making ear catching guitar solos through a simple, overlooked music theory concept…..
      • And many, MANY more secrets in this concise, and well-produced bundle of learning materials built specifically to help you learn songs as quickly and easily as possible!

You're Stuck At Home & You Want To Learn Guitar......Here's Your Chance To Do That And Help Out!

Learn the basics of guitar in an hour, learn how to improvise your own solos, and start learning music theory all in one package! 

This Is The Best Way To Get Started Without Memorizing Tons Of Chords & Scales, Or Skimming Through Hours Of Videos That's Going To Slow You Down

Would you like a guaranteed path to success with the least amount of time possible to learn the guitar?

Or would you rather take your chance on an expensive teacher? Or on the hundreds of disconnected youtube videos out there? 

You’re only going to get confused, and you’ll make very little progress……

This bundle is made to help you get the best start possible! What have you got to lose? 

Bonus 1: A Complete List Of Beginner Songs From Every Genre

Rock, Metal, Country, Jazz, and Even Rap Is Covered! If you take the time to learn my methods, you can start playing today!

Bonus #2: A Full Breakdown Of The "Freebird Solo"

This is the perfect bonus to go with the soloing method and theory course. I'm going to show you how to start seeing the fretboard in a way where you can solo nearly instantly, like your favorite players do!

Let's Help The Guys & Girls Who Make The Music We Love & Learn A New Hobby!

Click the button below, and you’ll be taken to a page where you can purchase the bundle. After you purchase, an email will be sent telling you how to access everything I’ve laid out here. Thanks for your interest and for your help!

Most of the sales (at least 80%) will go towards funds dedicated to helping unemployed musicians get the money they need to survive. You’ll learn the guitar AND help out some musicians you probably know already! 

Have Questions About The Bundle? Please Let Me Know!

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