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Play It Loud is the result of an obsessive quest, spanning almost 10 years, to hack the art of music.

My products contain the collective wisdom of legendary guitar players, dozens of renowned guitar instructors, intricate theory and harmony books, and thousands of hours of trial and error.
From the acoustic strumming techniques of Dave Matthews to metal guitar rhythms of James Hetfield, from the extensive study of legendary guitar players and brilliant composers, I was fixated on obtaining the holy grail of every aspiring guitar player:

To become a guitar player who has total command over the instrument.
A few of the artists I cover include: Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Guns n' Roses, The Foo Fighters, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Abba, Beyonce, AC/DC, Van Halen, Metallica, Megadeth, Green Day, Nirvana, and many many more!
From country to jazz to rock n’ roll, it’s all covered here, and it all works.

Thousands of hours of playing time later, my products contains the skills and advice every potential guitar player will need in order to play the music they love.

YOU CAN & WILL LEARN (in less than 30 minutes each):

  • How to play any guitar riff that you come across in the minimal amount of time. And I mean ANY!
  • How I learned to quickly leave the beginner stages of guitar (most players will never figure out how)
  • How to ditch your chord and scale books forever and make music without thinking about it so much!
  • How to do all this without hours of practice time and expensive guitar lessons
  • How to play all the coolest guitar tricks that all your guitar teachers don’t want you to learn
  • How I’ve learned the secrets of the great guitar players like Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, and Stevie Ray Vaughan (this is a method I use to learn from every guitar player’s style)
  • How to actually use music theory without the complexity. It’s easier than you think!

For Less Than A Single Guitar Lesson, Get Access To All Of My Online Guitar Lessons, Including Everything On This Page!

Learn The Solo Making Secrets Of 12 Of The Best Guitarists Who Ever Lived

The Easiest Way To Learn How Intervals, Chords, & Scales Are Put Together To Make Music. No One Teaches Theory This Easily!

Never Played Before? This Is The Best Intro You're Going To Get To Playing Guitar

The 12 Step Guitar Soloing Method Course

The 12 Step Guitar Soloing Method is my product that gives you all the techniques and concepts that were left out in the other books on lead guitar. Instead of harping on about scales, licks, and exercises......I wrote down the exact same steps that every great lead guitar player takes when they're about to compose or improvise a solo. I go over how to break down the chord progressions you're playing over, how to use intervals and doublestops, choosing the right scales, as well as detailing techniques of lead guitar used in jazz, country, and the blues.

Music Theory Demystified On Kindle

Theory Demystified is the ONLY book that breaks down all the fundamentals of music for guitar, and then shows you how they go into making music. With the information in here, you will learn hundreds of chord shapes and scale patterns instantly, learn how they're arranged into riffs and melodies, and then how songs are composed together. This 130 page book is the only resource made to show you how music is made on the guitar.

How To Play Like Slash (Hell Raising Lead Guitar Lesson)

"How To Play Like Slash" does exactly that! I take you on an in-depth lesson into how this master of rock lead guitar created the solos to several classic GnR songs, and help you understand his unique combination of technique, melody, and harmony that he brings to the fretboard.......
Hell Raising Lead Guitar (see link above) is a multi part lead guitar course that goes over the licks and theory behind it. Once you go over my discussions of the 12 plus guitarists inside, you'll know more about lead guitar and have more creativity over the fretboard than you ever imagined you would.

I Don’t Need A Plan. I Just Want To Have Fun!

Every good general knows that you need flexibility when it comes to war. The battlefield is a very unpredictable place that can easily wreck the most researched plan.

So I agree. I want you to have fun and go with the flow. The only thing is that many people reading this will take it as a sign of doing nothing at all to prepare.

And that’s just as bad.

Again, the tools and concepts are what I offer. With tons of strategies and tricks you can be prepared for every battle that lies ahead of you.

And you will win.

You won’t be tied down to any one way of thinking about guitar.

But I must warn you about something else. Something that nearly took me off track and is bound to happen to you without the right defense.......

There Are People Hoping That You Will FAIL

Greedy salesman, insincere friends, and jealous rivals are all hoping that they can one-up you. Shattering every desire to express yourself that you may have.

Even the most enthusiastic optimist can’t deny that the world is filled with blood-sucking vampires. They will not stop till they have sucked out every piece of your life-force and enthusiasm that you are currently feeling right now.

They get satisfaction from nothing other than making you feel as miserable and pathetic as they are. They could have played the guitar too, but they couldn’t rise to the challenge.

And now they want to make you feel as bored, sterile, and unhappy as they are.

The fear of failure, the inability to handle criticism, their low self-esteem, and envy of others like you are all mental demons they want to infect you with.

They’re secretly thinking, “Who do you think you are! What makes you so special? Become a good guitar player? Hah! That’ll be the day!”

A good friend of mine has this friend who’s idea of a good time is beating people at Halo (which he spends countless hours playing), criticizing anyone who tries to avoid eating Doritos (which makes this guy grossly overweight), and who has the vibe of a person tormented by doom and gloom.

I was at this friend’s house to visit and there was a guitar around so I started noodling. Just some lead guitar stuff.

Unfortunately this guy was there too.

As I was enjoying just being in the same world as my guitar heroes by playing, he started screaming, “Stop playing! My god, you suck! Why don’t you give up!”

All that mattered was that I felt like my guitar heroes.

I wasn’t perfect and I had much to learn, but I realized a couple of things........This is the type of person who is afraid to make mistakes. A person who has never taken a cold, hard look into the mirror.

What he might see would send him into total despair as he would realize that he, not you or me, is the actual failure. Instead of rising to the challenge in the real world, he went to play in a virtual world with the master chief. All while stuffing his face with ranch flavored tortilla chips.

Can you see what he really is? Who he will never become?

This is not what you want to be or the road you want to take...........

What Can Happen If You Learn To Play Guitar Really Well!!!

Music is a real human need to everyone.

Why? Because it’s the most effective form of communication available to us.

A science called evolutionary psychology believes that music may have evolved as a way to connect with other human beings, temporarily eliminate pain and fear, and as a way to attract the opposite sex.

Think about it! When you listen to any sort of music, it’s usually to hear a story that you can see yourself in. A story where you get the girl, beat your demons, and live happily ever after.

It’s created specifically to heal, comfort, and help each other understand and get through the pain of being human that we all feel.

Music is quite literally the source of good vibrations! And having a guitar to play puts you right there in the midst of it!

You can become the guy that everyone wants to hear play Billie Jean on the guitar, or the amazing virtuoso that plays Jimi Hendrix style leads at your friend’s jam session.

The guitar allows you to play music that makes everyone feel happier and free. And your guitar could instantly lift people’s spirits with one riff!

People want to feel good, and music does that by serving as a place to get rid of fear, frustration, and despair then by it with happiness.

That is the purpose of music, and why we like playing guitar.

And those who can play the guitar the best, can make a lot of people happy!