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Don't Settle For Being A "Good" Guitarist, Learn To Play It Loud And You'll Become A Great Guitarist

These are the products currently available. Some are available at Gumroad, while others are available here with bonus content and lifetime upgrades. Scroll down to see them, but please read all of this page in order see why Play It Loud’s Method is different for others, and whether it’s right for you.

Play It Loud is the result of an obsessive quest, spanning almost 10 years, to hack the art of music.

My products contain the collective wisdom of legendary guitar players, dozens of renowned guitar instructors, intricate theory and harmony books, and thousands of hours of trial and error.

From the acoustic strumming techniques of Dave Matthews to metal guitar rhythms of James Hetfield, from the extensive study of legendary guitar players and brilliant composers, I was fixated on obtaining the holy grail of every aspiring guitar player:

To become a guitar player who has total command over the instrument.

A few of the artists I cover include: Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Guns n’ Roses, The Foo Fighters, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Abba, Beyonce, AC/DC, Van Halen, Metallica, Megadeth, Green Day, Nirvana, and many many more!

From country to jazz to rock n’ roll, it’s all covered here, and it all works.

Thousands of hours of playing time later, my products contains the skills and advice every potential guitar player will need in order to play the music they love.

Skill Level: Intermediate-Advanced, At Least 6 Months Of Playing Time
Benefits: Get All Of My Products For One Price, For Life

Guitar school is the place you need to go if you want to write your own songs, become a better musician, or just learn a lot of great ideas on how solo and jam with your friends on your favorite songs. I cover many genres, it’s all explained step by step, and you can start using this material in minutes. Click the image above or the link below to learn more. 

Skill Level: Absolute Beginner, No Experience Necessary
Benefits: Learn All The Chords, Scales, Techniques, & More To Get Started Today, You'll Exactly How To Learn Anything You Want

Every song and riff is played differently. What works in one place will not work in another. With that in mind, you need more than just a chord book and some free YouTube videos. After you complete the course, you’ll know how to listen to a song, read a guitar tab accurately, and apply the right combination of right and left hand techniques together. And I’ll do it in all just ONE HOUR!

Skill Level: Beginner-Intermediate, No Experience Necessary
Benefits: Learn How Intervals, Chords, & Scales Make Music So You Can Become A Better Musician, Guitarist, & Songwriter

Most theory courses and books don’t work for the songs most of us play in guitar. They break rules handed down from older genres of music, and make sounds that no one is willing to explain to you how they work. This book is an attempt to make music theory accessible to guitar players everywhere so they can understand a Megadeth riff, a Hendrix solo, a Chet Atkins song, or anything that you want to study and figure out how it’s made. I’ll show you this system of knowledge and how it works on the guitar in the simplest way possible. You’ll learn how intervals, key signatures, harmony, and rhythm (amongst other concepts) work together to make riffs and songs. This is the most valuable knowledge any guitar player can have, and it’s only going to make you a better lead/rhythm guitarist or songwriter. If nothing else it’ll help you learn and remember songs much quicker than before. Click the link below to learn more.

Skill Level: Beginner-Intermediate, No Experience Necessary
Benefits: Get The Secret Formula To Creating Memorable Lead Guitar Solos Quickly And Easily

You’ll never learn how to make your own guitar solos by ripping off player’s licks. Yes, there’s lots you can learn from playing all of Slash or John Petrucci’s solos, but the real knowledge comes from understanding how they chose the notes that make up their parts. Plus, I wish someone had just told me right from the start how to create a solo. Hint: it’s not just about learning scales! It’s actually this 12 step method! I’ll tell you how to choose which notes to play, what scales to use when, and even how to create phrases in the style of various genres. 

Skill Level: Intermediate, Some Theory Knowledge Needed
Benefits: Learn The Secrets To Great Rock Guitar Solos From One Of The Most Legendary Players Ever

When I first started playing, I REALLY wanted to play like Slash. I wanted to know how he created his melodic licks in Paradise City, and his faster shred licks on various songs on the “Use Your Illusion” albums. All I had at the time though was a few books of Guns n’ Roses tabs, and the determination to learn and study them until I figured out how he chose the notes I saw on these pages. Thank god, I figured it out! And I’m going to tell you how I learned to approach the fretboard just like him. I’ll break down several of his signature licks, show you how to play over his favorite chord progressions, and break down a few of his solos completely. I’ll even include some specially made exercises to help you make these connections and note choices yourself!

This Is Why You Must Learn How To Play It Loud

Music is a real human need to everyone.

Why? Because it’s the most effective form of communication available to us.

A science called evolutionary psychology believes that music may have evolved as a way to connect with other human beings, temporarily eliminate pain and fear, and as a way to attract the opposite sex.

Think about it! When you listen to any sort of music, it’s usually to hear a story that you can see yourself in. A story where you get the girl, beat your demons, and live happily ever after.

It’s created specifically to heal, comfort, and help each other understand and get through the pain of being human that we all feel.

Music is quite literally the source of good vibrations! And having a guitar to play puts you right there in the midst of it!

You can become the guy that everyone wants to hear play Billie Jean on the guitar, or the amazing virtuoso that plays Jimi Hendrix style leads at your friend’s jam session.

The guitar allows you to play music that makes everyone feel happier and free. And your guitar could instantly lift people’s spirits with one riff!

People want to feel good, and music does that by serving as a place to get rid of fear, frustration, and despair then by it with happiness.

That is the purpose of music, and why we like playing guitar.

And those who can play the guitar the best, can make a lot of people happy!