Learn How To Become A Great Lead Guitar Player With “The 12 Step Guitar Soloing Method!” Understand How To Choose The Right Scales To Play, Use Ideas In The Licks You’ve Learned, & Play In Different Styles Besides Rock & Blues!

Yes Good Lead Guitar Is About Good Technique, But In My Video I’ll Reveal What Else You’ll Need Besides That, And You Won’t Need To Learn More Scales Or Chords Either……

Learn how to use scales properly, pick the right notes everytime, use techniques like double stops and intervals, as well as play in any genre you want with my course. Let me tell you all about it!

Hey bro,

Are you willing to admit that you could be a better guitarist???

You don’t understand many of the cool chord progressions you wanta shred over……

You don’t know the ways to make your licks cleaner and more musical…….

And becoming as good as Slash, Clapton, or Taylor Swift (kidding!) seems like a goal that’ll take light years to nail down.


Playing a great solo that you’ve created involves more than just great technique and the ability to play a Steve Vai solo……

You need to understand the progressions you’re making solos over so you can know what notes to play.

You need an understanding of great rhythm to play the licks you make cleanly and in time.

You need to know a little about scales and chords so you can pick the best notes to make your licks out of…….

And you’ve gotta start looking closer at the solos that your favorite guitarists have played already and see why they’re so great…..

You Need A Better Strategy Than The One You’ve Been Using Up Until Today…..

And it’s not your fault. For real.

The guitar magazines promise that XYZ will make you rip up arpeggios easier than you rip up copy paper.

Zakk Wylde gets in his groveling viking voice saying “YEAH LET’S SHRED SOME PENTATONICS YA SON-OF-A-BITCH!”

And the end result is that your bandmates hate you and the guitar is now boring as shit.

Fuck. This sucks……. 

But imagine for a moment that this problem no longer exists……

Your solos will flow effortlessly from your guitar amps and your fingertips because you’ll know the rhythms to put with the notes you’ve chosen.

You’ll see how every note fits perfectly into the solo……

All the time you spent learning licks will FINALLY be worth it because you know how the intervals, chords, and scales your favorite guitar players used worked in their solos and riffs!

And you now know exactly what to do no matter what the rest of the band throws at you! Any progression that comes your way, you’ll be ready for it.

I want you to have this ability to solo like a man possessed by godlike abilities and superhuman musical skill!!!!

So for the past 10 years, I’ve been slowly cracking the code to what my favorite guitarists do, and now I’ve been able to sum up their formula into……..

Introducing: The 12 Step Guitar Soloing Method

This isn’t some hypey bullshit training that’s just going to hand you some rehashed Steve Vai exercises or something.

Oh no.

I’ve studied thousands of tabs, learned hundreds of songs, improvised another couple of thousands of hours to refine it, and then some…….

This is real and it works!

But you may be wondering, what are the methods???


Well they include………

— The number one problem is that you get lost on the fretboard, and I’ll show you how I remember chords, scales, and target notes easily so I can be present during the solo

— The ways that you can stop relying on scales and start going for three notes easily within reach everywhere on the fretboard. Hate scale books? This is for you!

— Want to play cleaner? Become proficient at playing these three rhythms and you’ll never need a metronome again!

— My number 1 secret to making more musical lines that’s been hiding right under your nose EVER SINCE YOU STARTED SOLOING!!!! Use this one trick, and you’ll break out of the scales mindset forever, and understand why the licks you love so much sound so musical……

— The guitar cheats I use to make my solos fit a jazz, rock/blues, or country style almost immediately! When I say that you can play over anything after reading this book……I mean it!

With These 12 Strategies, You'll Command The Attention Of Everyone Who Hears You Play AND Cut Down On The Learning Curve Of Making Music Too

I’m not going to brag about how I’m some great guitar player who has Steve Vai bugging him for tips or something.

More than likely, there’s many people out there with better technique than me that are reading this right now.

But I do know one thing very well…….



And that’s really the most important skillset any guitar player can possibly have.

Great picking technique and knowledge of how to get a great tone is key, but you’ve still gotta put the notes together somehow.

If you’re an original guitarist, you need to create new lines.

If you play in a cover band, you’ve gotta snap the audience out of their trance for awhile and make them hear what you’re doing with the song.

Rehashing the same old pentatonic lines isn’t going to cut it. 

With These 12 Strategies, You'll Command The Attention Of Everyone Who Hears You Play AND Cut Down On The Learning Curve Of Making Music Too

For just $9.99, you’re going to get everything I just mentioned sent directly to your email inbox in a ZIP file.

Plus, you’ll have 30 days to look everything over. If you don’t like it or wasn’t what you were looking for, then I’ll give you a refund!


Just see what a few of my other customers have said about me so far…….

“The reason why I hated music theory so much before was that I couldn’t understand how to apply it to my playing. But Matt broke it down, and gave me actual examples of how he and other great guitarists used this stuff. Now I regret putting it off for so long! Thanks a lot Matt!”

Michael Riley, Batesville, MS

“I studied your ebook and must say… it’s really awesome. Stripped down to what you REALLY need to know, and leaving out a lot of the confusion, and uncovering the „mysteries“. What I really loved were the Pentatonic hacks (major starts on second of minor) and the short cut to go from pentatonic to full scale. That’s very useful. The whole section on target notes is really good too.”

Jens Wollmerath, Germany

“Matts online guitar courses are top notch and one of a kind. As a musician with over 17 years experience I can still say with confidence that I always pick up valuable info when I go through one of his courses.”

Brad Barnett, IndieGuitar411

“I wanted to tell you this is a fantastic unique program, I haven’t seen anything like this out there. This is going to help me understand how my favorite artists create music. The concept of intervals was fascinating and I can’t wait to incorporate these concepts into my own playing.”

Manoj Dolani, Akron, Ohio

It’s going to be like Slash or Jimi Hendrix sitting down with you and explaining the art of guitar soloing to you.

And to me, that’s worth a whole lot more than just $27……

You know what you’re getting, you’ve heard what others have to say about it, and you know why you need this.

If you don’t know why, it’s okay. Go ahead and take your chances that you’ll learn this on your own.

However there’s a lot of work involved so get ready.

But if you’re ready for a shortcut to the mega-huge learning curve, just click the buy button below, and get ready!

I’ll see you on the other side.

Trust your gut. You know this is real…….


–Matt, Play It Loud


P.S. These 12 guitar soloing strategies will give you a complete overview of the fretboard and the best ways to make a guitar solo. And that’s no matter what style you play too! I GUARANTEE that you’ll gain a better understanding of the fretboard and become a better player. Click the buy button above before the $27 price goes away. Thanks so much and Play It Loud!!!

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