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The Clueless Beginners Guitar Book

Are you stuck at strumming guitar chords? Can’t make sense of tabs? Or are you just plain lost and don’t want an instructor to show you the beginner stuff?

Well that’s where my book comes in! I’ll show you EVERYTHING you need to know so you can go from absolute beginner to a competent intermediate player in the least amount of time possible.

How exactly do you do that though? You do that by learning a lot of the techniques that other beginner’s books don’t mention and that I had to teach myself.

You see, you need more than just the tablature of a song to play it. You must understand how finger positioning works so you don’t make the song harder than it has to be. You need to become familiar with a variety of techniques so that you know which ones to use for which song, and how to recognize them in the music you’re hearing on the record.

So not only will I tell you what scales and chords to learn, as well as plenty of beginners songs to go off and learn, but I also tell you what NOT to learn. You don’t need to learn ALL the chords in a chord book, and the same goes for scales. I’m going to show you how similar they are and how to easily remember them all with a few tricks.

I also make a strong emphasis on how to LISTEN to music like an experienced guitar player does. Right now you may be having trouble spotting chord sounds, certain types of riffs, and the use of certain playing techniques just because you don’t know anything about music.

THIS IS KEY IF YOU WANT TO LEARN GUITAR SPECIFIC MUSIC! Without this knowledge, playing Metallica, Nirvana, Hendrix, Rage Against The Machine, or nearly anything with a guitar in it is going to be much harder than it has to be.

With this knowledge, and a few months of seriously immersing yourself in the instrument, you’ll be a better player than most will ever become. I know this and can make this claim because I’m familiar with many of the setbacks of most beginner players.

This guide will help you leap frog over them all!


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