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Music Theory Demystified – Complete Course

Most guitar players have a flawed misunderstanding of guitar music theory and how to use it.

For most of you, especially beginner guitar players, it’s been too confusing to learn at all!

Or you think that relying on your ear is enough……it’s not!

The mere mention of the words “music theory” creates fear and anxiety in a lot of guitar players I’ve known…….

On top of that, most books and youtube videos oversimplify this body of knowledge and make the concepts unusable.

If you’ve heard of, or attempted to learn, “the modes” then you know exactly what I’m talking about…….

Music theory is a lot more than scale patterns and chord shapes……..

It’s not licks and it’s not just arpeggios to sweep pick……

And it’s not a bunch of strict rules that you must follow!

Music theory is a system of knowledge we use to understand how music is made.

That’s it!

And in my course, I’m going to teach you how to do just that.

I can confidently say that my course is one of the simplest you’ll ever find.

It’s also made just for guitar players! No sheet music is going to be found anywhere.

Only guitar tabs!

And I take you from knowing nothing at all……..to having a system you can use to understand any piece of music that comes in front of you!

Your ear plus this knowledge will make you unstoppable.

If You Take The Time To Learn This Material And Read This Short Book On Guitar Music Theory…….Your Playing Will Go To Levels You Never Imagined It Could Go.

Imagine this.

You have a book of your favorite band’s tabs, or a guitar-pro file on your computer screen.

You’ll look at the riffs, and you understand how the rhythm is formed. This way, you can see exactly how to play it correctly and match it to what you hear on the record.

You’ll look at the chords, and you understand why they work so well together. Also, since you’ll know a lot about how chords are made and work, you can see lots of other ways to play any chord progression.

You look at the solo, and know exactly what scales, intervals, and chord tones to use and not to use. (that is, if you want to emulate that player’s style) You’ll take these phrases and nuances and then they’ll start to become a part of your guitar style now.

If you want to write a chord progression or melody similar to your favorite band, then you just learn how the music works, according to the concepts in the system I will teach you!

Over time, as you get used to identifying certain intervals, chords, and scales……Your ear will only get stronger!

So much musical knowledge is hiding in plain sight and I want you to be able to study and learn from anything you find.

This knowledge has been accessible only to those who go to elite music schools or have mentors in the music business.

Now all you need is this course to get the ability to write songs, riffs, and solos any way that you want to!

Want to solo like Eddie Van Halen? Write chord progressions like the Beatles? Create melodies that are as catchy as the most popular songs today?

Music theory will help you do all of that.

I will start with just one note, and help you create intervals.

I’ll show you how those intervals create chords and scales.

I’ll then show you how these chords and scales make rhythms, harmonies, and melodies!

That’s basically how music theory works.

It’s not a set of rules and I didn’t learn this from any teacher or long forgotten book.

This is all based on what I’ve seen and studied when I open a book of my favorite songs from my favorite artists.

Next, I’ll have actual playing exercises that’ll help you see all the connections between these ideas and concepts.

The exercises will help you start applying theory on the guitar so you can improvise, create, and learn as fast as possible.

No other course on music theory does this! I didn’t even have this for a long time…….

That’s until I realized how important it is to get you to start using this stuff!

If you don’t use it, then you forget the concepts, and it’s useless that you studied music theory.

These exercises are perfect if you’re working on lead guitar or rhythm guitar.

Music theory is the key to many secrets of making music.

It’s how you’ll learn how a great lead guitar player puts the notes together to make a solo.

It’s how you’ll learn why they chose a certain note at a certain time, or just why it sounds so great.

It’s how you can look at a chord progression and see musical concepts that you will later become songwriting tools.

It’s how you can study melodies and riffs to understand how they work.

And of course, you can use your ear to identify these sounds and later catalog them in your musical arsenal.

Buy my product now and start using these concepts today, and no one will ever believe how your playing changed so much and got so much better in record time.

If it can work for me, it’ll work for you. Thanks for reading!


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