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Music Theory Demystified – Complete Course


My famous music theory course that takes all the difficulty out of the learning process, and makes this stuff practical and easy to use. From intervals to scales to advanced harmonic concepts, I’ll cover it all.

More than likely, you’re one of many guitarists who feel that music theory is not practical and just isn’t useful to you as the rules are going to stifle your creativity.

That’s because you’ve tried learning it in a way not meant for guitarists. Plus, the chord shapes and scale patterns have limited your view of the fretboard!

My approach is vastly different from every other teacher or book that has attempted to make theory accessible to the everyday guitarist or upcoming pro. How? I thought you’d never ask…..

I start from the very beginning with musical intervals, and then show how intervals create chords and scales. Then I show how these musical relationships form musical keys, and I show how often the music you love doesn’t stay in a key at all!

This approach will help you understand how to use these concepts to understand the music you’re playing as well as the music you’re making!

You’ll understand how interrelated all of the chords and scales are, and how chord progressions are made. You’ll understand how to use exotic guitar scales, modes, and chromaticism in your playing. Plus, you’ll finally understand the ways that various genres such as rock, country, blues, and jazz actually work.

And I’ll make another guarantee…….

My course will make music theory as simple as it possibly can be! I’ll show you an E note, then how intervals are made with that E note, and so on and so forth.

With this knowledge, you’ll be able to break down the music of anything and everyone you want. Want to write chord progressions like your favorite artist? Want to create a solo like the one you’ve been learning? Or maybe you want to learn music you can’t understand yet like jazz or classical?

This course will make that possible, and open new realms of creativity and guitar playing that you had no idea were even possible!

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