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The 4 Worst Beginner Guitar Mistakes

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It was a year and a half before I found out I was playing the guitar wrong in lots of ways.

There I was thinking I was a hot shot for learning jimmy page solos in 6 months and ripping a minor pentatonic scale in similar ways to SRV and Clapton.

But I was making a stupid obvious mistake that another experienced player I’d met immediately saw.

Short story: I was not using the right picking techniques and I had to spend several months relearning nearly all of the riffs and solos I had learned in that time.

Don’t be like me! Read the rest of this article to see how I solved that problem for good, as well as 3 others…….

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1. You Aren’t Using The Right Picking Techniques!

Downpicking, strumming, alternate picking, economy picking, hybrid picking, and travis picking are just a few of the techniques you’ll learn as you progress.

The big problem though is that each one has it’s best uses for different genres, and different riffs.

Plus, you may not have the ear yet to choose which one to use.

To make it even more confusing, you’ll have to to use different combinations of right hand techniques for lots of riffs!

2. You’re Learning Some Really Tough Material

Jimi Hendrix was one of the many people that inspired me to play the guitar.

But sadly, I didn’t know enough about the chords he was using to properly learn the riffs.

Even purple haze was challenging because the way he played barre chords was not familiar to me.

This happened when I went to SRV, Metallica, and even AC/DC riffs.

There’s a reason lots of people learn riffs like “Smoke On The Water.”

It helps you learn the basics, and acquaints you with lots of the fundamental guitar techniques.

Keep reading, and I’ll tell you how to get a list of songs that will help you get started with that!

3. You’re Fingering Chords The Wrong Way

Playing chords at first is really tough because you’re trying to do so many things at the same time.

You gotta hold the pick just right. You must contort your hands in weird ways. You’re forgetting where to put each finger.

And to keep in time you must restart this whole process each time you change positions on the fretboard (depending on the riff/song).

There are all sorts of shortcuts to learn with changing chords and remembering them all, but it’s really tough to do this by yourself……

4. You’re Practicing The Wrong Way

Lots of guitar books, videos, and lessons give really unhelpful advice…..

One of them is the dreaded and overused expression to “practice!”

Practice what exactly?

Purple Haze requires a completely different set of techniques to learn than Smoke On The Water.

Metallica riffs are completely different from Led Zeppelin Riffs.

Country songs are not played anything like a punk rock song is.

And when you get to lead guitar, man there is all sorts of different things you need to start practicing…..

That’s why I hate it when they just give you a lick!

You need to structure your practice routines, and keep building upon the things you learn…….

Here’s The Solution To Avoid These Mistakes.....

There’s several techniques you need to learn, and you got to learn songs that’ll help you stay motivated. Plus, you need a good practice routine that’ll help you retain all the new chords and scales you’ll be learning……

I understand how intimidating this can be. That’s why I created a course that helps you learn all of this in just 1 hour.

I’ll tell you how to start practicing.

I’ll tell you how to remember lots of chords and scales easily.

And I’ll tell you exactly what to start playing, as well as what to expect after you’re no longer a beginner.

Plus, if you want to learn music theory or lead guitar, I’ll tell you about other resources you can start learning from too.

Sound good? Great! Click the button/image below to learn more about the course……

It costs as much as a single cheap guitar lesson too, and it’ll easily be worth the price of 6 months of lessons!