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11 Step Guitar Soloing Method

Ever wanted to know the EXACT steps to improvising over a chord progression and creating your own lead guitar solo??? Then you need to know the 11 steps to getting there!

Want to know the secret to playing great guitar solos? I’ll give you a hint….IT’S NOT REALLY ABOUT THE SCALES!

It actually involves studying and understanding the chord progression you’re playing over so that you can make the appropriate note choices as you go along. However, depending on what you’re playing over, your note choices can be boring, ear-piercing, or plain exciting.

So to help you avoid making your audience shudder whenever it’s time for you to take a solo break, I’ve outlined 11 steps you can take to make sure you know exactly where to go when it’s your turn.

Plus, this will work for any genre! It doesn’t matter whether it’s rock, blues, country, jazz, or reggae. This is based on the principles of music that all genres follow.

Better yet this stuff can be learned and implemented within days if you’re determined enough to get started! I made so many mistakes, and stumbled around on the fretboard for years before I felt like I was doing anything impressive enough on the guitar. Now you can skip the learning process and get a leg up on everybody else who thinks they know what it takes to be a lead guitarist.

Guitar pro files, lots of examples, and crystal clear explanations of everything is what you’ll get inside. I promise you that this method will be an asset to your playing once you start using it!

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