A Big Chord Secret That’ll Reveal How To Play Like Jimi Hendrix

There is absolutely, positively, no un-godly way you know these chords I’m about to show you! These are the shapes no glossy, colorful chord book you purchased at Barnes & Noble will have, and that’s because the people who made these books decided that they’re too tough for you to use. Can you believe the […]

7 Guitar Music Theory Tricks You Need To Know

When I first played a pentatonic scale pattern, it clicked. The whole mystery of guitar music theory was resolved in a moment. All you had to do was play a certain combination of notes that the flimsy book at my side had told me to. And voila, I was a lead guitarist. Sadly most players […]

How To Create Sexy Spanish Guitar Music: A Lesson On Exotic Guitar Scales

One of the things I’ve been getting into lately are these chillout mixes using Arabic, Spanish, and Indian melodies that you can listen to on YouTube. Ever since I watched Temple Of Doom when I was little, I’ve been entranced by anything that hints at exotic locales like deserts, beaches, city nights, etc. So when […]

7 Reasons Why Guitarists Hate Music Theory

Every music theory book I picked up at Guitar Center the other day made me shake my head in disappointment. It was a barrage of scales and chords, scales and chords, and more, AND MORE! All the names like “Creative Guitarist,” “Fretboard Logic,” or “Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Theory” suggested they had […]