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Are You Ready To Become The Guitar Player You’ve Always Dreamed Of Being?

whether your goal is to write rocking riffs, solo effortlessly in any style, or just become a better musician and guitar player, then I want to help you out.

Play It Loud’s courses and philosophy is based on a simple idea. You see, great guitar technique is only half of the equation to great guitar playing. You must also know WHAT to play.

You need to know how intervals turn into chords, how chords turn into riffs and melodies, and and how the simplest pentatonic scale can turn into one of the most addicting pieces of music you and anyone want to listen to.

Guitar School and the Play It Loud Method is not just a guitar method. It’s a songwriting course, lead guitar course, theory course, and more. It’s a roadmap to going from knowing nothing but the pentatonic box to turning it into something Jimi, Slash, SRV, or many other great guitarists I’ll go over, would play.

Are you interested in taking the blue pill and changing your guitar playing forever?

Guitar School and The Play It Loud Method Takes You From Frustrated Novice To Deadly Expert Level Axe Slinger

Who is Guitar School For?

This course is for anyone who’s tired of just learning licks and scale patterns. It’s for anyone who’s tired of being talked down to when they want to learn real musical knowledge.

I created the course for those who want to know how to take all the scales, intervals, chords, and arpeggios in those thick chord/scale books you have and turn them into songs, solos, riffs, and chord progressions.

Basically I want you to turn the stuff on the left into the stuff on the right

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In guitar school, we’ll cover not only how it all works, in the simplest teaching method possible. We’ll also use this knowledge to study and create solos and song parts from the greats like Guns n Roses, the Beatles, Dream Theater, Nirvana, and many more.

And we don’t cover just rock & metal music, but jazz, country, classical, blues, pop, and even reggae.

To learn more about guitar school, please click this link.

What is Play It Loud?

I created this business because I’m quite literally obsessed with music. I want to share what I’ve learned with anyone else who wants to learn it.

Want to see the results of me transcribing Beethoven to guitar? I’ve done it.

Want an in-depth breakdown of the solos in Freebird? You’ve got it.

Do you want someone to break down all the various jazz concepts for you? And do it in a way where you’ll start improvising similarly to Joe Pass, Django Reinhardt, or Wes Montgomery?

I’ve done that too and a lot more.

Most of my best content is inside my courses, but I have and will be releasing plenty of free content.

If you’d like my free “Intro To Music Theory” course, then please click this link and give me your email.

Are You Currently Having These Problems?

You have no idea how to sound like your favorite players, and are stuck just noodling endlessly?

You know you must learn theory, but you don’t have time to go through tons of badly explained theory knowledge and courses?

You have no idea how to go from playing music like Guns’ n Roses to making music like they do?

You would like better info on how to practice music theory so you can solo effortlessly and avoid bad notes?

You don’t have any confidence playing in front of others and are afraid your friends don’t like your guitar playing?

I understand all of this! I’m totally here for you. Let me tell you just a little bit about myself……

Basically I want you to turn the stuff on the left into the stuff on the right

Who am I?

Let’s cut to the chase. I’m not a big time guitar influencer on instagram. I don’t write songs for a big publishing house. I’ve barely played live and all the music I make is for myself.

That sounds bad right? Why should you trust someone like that to teach you about guitar and making music?

Well I had to work harder than most everyone else I know to make this website and this course. I know what it’s like for people to think you suck. I know how frustrating it is to work hard studying and learning solos to only feel like you’ve gotten nowhere.

However, I’ve written dozens of books and hundreds of articles/lessons about guitar playing. This comes from studying and playing the instrument for 18 years, and amassing a huge library of music books and tablature.

I want to teach you how I figured out how to play lead like Slash. I want to teach you how I learned how the Beatles melodies and riffs work. I want you to know the simple tricks you can learn today to start playing jazz and country music.

Albert Einstein learned physics in his spare time. William Faulkner dropped out of high school and college but became a Nobel Laureate. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg never finished college. The Beatles never went to music school.

You don’t need to learn from the most qualified person. You just need to pick the best course available, which I believe I’ve made with Guitar School and the Play It Loud Guitar Method.

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