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How To Solo Like David Gilmour From Pink Floyd

How To Play & Solo Like David Gilmour: 3 Clear Cut Strategies You Can Use Today To Improve Your Melodies Instagram and Youtube is filled with shredders that can play most anything, but there are very few, if any, that can create music and play the guitar like David Gilmour. Why is that exactly? Because […]

13 Guitarists You Should Start Learning From


Lots of people argue about the best guitarists ever, as well as the most technical and the best songwriter/guitarists. My philosophy is to not restrict yourself when it comes to guitar playing. You can both build up your chops, and learn how to make better music. Those two things are not one and the same!!! […]

7 Reasons Most Of You Will Never Learn The Guitar


7 Reasons Why Most Of You Will Never Learn The Guitar Some typical questions many beginner guitarists ask when they first start: “What chords should I learn?” “How do you play metallica songs?” “What’s a good guitar book?” “How do I get good at guitar?” “What songs should I learn first?” And I believe these […]

The 4 Worst Beginner Guitar Mistakes

It was a year and a half before I found out I was playing the guitar wrong in lots of ways. There I was thinking I was a hot shot for learning jimmy page solos in 6 months and ripping a minor pentatonic scale in similar ways to SRV and Clapton. But I was making […]

How To Use Guitar Scales: A Guide To A Misunderstood Concept

How To Use Guitar Scales: A Guide To A Misunderstood Concept There’s a fairly consistent theme I’ve found when anyone new to scales comes to articles like this one….. Why should you learn scales and what on earth are scales used for? One of the first things I did when I started playing guitar was […]