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So, are you getting bored playing smoke on the water yet?

No offense, but it’s probably time that you stepped up a little. We’ve all heard the same songs played over and over and we want you to wow us with something cool!

But here’s the other thing…….

Are there songs you can’t play yet despite how well you can play some of these basic songs?

Well if there are, there’s a few more things you’ve gotta learn about playing guitar.

Here’s seven of them……

A great guitar player is always choosing the notes he plays carefully……

After lots of practice, this gets easier and they don’t have to think as much, but you can’t skip the process of learning how to navigate the fretboard.

And let me be clear………

I’m not talking about pulling up a song on Ultimate Guitar, and learning it note for note.

I’m talking about using a technique like tapping with a musical concept like the harmonic minor scale, and then making something out of it!

Anyone can learn someone else’s stuff. Real talent comes from these 8 key secrets……..

Making Noise & Playing Random Notes Doesn’t Make You A Soloist



Many guitarists make this mistake because they’re unfamiliar with many of the concepts behind making music.

To compensate for that, they play fast and hope that this provides a smoke screen for their lack of creativity on the fretboard.

For an example of this, just look at some of Jimmy Page’s live solos…….

Sorry but it’s true.

What you need to do instead is start learning about the concept of target notes and how chord progressions work. Click the button below to see more about it.

Lead Guitar Lessons Online

You Can Use Sweep Picking, Tapping, Legato, and Other Guitar Techniques In More Ways Than Just Blazing Through Basic Scales Or Arpeggios


And this applies to tapping, legato, harmonics, fingerpicking etc.

These are just techniques! And you can use concepts about chords, scales, arpeggios, progressions, or whatever to make music with them.

Instead of going up and down a basic arpeggio like that one, why not try to make something like this?


It requires more knowledge of music, and some creativity but you can do it!

Remember though, I’m not talking about learning this stuff note for note. I’m talking about just making this up on the fly.

Scales Are For Beginners, Intervals Are The Way To Go


Another way that beginning lead guitarists and songwriters bore people with their music is that they play chords or scales with little imagination.

A lot of the most interesting songs and riffs come about from trashing chords and scales and making them do different things!

And using a musical concept called intervals is one method of doing that.

They Don’t Use Chord Books


How useful is that chord book going to be when you’ve gotta make something up on the spot?

And how dumb are you going to feel when you realize you’ve been learning these same shapes over and over again?

It’s much much easier to just learn how chords and intervals work instead.

Playing Just Rock Songs Won’t Help You Grow As A Musician

All you need to play rock riffs and solos is the basic chords, some decent right hand picking, and the ability to play a pentatonic scale.

Every other genre requires a lot more than that!

Now I’m a huge fan of rock music with Guns n’ Roses, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Nirvana being some of my favorite bands ever.

But they’re the exceptions……

Their music goes beyond just rock in many, many cases.

To become a better guitar player, you’re going to have to learn about more chords and techniques than just what’s in this genre.

Yes, You Need Theory To Play SOME Songs

Chet Atkins - Chinatown Tab Example

Ever tried to play chet atkins or a solo jazz guitar arrangement?

How about a complicated guitar solo that doesn’t involve pentatonic scales?

There are lots of chords and scales involved in all of this that will make learning these songs easier if you can identify them.

However, if you can’t recognize some chords when you see them, how are you going to play them properly?

That’s how theory can help you, plain and simple.

Rhythm Guitar Is More Important Than Lead Guitar

For the longest time, the hallmark of a great guitarist has been the soloist.

The one with the crazy amount of control and inventiveness over the fretboard no matter how fast or tricky the playing gets.

But rhythm guitar creates the moments that allow the lead guitarist to shine, and rhythm is often the defining characteristic of our favorite licks.

Rhythm guitar requires you learn more riffs in other genres, more chords, more knowledge about putting chords together, and some crazy good picking technique.


They Always Push Themselves To Learn More

Lead Guitar Lessons Online

By now you’ve probably noticed the little boxes for my product called the 11 Step Advanced Guitar Soloing Method.

And the reason I’m pushin it so much is that its an easy solution to a big problem that many players have in their playing…….

You just don’t know how to create a great solo like Slash, Steve Vai, or David Gilmour can!


And to do that, people have been telling you that you should learn tons of licks and learn all sorts of complex music theory.

But with if you take just 1 or 2 of the steps I lay out in this product……..

You’ll play better than 95% of the other guitar players out there! And you won’t need a fancy PRS guitar to do it either.

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