The Art Of Melodic Soloing: David Gilmour’s Lead Guitar Style

Playing fast is overrated. What grabs a listener is melody. Slash has it. Eric Johnson has it. David Gilmour has it. You can have it if you take the time to learn it. Lots of us are trained to shred and to admire fast playing, which I love too. Melodic playing requires a different approach, and some new ways of using the fretboard. I’ll tell you more about it down below……



Every single guitarist can benefit from this guitar tutorial lesson on Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour

Why is that exactly? Because he was the guitarist in the biggest rock band of all time behind the Beatles.

He’s not a shredder like Al Di Meola or Paul Gilbert so lots of guitarists may not be interested in learning from him after a certain point.

Well that’s a huge mistake!

David’s solos and fills can teach any guitar player a ton about creating melodies, using space, and making the guitar SING!

If you’re a guitar player, you can learn from him, and I’ll help you understand what you’re going to learn…….

(You Think Me? The Super Duper Shred Guitarist Needs To Learn Slow, Easy Licks!) (The Answer Is Yes)

David Gilmour isn’t Steve Vai or Tosin Abasi.

And guitar is not an Olympics sport either……..

Music is an emotional experience.

Dark Side Of The Moon, Animals, The Wall, Wish You Were Here…….

These are all albums that you need to listen to as a whole to truly appreciate all the individual songs and song parts.

David Gilmour’s riffs, chord progressions, and solos helped do that.

Melodic Guitar Playing Is Kind Of A Lost Art That I Want To Teach You

Think of the Comfortably Numb solos. Do that right now.

Can you picture the different bends? How the note choices line up perfectly with the chords? How you can sing the melodies?

And most importantly……..

You are playing it right now in your head!

All due respect to Vai and Eddie Van Halen, but lots of their solos are just not nearly as memorable to most listener’s ears.

I’m not recommending you ditch your fast shred patterns, but to start doing what I’m going to show you in this course.

The David Gilmour Melodic Soloing Course Will Include:

—A Step by step breakdown of the key principles of melodic playing. These concepts will help you understand what to do when you slow down your playing and want to grab your listener’s attention.

— The course will use a mixture of written text, slides, and screencast videos to explain everything to you. You can see it all on your phone, tablet, or computer!

— A breakdown of the phrases and theory concepts in 3 solos: Money, Comfortably Numb, and Time

— The secret way he handled playing over any chord progression that’ll make soloing like him much much easier

— 2 techniques that’ll make it easier and simpler to create melodic licks and melodies

— Lots of guitar books and courses avoid breaking down the chord progressions and how they work. This course is going to show you how those progressions work so you can create similar progressions to solo over.

— There will be guitar tabs of every example and every exercise. Plus I’ll include guitar tabs for reference to what i’m talking about. You will not get lost. You will not have to rely on anything outside of this course!

— Unlike many other courses, I will also give you exercises to practice these concepts. There’s no thinking involved! Just play the exercises as shown, and read over the concepts to see how they work.

Why This Guitar Tutorial/Course Will Be Much Different From Any Other You’ve Seen So Far

During all my years of study, I’ve hated the fact that most courses are just a performance and some licks I already saw in tab books I owned.

When I started Play It Loud, I wanted to make something that not only told you how a guitarist like Gilmour made all the note choices in the tabs I saw……

But also something that would’ve helped me start figuring out how to use it!

It does you no good if I just give you a lot of information and don’t help you use it.

And it really doesn’t do you any good if I just filmed myself playing the licks and having you rewind and fast forward to the part you want to learn.

So I made exercises where you will use the phrases, the chord tones, the techniques, and the theory concepts behind his licks.

If you just play these exercises, and watch the videos (or read the text) to understand the examples……

Your playing will start to improve.

And you’ll make more connections between bits and pieces of knowledge you already have.

This is the real key to unlocking the fretboard and using it like a master does!

This Guitar Lesson Is Not For You If……

— You don’t like learning how chords and scales work. I’m not here to spoonfeed you licks. My goal is to get you to use chord tones, intervals, and scale tones like David did.

— You don’t like practicing. This is really powerful info I’m giving you, but it’s not something you read once and forget about. You must be willing to struggle a little bit to implement this info.

— You want a performance and expertly made video content. You should only care about getting the info, and not about finding your next guitar god. This is screen recorded content.

— You are only buying this to find out whether I’m a scammer or not. This is not rehashed material I stole from a YouTube video or a blog post. It’s info that’s come from playing and studying music like Pink Floyd for a very long time.

— You don’t want to invest in your guitar playing journey. 10 dollars (or 2 for now) is not a lot of money. Anyone can afford this product and I deserve to make a living from sharing this info. If you have a problem with that, then please do not buy my products.

Why I Have A 30 Day Guarantee……..

You don’t know me and you’ve probably never bought anything from me before.

You’re probably thinking this is some sort of gimmick and that I know nothing about David Gilmour.

A few of you are at least wanting some confirmation that I’m a sorry sorry imposter and you must out me to the internet.

Well let me tell you……

You’re in good hands.

I’ve been working on content like this for over 10 years.

This course alone took about 40 hours of researching and reviewing guitar tabs…….

Outlining the videos.

And preparing the guitar tabs and powerpoint slides.

Then actually making the videos where I guide you through the concepts.

Finally, just making this information accessible took more work for me than it’s going to take you to go through it.

It’s super simple and easy to pick up these techniques and theory concepts, and I want you to come away from this prouduct knowing exactly……

How. To. Solo. Like. David. Gilmour.

It’s not a tab book. It’s not a thrown together blog post.

And I’ll give you 30 days to see for yourself, and if you haven’t been convinced then I’ll give you your money back.

Sound good?

Is anyone else offering that?

Can anyone else confidently say they can tell you what David Gilmour is doing and how you can do it too?

If you’ve read this far, you’ve gotta be convinced that I can help you out.

Get the “How To Solo Like David Gilmour” course now, for less than 2 dollars, while there’s some copies left.

Thanks so much!

—Matt, Play It Loud

P.S. This product is only 2 dollars for the first 50 people that buy. I may increase that if there’s a lot of demand but I’m not promising anything. If you’re seeing this now and want to learn more about David Gilmour’s lead guitar style, then is your best chance to get it a low price.


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