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The 5 Chord Progressions Every Lead Guitarist Must Know Inside & Out

5 chord progressions every lead guitarist should know how to solo over

“I don’t believe that knowing how this works will make me a better player,” Said one Facebook group commenter who was perplexed by the discussion of “secondary dominants” and the breakdown of the key of A major.  Guitar players like this one seem to want two things…… To improve their craft and practice until they’re […]

The Pentatonic Scale. A Swiss Army Knife For Guitarists?

pentatonic scale guitar playing explained

Here’s the truth about the pentatonic scale guitar playing and soloing….. Breaking out of the box is not a great idea for most of you, and by doing so, you’re neglecting one of the most useful musical tools available.  The pentatonic scale is not just the instant gateway to blues and rock music, but also […]

3 Lessons That’ll Tell You How To Play The Blues

This is an old, tired, and severely beat up subject: blues guitar……. It’s the guitar style that spawned jazz, rock, country, Kesha, blah blah blah. You get it. You’re not here to hear a history about it I’m sure. What I have for you is 3 videos and a short article that’ll give you a […]

The Best F’in Jazz Guitar Lesson Ever

Comping, two five changes, dorian modes, altered scales, and m7b5 chords are a few of the many pieces of jargon you’ll hear when it comes to Jazz guitar. And none of it gets down to the heart of what it really is. I read an article recently that used words like this, as well as […]

The Easiest Way To Start Playing Country Electric Guitar

To show you how effectively you can use the fundamentals of music towards any genre, I’m going to giving you the cliff notes version of Country Electric Guitar in 3 EASY STEPS. I’ve always hated the idea of learning licks because I somehow knew that you couldn’t really use them in your own music. Maybe […]