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If You’re Looking For Someone To Tell You Exactly How To Play Like Slash, You’ve Just Found The Best Training Available Anywhere! Don’t Believe Me? Watch The Video & See For Yourself!
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Many Of You Will Never Learn How To Solo In His Style Without Some Help, Let This Be The Course That Helps Correct That!

Step by Step Instructions Of How To Use His Techniques, You Will Not Get Confused!
Coverage Of His Most Legendary Licks From His GnR Days!
Simple Explanations Of The Theory Concepts Behind His Solos & Licks!

Learn From Slash Himself! The Scales Stop Making It So Hard……

There’s nothing stopping you from buying a tab book full of perfectly transcribed solos and licks….
But can you recreate what he’s doing? Would you be able to understand why he choose each note and each rhythm?
If Not, This Training Is Just What You Need……

Hours Of Training, A Transcribed PDF Book, Accurate Guitar Pro Files, And Access To All Future Updates Are Included In This Course Package

This course is the closest you’ll get to Slash teaching you himself. You’ll be learning directly from his music, and you’ll have repeatable phrases and concepts you can use in your own solos from here on out. After you’re done, you’ll be able to create all sorts of new phrases and increase your ability to solo over more rock music chord progressions!
  • Start Thinking Like Slash Does And Learn How He Makes His Note Choices
  • Learn New Ways To Use Familiar Scales Like Pentatonic, Minor, & Major
  • Get A Detailed Intro To Rock Guitar Harmony, And Understand How To Play Over His Chord Progressions
  • Avoid Waisting Time Using The Wrong Combinations Of Notes Or Analyzing His Music By Yourself
  • Save Countless Hours Of Time I Wasted Trying To Figure Out His Style

Not Sure If This Is The Real Deal? Here’s Some Frequently Asked Questions…..

Can This Really Do What You Say?

Playing a solo is not that magical! If you highlight the notes in a certain way, over certain chords, in a certain rhythm…..you’re going to play a lot like Slash. However this will take work as you’ll need to learn the concepts and start applying them. You’ll also have to be at least an intermediate player.

How Long Will It Take To Learn?

As long as you like! Or as short as you like. You just need to take time to watch, read, and understand what I’ll be teaching you. Then, you’ll need to use this stuff by yourself. With repeated practice, you’ll start to solo in similar ways to Slash. It can be done in a day, a month, or longer if you want.

Why Does It Cost So Much?

As much as I would like to sell this for cheap, it actually costs quite a bit to sell to one person. From creating the content, maintaining the website, and producing marketing channels to get you here it takes quite a bit to sell one course. And all of this eats into the profit! However this course is designed to save you time and frustration that you would’ve undergone without it. And that will save you a lot of funds for buying a better guitar or amplifier to play through!

I’m Having Trouble Accessing My Purchase. Can I Talk To Someone?

I’m so sorry about the inconvenience! Feel free to contact me using the contact us page, or send an email to playitloudking@gmail.com. There’s lots of moving parts to fulfilling your purchase and sometimes there’s some hiccups. Please forgive us and we appreciate your patience!