Play It Loud

Now Offering Lessons Via Zoom

Have you ever wanted to learn the guitar….

But you’re intimidated by all the free youtube lessons?

OR maybe you stopped because you don’t have enough time? 

Or maybe you’re just tired of confusing advice and music theory?

Maybe you couldn’t learn songs or topics you were interested in?

If you’ve encountered any of these problems…..

I’d like to help you learn!

I believe in creating healthy practice habits that don’t take long to do….

And that you can start playing music that you enjoy from day one. 

— Chord shapes and scale patterns shouldn’t be the focus for beginners. Learning songs should be. 

— To learn songs, it’s important to develop your musical ear, learn to identify common guitar techniques and sounds, as well as learn to match tabs to songs you hear. 

— Fretboard knowledge should be developed at the same time as your song repertoire

— Music theory is easier when put in practice with exercises and real song examples. 

— A practice plan helps builds playing ability while keeping time commitments to a minimum

— Songwriting and lead guitar knowledge should be available to anyone who wants to learn, and that is more accessible than you think. 

I say this because there’s more to guitar than just basic chords. 

You’ll need to learn how to listen to music, break down a tab, choose proper fingering, remember the tabs to the music, and how to recognize and hear the most used guitar techniques.

— 20 years playing, 10 teaching. 

— Published writer in the guitar niche for sites like Uberchord, Fachords, GuitarBased, and Fretello. 

— Have done work for music education sites like Breakthrough Guitar and Musical U. 

— Online lesson library and community with over 100 lessons. Lifetime access after 6 month commitment. 

— I have an iPad, music stand, and portable whiteboard for use. Any notes, tabs, sheet music, or images will be available to students after their lesson. 

Here’s a few videos from my former students:

Sample of Possible Artists To Teach: 

Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Motown

Stevie Wonder, Elvis Presley, Metallica, Van Halen, Nirvana, Rage Against The Machine, Soundgarden

Weezer, Green Day, Taylor Swift, Shawn Mendes, Katy Perry, Doja Cat

Lana Del Rey, Dua Lipa, Garth Brooks, Hank Williams, Merle Haggard, Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood, Dolly Parton, etc. 


Even if the music is not for guitar, I can create a riff/arrangement that’ll make it playable on the instrument. I’ve done this for many for all sorts of music. 

— I can teach Acoustic or Electric. I also teach Bass guitar as well for beginners. 

— Easy access to me during office hours via Slack (12pm to 11pm) so you can ask questions or get feedback.

— Personalized Practice Plans & Exercises to suit your music goals. 

— Any genre, artist, or style you like. Can do rock, metal, blues, jazz, country, classical, funk, and reggae. 

— Potential topics include absolute beginner guitar fundamentals, lead guitar (intermediate & advanced), guitar music theory fundamentals, songwriting (lyrics, composing melodies, making chord progressions), and more. 

Only 9 spots available as of March 2024

I can meet at your home, or online.

I do hope that you or your child can agree to a 3 month commitment.

I guarantee that if you make the time to play the exercises & songs I assign, as well as follow the practice plan I give….That you will advance to a higher level of playing skill. 

I can give you more details after scheduling a short demo lesson to see if we’re a good fit…. 

We’ll talk for a few minutes to see what your goals are and where your playing ability is at now.

You may need to play a little to demonstrate your abilities so I can have an accurate assessment of where you are now and how I can help. 

Please keep in mind…..

— You will need your own instrument

— Monthly plan 200 per month; 1000 for 6 months and lifetime access to my online lesson library

— I kindly ask for at least one days notice if student can’t make it to lesson

— One hour long lesson per week

— Available anywhere within Daphne-Spanish Fort-Fairhope


Thanks for visiting and I hope to help you meet your music goals!