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Stevie Ray Vaughan - Hell Raising Lead Guitar

Stevie Ray Vaughan was not only a great blues guitarist, but had an unrivaled grasp of guitar technique that allowed him to play cleaner and faster than most others. In here I’m going to show you all the musical concepts that make for great blues guitar solos!

This lesson has more videos because I wanted to try breaking it up for once. 

The first set of videos deals with various concepts, while the next goes into his cover of Little Wing. 

The concepts essential to his style are listed to the left, which is also the order of the videos for reference. Each lick is a blueprint for using these ideas yourself so make sure you pick up the guitar and apply this as you go!

All of HRLG will focus on the importance of the progression, and this song will be no different. Take the time to get acquainted with this part of the song. 

This will be a little refresher of the previous concepts, but also expand on other things to keep track of in this lesson. 

And then finally the breakdown!

Now I wanted to go over at least one solo, and thought his cover would be perfect to show you some of the concepts we talked about above. 

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