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Revealed: Why Some Guitarists Create Solos With Ease & Musicality, While Others Struggle To Maintain An Audience's Attention......
Learn. Solo. Create.
Create Solos Like PROs With The Best Education Resource For Guitarists Online...

Crystal Clear Yet Thorough Lessons
Every lick will be turned inside out so you can learn the concepts behind them and use them yourself without wondering how by yourself

Guitar Pro Tabs Of Everything
See every example in action and replay it over and over to learn yourself

12 Lead Guitarists Covered & Counting
Get the best education and tips into how to play rock, blues, metal, country, jazz, classical, and more!

Know Exactly What You're Doing
Play over any chord progression, use any scale, and play as fast or as slow as you want. This product will give you the skills others will always lack!
So You Can Quickly Create...
  • Lead guitar licks of your own in various styles
  • Lead guitar parts in your songs or others songs
  • Guitar solos that are memorable, exciting, and fun
  • Have a plan to solo over any progression
  • Learn the fretboard like your heroes know it
  • Grasp the instrument like you never have before
Experience Huge Leaps In Skill & Creativity
Most guitar players will never understand why one solo is good and another is bad.
They'll never be able to comprehend how Slash, Clapton, SRV, Hendrix, or others used the fretboard to create memorable leads.
Hell Raising Lead Guitar is the only course out there that will 1) cover famous lead guitar players licks 2) break them down into usable concepts and 3) bridge the gap between your knowledge of scales and chords to making music like they do
These Are The Guitarists That'll Be Covered In "Hell Raising Lead Guitar"
Instead of having the same old discussions about this or that scale and a bunch of exercises you've probably heard of before.......
I'll be going over great guitar players like the following.....
What You're Going To Get In This Course
There will be videos, a pdf, and a guitar pro file for every guitar player that'll be covered up above.
All you'll ever have to do is practice using the concepts I lay out in the ways that your favorite guitar players use them!
  • I've looked for years for a program like this and couldn't find it! So I made one myself.....
I didn't want another scale or chord that I had no idea how to use. I wanted an explanation of how the raw material of intervals, chords, and scales were turned into licks I was hearing in my favorite music.
  • I wanted to know how the solos in Appetite For Destruction worked. I wanted to know what SRV knew about creating blues solos, and not another boring lesson about the blues scale. And I desperately wanted someone to explain how Wes Montgomery was soloing using chords, but I couldn't find help.
I've made it as easy as possible to learn without spending countless hours on one lick or solo.
  • If you take the time to understand what I tell you about these licks, you'll be using all the various concepts underneath in your own way.
So instead of spending hours learning solos note for note......struggling over how to use a lick in a different context......why not just get someone like me to help you take the golden nuggets of info.....and make it easier to play lead guitar similar to these guys???
Get Access To Hell Raising Lead Guitar For Just $297
No more bad YouTube videos. No more guitar magazines and books that aren't helpful. And no more confusion! This is all you'll ever need, and it costs less than a month of guitar lessons. Join the hundreds of others that have already gotten started!