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Learn How To Play Lead Guitar Like Your Guitar Heroes Without Buying Their Gear, Or Practicing All The Time…… Get The Closely Guarded Secrets Of World-Class Lead Guitarists That Will Make Your Listeners Get Goosebumps!!!

If you want to learn how to create catchy lead guitar phrases that are exciting and musical, Or if you just want to make it a lot easier to learn……

Then read about my killer product, Hell Raising Lead Guitar!!!


Hi there,

Matthew King here.

When you’ve learned how to create killer lead guitar phrases, it’s often a sign that you have graduated to the major leagues.

This is where the heavyweights throw down and trade punches, and they can hit their audience HARD!

But I’ve gotta ask you an important question…..

How many times have you rolled your eyes at the lead guitarist on stage?

Too many times I’ve been listening to a live band’s song when a dude like this starts ripping, and it inspires me to stop listening to him……

I just tune out completely!

Also, have you ever been disappointed when, after you read how to create a rock solo or country solo……

They give you a scale???

Or they will give a glossy, spiffy design advertising “Eddie Van Halen Guitar Secrets Revealed!”

And they give you a list of licks……….

Who has the time to learn a hundred licks?

And what are you really learning anyways?

Often it’s a zillion variations of what Chuck Berry played in the 50s….for real!

If You Play Finger Exercises For The Audience, You’re Doing It Wrong

After all this distortion and bad advice that I’ve had to sort through, it’s no wonder that lead guitar is disliked now as much as it ever has been.

Unless you’re at a Yngwie concert, no one goes to a concert to watch you or anyone else practice finger exercises and scales in front of the audience.

It’s about being able to take your fully develop technique and use it to make music. Duh!

But too many guitarists go on about talent and the “it” factor.

Eddie Van Halen’s dad, according to EVH, was a musician himself, and after watching him progress on the guitar his dad said he had “it.”

Well a lot of people see him as one of the greatest lead guitarists ever so let’s break down what having “it” usually means nowadays……

  • Playing flurries of 16th notes in a 30 second block of music
  • Mastery over the whammy bar and all the tricks with it
  • Creating difficult passages involving tapping and/or legato that are hard to listen to

In all my studies of lead guitar, I’ve found that this discipline can be summed up in these 3 areas: Play fast, learn tricks, and make things more difficult than it has to be.

I’m not so much criticizing Eddie as I am the idea that virtuosity equals creativity, which is not the case at all.

The reliance on magic scales, tricks, and playing as fast as possible actually makes you a much worse lead guitarist.

When I was focusing on mastering these qualities, I put almost no thought into creating a melody, supporting a harmony, or staying within a stricter rhythm.

These are all the qualities that go into making music, AND WE’RE IGNORING IT!

Your Job Is To Make Harmonies, Melodies, And Rhythms, DUH!!!

The other problem is that we don’t realize that we are taking on the role of composer when we strive to be a lead guitarist.

The absence of this knowledge has made you impotent when it comes to making music.

But more licks or tricks, and definitely not a new guitar, is going to shift our attitudes toward our craft.

It takes no time at all to learn how to play fast or do a whammy bar dive, but it takes more time to learn what I talk about in my product, Hell Raising Lead Guitar…….

I Will Teach You How Your Heroes Play Lead Guitar

Better than learning exactly what a lead guitarist thinks as they play, how would you like Jimi Hendrix or Slash to tell you himself?

That is exactly what Hell Raising Lead Guitar is going to teach you.

I plan on giving you the musical techniques, theory tricks, and mindsets necessary to use your technique to MAKE MUSIC!

Becoming an adept lead guitarist is simply about having many creative options, and the ability to adapt to every chord change.

This product is a boot camp for both, and I don’t use MY ideas to teach you this skill.

I use the musical ideas behind the licks of TWELVE of the greatest lead guitarists who played the instrument.

The skill that everyone has forgotten to teach you or me has been the ability to break down another guitarist’s music, and then use those bits and pieces by ourselves to make music.

In this product, I’ve explained the thinking behind over 150 licks so that YOU can use their own knowledge to create patterns, rhythms, melodies, chordal phrases, and the sounds of various genres of music like rock, blues, jazz, country, metal, and even classical music.

You and I are tired of learning about the same ole arpeggio shapes and box patterns!

We have needed a better way to look at the fretboard to create lead guitar parts for a LONG time, and this is the info I’ve delivered to help you do so……

  • We will go over almost a dozen styles of the greatest lead guitarists EVER! And it will include every genre. Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, George Harrison, Slash, Eddie Van Halen, Joe Satriani, Marty Friedman, Wes Montgomery, Chet Atkins, Eric Clapton, Randy Rhoads, and even classical guitarist Francisco Tarrega is covered!!!
  • There are dozens of problems I go over when it comes to lead guitar that can be very easily avoided once you know about them. This is probably what’s making the audience tune out during a solo……..
  • The trick to creating banjo rolls of your own, the 3 specific intervals necessary to create country licks, how to use double stops, and dozens of other ideas are covered in Chet Atkins section. Country guitar will be a breeze after this!
  • Metal lead guitar covers the specific use of one scale, usually one type of chord change, and patterns concerning one musical idea that recurs over and over again. When you see how Randy Rhoads and Marty Friedman use these ideas, you will have absolutely no trouble making metal guitar licks of your own!
  • Clapton is a master for a very different reason than every other guitarist. If you don’t have the info that I’ve got on him, you’ll gloss over his licks and solos, while thinking that he’s “overrated.” Want to know why he’s one of the most influential guitarists ever?
  • Blue guitar is also deceptively simple in that they use a certain type of scale ALL the time, and I’m sure you know it. If not, I’ll show you how Stevie Ray Vaughan himself used it to create his interesting rhythms and lines. While everyone is obsessing over the way his strat’s neck was shaped or his use of heavy strings, you’ll know the truth.
  • Slash has been one of my favorite lead guitarists for years, and in this product I reveal the secrets to his style that he’s NEVER going to reveal to the guitar magazines. You will learn just how important Izzy’s guitar riffs to Slash, how the blues constantly show back up in his solos, what he stole from country players, the ways he breaks up typical pentatonic guitar lines, and much, MUCH more. I spare no details!!!
  • I included the classical guitar section of Francisco Tarrega for the simple reason that you can learn so much about melody from him. All the specific ideas that go into creating a melody happen below the radar, and this discussion sheds light on everything players of this genre know about it……..
  • Jazz guitar is an art form that confused the hell out of me for a very, VERY long time. After playing Wes Montgomery’s solos for a long time, and looking at them through hundreds of different perspectives, I found the secret formulas to creating music in this style. It’s not hard, it only involves the combination of 3 or more concepts, and you can learn it instantly without going through all the trouble that I did.
  • Although we’ll go over all sorts of ways to play fast stuff typical of a virtuoso, we’ll also go over blending lead guitar seamlessly with the other instruments. And no guitarist was better at this than George Harrison. You will learn how to literally make your guitar sing!
  • Joe Satriani and a few others started the shred genre by taking all the previous styles, then taking it to an even higher level. Besides the obvious technical demands, they have secrets to creating climactic lead guitar patterns which is what actually sets them apart. Again, NO ONE is going to reveal this to you except for me……..
  • And a whole lot more! This product is meant to give the most comprehensive look at lead guitar that has ever been undertaken, and I’ve made it possible to learn in much less time than ever before.

This Will Be Your Lead Guitar Bible Containing The Words Of The Prophets And Disciples Themselves

This is over 250 pages of solid content free of marketing fluff or vague advice.

Once you get the insider knowledge of what any of these guitar players are REALLY doing, your confusion or problems over this area will be gone forever!

I can guarantee it because I read everything there was about lead guitar.

It was either learn this lick, or use this scale.

It sucked.

And I knew that there was something else going on in Clapton or Slash’s head.

This product, Hell Raising Lead Guitar, tells you exactly what they’re thinking and doing.

With this knowledge I’ve been able to create lead guitar parts for any genre at will, and now you’ll be able to do it much quicker and easier.

Believe me, I’m even kinda pissed that you’re getting this material after I spent literally years acquiring it!

But that’s okay, because if this knowledge were more well known, the music world would be a much better place.

So what are the benefits out of buying Hell Raising Lead Guitar, besides getting to do what the title promises???

  • You will actually spend less time studying the fretboard because I will remove a lot of mystery for you.
  • You will actually get MORE time to practice as the theory and knowledge will be readily available to you.
  • Your leads will become at least 20X more musical than they ever were before, which means you won’t get that annoyed look from the audience ever again. They’ll actually be engrossed in what you’re playing!
  • If you’re in a band, or just helping somebody out with songwriting, you will become so much more valuable to them because this stuff is not easy. You can be the person that helps bring their own musical ideas to life!
  • The most important benefit in my opinion is that you will save a ton of money on lessons or tab books, unlike myself. You’ll have the secrets already, and whenever you study you’ll see that there is not much else to learn.

If Punk Rockers Wrote Books, It Would Look A Lot Like Mine

There is one minor problem……..

My products don’t have fancy, schmancy designs or elegant packaging.

They’re simply word documents converted to PDF files, but this is actually a good thing.

Remember how punk rock changed the world with their raw sound and limited musical knowledge?

That’s all it takes!

I believe that having really useful content that’s well written and organized is what everybody really wants.

But it’s worth repeating that you’re going to learn exactly what 12 of the greatest lead guitar players ever knew about the craft!

And when you learn this, you’ll then have the ability to look at or listen to the work of any other player and figure out what they’re doing.

If you bought all the tab books and videos that I got over the years to attain the information in this product, you would’ve bought about 20 books and a dozen videos.

And that’s a very generous estimate as well.

These books or videos are rarely ever less than $20 a piece so that’s about $400 in books, and nearly $200 in videos.

A grand total of around $600!

AND you may not have the time or the knowledge to really learn what’s going on in these materials. I sure as hell didn’t.

Trust me, I WISH I was exaggerating these numbers but I’m not.

That’s why I created this book: so you can get these skills, and pay a lot less than I did.

Instead of paying $600, I’ll give you this set of 14 PDFs, totaling around 250 pages of content……..

For only $147!!!

Click here To Buy Hell Raising Lead Guitar


After studying music so intensely for nearly ten years, I can say without a doubt that the ones who made it were those who had this knowledge.

And the ones that didn’t have it, rarely made an impact.

Imagine how much happiness will come from having the ability to take your music to a higher climax.

What if you could make someone have more fun, be happier, or just get a little rowdier with the skillful use of a few notes?

Isn’t that why you and I have gone to so much trouble to learn how to make music?

To be able touch other people and maybe lift them up?

Your new lead guitar skills will become yet another way of doing so.

And because I believe that this is the real deal, I’m going to double down on my bets and remove all the risk of buying my product. I will guarantee my Hell Raising Lead Guitar for 365 DAYS!!!!

You read that right.

You’ll have one year to check out my secrets, learn them, apply them, and if you’re not satisfied or if you don’t feel like you can use this knowledge then email me back for a full refund.

I won’t ask any questions, and you won’t have any worries.

So what do you have to lose?


What do you have to do gain?

The ability to play like gods!!!

Click on one of the buttons below, insert all the information on the checkout page, and an instant download link will be sent to your email address.

Thanks so much your time! I’ll see you on the other side.

-Matthew King, Play It Loud

Click here To Buy Hell Raising Lead Guitar

P.S. Hell Raising Lead Guitar will give you all the strategies and techniques to become a lead guitarist of the highest caliber. You’ll have an entire year to check out, so buy with confidence. Your guitar playing skills and talent as a musician will skyrocket once you’ve learned this info, and I guarantee that you will be thrilled with the results!!!

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