Who Else Wants The Missing Key Ingredient To Making Music? This One Concept Will Completely Alter The Way You View The Fretboard And Make Music With The Guitar. This Is How You Gain Freedom From The Same Ole Patterns!!!

Are you tired of making music with the same ole barre chords and open chords? Do you feel like your creativity has stagnated because these are the only musical tools at your disposal?

If you want to start having more innovative musical ideas RIGHT NOW, then this is the most important message you may ever read……

You And I Have Been Playing The Same Exact Things They Did In The 50s!!! Ugh…..

When I first started playing guitar and writing my own songs, I felt like I was always playing somebody else’s music.

It was like there was this giant wall between the creative impulses and musical ideas I knew I was capable of expressing, and the reality that maybe my approach to the fretboard was not the right one.

You may be going through the same problems. Like many other musicians and guitar players, I felt uneasy knowing that I couldn’t use the guitar in a more creative way.

It took a lot of courage for me to look at myself and realize that I didn’t know everything about the instrument, and that it was going to stay this way UNLESS I took action to learn a new way.

And let me tell you it was not easy.

For years I read sheet music the wrong way, agonized through some dreadful musical sounds after lots of experimenting, and even composed thousands of bars of music modeling the musical ideas of others (most of it embarasses me now).

I did all of this just to get even a little bit of insight into some other way to see the fretboard.

Nearly every genre of music from jazz, rock n’ roll, country, and blues, including the music of great players like Jimi Hendrix all the way to Nirvana’s time, has used the almighty power chord as the ultimate musical tool.

The content of the music itself has barely changed since rock n’ roll arrived in the 50s. We still play the chords in nearly the same exact way as we did then.

It was when I stepped away from the guitar, and took a look at the piano and classical music, that I made a startling discovery. This has changed the way I look at the fretboard ever since…….

Why You’ve Seen The Same Five Chord Shapes Nearly Everywhere

The truth is that many guitarists rearrange the same five chord shapes using the same rhythms and harmonic structures. And then we don’t vary the notes that compose these chords even by a tiny bit!

To make this problem even worse, we don’t even know some of the ways to combine a few chords together into a progression.

This is mostly because we spend so much time playing other people’s music and trying to play it perfectly.

There are literally thousands of ways to combine the 12 notes together to make all sorts of harmonies, yet we stick mostly to ONE shape!

This is ridiculous!

The over abundance of power chords and open chords has led many guitarists to falsely believe that these are your only choices when it comes to creating harmony.

It’s like we’ve had this extremely powerful computer at our disposal, and the only thing we use it for is to play solitaire!

Then my new product “Fretboard Freedom” is exactly what you need.

In this short 30 page e-book, I lay out the complete theoretical concept of what I’ve called: alternate chords.

First I explain why we’ve come to rely on instant chord shapes that we can slap together with ease.

Then I will tell you how it has actually hurt the creative potential of everyone who has picked up the instrument.

And then I give you some examples of how to create these alternate chords and use them to make music.

I even went one step further and took examples of a few artists who’ve touched on this concept already like the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Sex Pistols, classical guitar compositions, and even 50 Cent!!!

Fretboard Freedom Will Unlock Your Creativity And Supercharge Your Rhythm Guitar Skills, Or Even Your Songwriting Skills

Believe it or not, everything you know about the guitar is WRONG!

The guitar has ignored the fundamentals of music that have been used for a long time beforehand.

Along with the other details I’ve mentioned already, you will also learn, in simple, clearly worded language…….

Blow Your Peers Away And Leave Them In The Dust!!!

You’re going to have a totally unfair advantage over every other guitar player.

While the fretboard will remain the greatest unsolved mystery to your friends and fellow musicians, you will command it as easily as if you were using a smartphone to make a quick call.

I guarantee that your creativity will EXPLODE after you implement this knowledge into your repertoire.

I mean, why wouldn’t you want to make your chord progressions and guitar riffs more interesting to your listener’s ears? I wanted this ability, I got it, and you have the chance to learn it in record time.

The fretboard will no longer be dominated by any rules or limits you’ve run into before you used this product.

Writer’s block will become something you used to struggle with, and songwriting or collaborating will become a much more fun activity that it had been before.

The struggle to make music will FINALLY be over with. You will get your time back to what you had set out to do in the first place!

This Information Costs MUCH Less Than A New Distortion Pedal

If someone were willing to teach you this material, how much would it cost?

In order to break my reliance on power chords and open chords, I quite literally went above and beyond the places the guitar had been before.

I bought hundreds of books looking for ways out written by theory professors, scanned thousands of guitar tabs, paid for nearly two years of piano lessons, and even read books by legendary composers like Tchaikovsky (one of my favorites).

In my Theory Demystified letter, I figured this cost around 16 GRAND over an extended period of ten years of time.

AND I’ve only recently cracked this……..

Plus in order to get this information out to other people like you I’ve plunged head first into marketing and business books in order to figure out what might be a good deal.

They’ve suggested that I basically work to squeeze all the profits that I can out of this.

But I don’t want to do that!!! If I could’ve had someone tell me what could work on the guitar instead of the typical chord shapes, I would’ve gladly bought it instantly.

The big question, still, is how much?

I’m not going to stretch it out to 5 DVDs covering material you can look at in a second.

And I don’t want to play the musical examples I cover in here when you can take a moment on YouTube to look them up.

Other information products businesses like mine would justify this as a reason to charge you $250 OR MORE! But that’s ridiculous if you ask me.

I really believe in this information, and I want to help you avoid the countless hours of lost time I spent trying to crack this concept.

So I’m not going to charge $250 or even $100…….

This 30 page e-book can be yours for $47. Click the button below to go to the checkout page, fill out your info, and get a download link sent instantly.


The Music World Is Due For A Dramatic Revolution

I predict that there will be HUGE changes in the way that we play guitar in the future. This is simply because audiences are literally dying to hear the instrument played in new ways.

They are SICK of barre chords. The artists who will be seen as innovators will be the ones who find some way to break loose from the past.

This is your chance, but it may not be available for long. Select one of the options above before the prices go up, or before I decide to stop selling it.

But to show you just how much I believe in this material I’m going to give you a 365 DAY guarantee. Get the book or books, try it out, learn it, and if it doesn’t satisfy your desire to become a better musician or composer then send it back to me.

You’ll have an entire YEAR to read it and test it out. I truly believe that this is going to work out for you, and I’m going to do something that Guitar Center or any other mofo doesn’t have the balls to do.

You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain! Click one the of the buttons below, give me your info, and I’ll see you on the other side.

-Matthew King, Play It Loud


P.S. You’ll have 365 days to try out my Fretboard Freedom product. If your creativity doesn’t explode, or if you feel like this is not what you need to break away from barre chords, then send it back. I won’t ask any questions and you’ll get a full refund. Buy my product today, and watch everything you know about the guitar change before your eyes!

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