A Clear Path To Going From Frustrated Novice Or Intermediate To An Advanced Fret-Burning Badass.

Learn how and why many great guitarists play the way they do.

I Will Take You From Being Stuck In The Pentatonic Box, Strumming Basic Chords, And Having No Idea How To Become A Better Player..........To Effortlessly Creating Your Own Licks.......Playing Like Other Great Players......and Knowing How To Turn Scales & Arpeggios Into Actual Music........ With My Free Training Course!

This is not more boring theory where you need to memorize scale patterns and complex jazz chords you’ll never use. These are just 3 concepts that’ll help you shake up your playing and begin to piece together the fretboard.

Then you must realize one important thing...... There is a system of music concepts and guitar playing strategies you need to do that.
A system that doesn’t involve yet another scale or another discussion about modes.......

And it will not involve another batch of licks to learn for no reason.

Below are the three ways to become a better guitarist......
And you’re going to learn even more about these 3 methods.....
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Step 1 To Becoming A Better Guitarist: Make Peace With Guitar Music Theory

If you’ve ever learned a scale or a chord or a song with riffs that have rhythm and chord changes in it........Then buddy you are using music theory.

The difference between you and whoever made that riff or solo is just that you don’t know how to make that riff or solo.

You currently have no idea how to take that raw material of intervals, chords, and scales and turn them into Stairway To Heaven.

You just know what frets to play together at what times. Music theory will reveal to you all the inner workings of any piece of music you come across. Some of it is complicated and some of it is not.

Slash doesn’t write in sonata forms and may have never deliberately wrote a song in the mixolydian mode. But his music, and all music, can be broken down into concepts that you can take and use yourself.

Make your peace with this truth about music, and you can start to learn to use the tools available in music theory.

Step 2 To Becoming A Better Guitarist: Learn How Intervals & Music Harmony Works.

Music theory is really simple. At least at its core.

Those chords will often match closely to a scale you already know. That scale can create a melody on top of those chords. Now you have a piece of music!

Can you see now how much you’re ignoring when you just focus on scales?

There is a process to putting chords together.

It can be simple or very difficult.

There is a process to create a riff or melody. It can be simple or complex too.

But like I said earlier, you cannot ignore music theory if you have ever played a few notes together!

Step 3 To Becoming A Better Guitarist: Learn How To Do More Than Noodle With The Pentatonic Scale!

If you want to jam with your buddies on songs other than “Smoke On The Water…”

If you’d like the same mindset David Gilmour has when creating an epic pink floyd solo. If you want to confidently rip a solo on a rock song your buddy is playing or if you want to go all the way and start writing your own riffs and solos…

Then I’m here to help you achieve those goals!

To get started on this journey…

I’m going to give you my free “intro to music theory” course.

1. I’ll teach you why intervals are the real key to understanding how chord progressions and guitar solos work. Once you see how this works, you’ll start using intervals immediately after!

2. Next I’ll tell you the only three scale patterns you need to learn. It’ll make sense because you can just tweak the intervals that make these three scales work and turn them into many, many other scales!

3. Finally, I’ll teach you the target note concept. It’s the most crucial improvisation technique that is often misunderstood.

I’ll tell you how to start applying this today so your solos become more musical.....and so your note choices will make a lot more sense when you’re improvising.


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