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Play It Loud Is Dedicated To Helping You Learn More Than Licks & Scale Patterns. Here, You'll Learn How To Make Guitar Music!

This site was created to give you real knowledge and skills to become a better guitar player! The problem that many of you have is that you don't know how to use the knowledge behind licks and chord progressions you've been learning. To go from learning a lick to using it into something of your own. Someoone who understands what scales to play and when, who can adapt to several styles of music using this knowledge, and can improvise solos and riffs on the spot if needed. This is not information that's easy to find which is why I wrote the articles, ebooks, and courses you'll find down below.....
Too many sites cover the same topics, scales, and chords. There's no shortage of chord charts, legato exercises, and new licks to learn. Play It Loud wants to show you another way.....
I don't want to be pedantic, and I don't want you to get bored and hate the instrument either. You will get endless amounts of fun, and get all the knowledge you ever wanted from my site because I KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE FRUSTRATED WITH THE GUITAR!!!!
And everything is based in real world applications. Not mindless, party-killing rules and unusable theory concepts. Here, I'll tell you how players you love use the instrument to make riffs, solos, melodies, and chord progressions.

After Browsing Play It Loud, Your Guitar Playing Is Going To Change Forever, For The Better, Because Of The Following Reasons.....

  • Instead of giving you hundreds of licks to learn, I will give you resuable concepts and phrases you can use EVERYWHERE
  • You Will Start To Understand How Music Theory Helps You Become A Smarter Player, And Why You Shouldn't Ignore It
  • This Site Is Written By A Trained Writer Who's Been Studying Guitar For Nearly 15 Years
  • If you're stuck playing simple riffs and chords, I'll give you the knowledge to play advanced material you'll need
  • You'll Get Help From Someone Who Has Been In The Same Spot And Couldn't Progress Further
  • Thousands of players have already benefitted from my 15 years of playing experience and teaching, as well as the thousands of pages I've written about guitar playing

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Most of my site is focused on understanding all of the relationships between notes. I focus on this because this is what's going to help you understand what to do with all those scales and licks. Plus, this course is completely FREE!
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We will cover some of the more basic concepts regarding music theory. After you watch these 4 videos, you'll start to have a better grasp of the fretboard and start playing more musically!

My Online Courses & Guitar Lessons

This is my popular introduction to the world of guitar soloing! When I first started, I had nothing but a pentatonic scale and a drive to play like my guitar heroes. After lots of trial and error, plus countless hours of study, I've come up with a simple method that anyone can use play in nearly any genre. Think I'm lying? Click the image to check it out!
How were scales and chords made? How did this guitar player choose this combination of notes to create his solos or riffs? Why wasn't anybody teaching me more than a scale pattern? These were all questions I needed answers to because I wanted to create music. Not just repeat the licks created by others. This book is the result of years of frustration trying to crack the code of music theory, and now all these secrets are available for you to learn too.
This is my monthly Guitar School Membership where you get EVERYTHING I'VE WRITTEN for just $15 a month. Experts Only calls to mind the double black diamond runs I've skied in Colorado. They were steep, intimidating, and easy to wipe out on. Lots of topics in guitar playing can be the same way! That's why I decided to make dozens of pieces of content covering certain guitar styles, guitarists, songwriting, rhythm guitar, and more. Take a look at some of the products below to learn more about my line of eBooks and online courses availble here at Play It Loud.

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