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Everything About Scales Module

This video will explain what we're talking about and how this will be different from what we talk about in music theory demystified.
In here, we'll be going over what a scale is and how they are made.
The next step to understanding the concept of scales is knowing how they interconnect and overlap with chords and intervals.
Gaining a full understanding of the fretboard means abandoning some ideas you have a fretboard, and learning how to see them another way. Watch the video to see what I mean.
In the previous videos, we talked about the overal concept of a scale, while this is the first one we'll be talking about in detail.
Learn how to use this extremely versatile scale/mode to make the sounds of a very important type of chord.....
I'll be going over the Spanish Gypsy and Hirajoshi scales. These scales have very limited uses so pay attention some of the details I'll be giving you....
This is a great scale to use if you like baroque classical or Yngwie Malmsteen, but it can also be used over a very important type of chord change I'll be going over inside.
Tools Required
Additional Quick Tips
  • Even though I'm not talking much about the chords, the key signature, and the intervals it's important that you understand the sounds you're making as you're using these musical tools. You will more than likely have to pay attention to the bass, rhythm guitarist, pianist, or other harmonic instruments in your situation so it's best to start this habit immediately.
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