Awesome You’re In! Inside This Video Is Many Answers To The Question Many Of You Have Always Had: How To Become A Better Guitar Player????

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This video is designed for you to get an idea of what you need to start doing to get to the next level of guitar playing. It’s over a 1.5 hours long and I do go into lots and lots of detail. Give yourself time to watch all of it or just watch in parts if you can’t stop what you’re doing for that long.
  • Step 1: Watch The Video And Take Notes
  • Step 2: Make A Plan For What Licks, Techniques, & Concepts You Want To Learn Tomorrow
  • Step 3: Consider Enrolling In Guitar School, Or One Of My Other Programs
  • 0:00 What We’ll Be Going Over Today
  • 1:00 An Important Warning…….
  • 2:15 Who Is This Matt Guy????
  • 5:20 Why I Started Playing Guitar
  • 6:39 Why I Started Play It Loud
  • 8:20 What Most People Think It Takes To Become A Good Player
  • 10:25 What It Actually Takes
  • 12:27 The Technical Stuff You Must Know
  • 15:36 Examples Of Bad Approaches To Learning
  • 19:50 The Secret Formula To Making Music
  • 23:35 The Typical Journey Of Most Players Like You
  • 26:49 What An Old Guitar Mag Suggested I Do
  • 31:43 A Few Tests To See If You Have Some Real Knowledge
  • 36:00 How To Become A Better Guitar Player: The Answers You’ve Been Looking For
  • 39:30 Some Of The Biggest Insights I Gained As I Got Better
  • 42:20 What To Do If You’re A Beginner Guitar Player
  • 46:12 What To Do If You’re Intermediate/Advanced
  • 48:32 What To Do If You’re A Gigging Musician/Songwriter
  • 50:40 Why I Stress Knowing Theory
  • 51:35 The Only Scales & Chords You Need To Know
  • 53:56 My Idea Of A Perfect Practice Routine
  • 51:35 The Only Scales & Chords You Need To Know
  • 59:45 Random Bits Of Advice
  • 1:01:20 Discussion Of Guitar Pro Examples

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